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Gloucester City Council Calendar Of Business


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Tagged Passions:appointments, Communications, and communications



Management Reappointments

Director of Veterans Services Adam Curcuru TTE 02/14/2019

Tagged Passions:veterans and services

Director of Public Works Michael Hale TTE 02/14/2019

Tagged Passions:Public Works and public works

Director of Human Resources Donna Leete TTE 02/14/2019

Tagged Passions:human resources

Director of IT James Pope TTE 02/14/2019

General Counsel Charles Chip Payson TTE 02/14/2019

Tagged Passions:health insurance

Building Inspector William Sanborn TTE 02/14/2019

Chief Administrative Officer James Destino TTE 02/14/2020

Chief Financial Officer John Dunn TTE 02/14/2020

Tagged Passions:finance

Assessor Gary Johnstone TTE 02/14/2021


Affordable Housing Trust George Sibley TTE 02/14/2020 Committee for the Arts Catherine Ryan TTE 02/14/2022

Tagged Passions:arts and housing

Community Preservation Committee Barbara Silberman TTE 02/14/2021

Tagged Passions:preservation

Council on Aging Jay Gustaferro TTE 02/14/2021

Tagged Passions:council

Downtown Development Commssion Patty Gates TTE 02/14/2021

Tagged Passions:downtown, development, and Development

Gloucester Housing Authority Barbara Snare (as Tenant Rep.) TTE 02/14/2023

Tagged Passions:rental and housing

Historic District Commission Stephen Goodick TTE 02/14/2021

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and historic

Open Space Recreation Committee Patti Amaral TTE 02/14/2021

Tagged Passions:recreation

Tourism Commission Catherine Ryan TTE 02/14/2021

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and tourism

Waterways Board Karen Tibbets TTE 02/14/2021

Zoning Board of Appeals Michael Nimon, Kristopher Howard (alternate member) TTE 02/14/2021

Tagged Passions:zoning


1. New Appointments Affordable Housing Trust (TTE 02/14/2020) Joseph Bertolino (Refer O A)

Tagged Passions:appointments and housing

Community Preservation Committee (TTE 02/14/2021) Pamela Tobey (Refer O A) Historic District Commission (TTE 02/14/2021) Kristal Pooler, Prudence

Fish (full member) (Refer O A)
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions, historic, and preservation

Planning Board (TTE 02/14/2021) Beverly Bookin (Refer O A)

Tagged Passions:planning

Traffic Commission (TTE 02/14/2021) Michael Mitchell (Refer O A)

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and traffic

Reappointments Board of Health (TTE 02/14/2021) Richard Sagall (Refer O A)

Tagged Passions:health

Capital Improvement Advisory Board (TTE 02/14/2021) Joel Favazza (Refer O A) Committee for the Arts (TTE 02/14/2021) Rebecca Reynolds (Refer O A)

Conservation Commission (TTE 02/14/2021) John Feener, Barry Gradwohl, Linda Charpentier (Refer O A) Downtown Development Commission (TTE 02/14/2021) Joseph Giacalone (Refer O A)
Tagged Passions:arts, capital spending, boards and commissions, downtown, Capital Spending, development, Conservation, and Development

Gloucester Cultural Council (TTE 02/14/2021) Jane Kennedy (Refer O A) Magnolia Woods Oversight Advisory Committee (TTE 02/14/2021) Dean Sidell, David

Marro (Refer O A)
Tagged Passions:council

2. Memorandum from Fire Chief re: acceptance of two grant applications to FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG) (Refer B F) 3.

Memorandum and Special Budgetary Transfer Request (2018-SBT-3) from the Auditor (Refer B F) 4. Memorandum and Supplemental Appropriation Budgetary Request (2018-SA-17) from the CFO (Refer B F) 5. Memorandum from Assistant DPW Director re: request approval to pay invoices for services performed from 2016/2017 (Refer B F) 6. Memorandum from CFO re: repurposing completed Sewer Capital Project funds dating back to 1999 (Refer B F) 7. Memorandum from Personnel Director and General Counsel re: proposed ordinance revisions for the Police and Fire Chief
Tagged Passions:budget, personnel, capital spending, public safety, audit, services, ordinance, Capital Spending, Utility, FEMA, utility, grant, program, fire departments and districts, funding, and sewer

Selection Process (Refer O A) 8. Updated report from Municipal Resources, Inc. re: Progress Review of MRI s 2009 Police Department Audit

Recommendations (Info Only) 9. Letters of support from the Mayor and Community Development Director re: HOME fund usage for the Harbor Village Project (Info Only)
Tagged Passions:public safety, audit, development, boating, ports, selection, Development, and community development

10. Request for Proposal for the School Administration building and Pre-School currently at 2 Blackburn Drive (Info Only) 11. Contracts offered for

Good Harbor and Wingaersheek Beach concession stands (Info Only)
Tagged Passions:education, contract, boating, ports, and beach

COMMUNICATIONS/INVITATIONS 1. City Council letter of support re: development of affordable rental apartments Harbor Village at 206 Main Street (FCV

2/27/18) 2. Response from Mayor s Office to Oral Communications of January 23, 2018 City Council Meeting to Maria Carroll (Info Only) 3. Response from Mayor s Office to Oral Communications of January 23, 2018 City Council Meeting to Kelly Reardon (Info Only) 4. Response from Mayor s Office to Oral Communications of January 23, 2018 City Council Meeting to Barry Smiraglia (Info Only) 5. Response from Mayor s Office to Oral Communications of January 23, 2018 City Council Meeting to Joel Emerson (Info Only) 6. Response from Mayor s Office to Oral Communications of January 23, 2018 City Council Meeting to Kathy Reardon (Info Only)
Tagged Passions:streets, development, Communications, rental, boating, ports, communications, and Development

INFORMATION ONLY 1. Recreational Marijuana Task Force Public Hearing Testimony Letter dated 2/8/2018 to the Cannabis Control Commission (Info Only)

Tagged Passions:hearing, boards and commissions, marijuana, recreation, and drugs

APPLICATIONS/PETITIONS 1. Special Events Application: Request to hold the St. Peter s Fiesta from June 27, 2018 through July 1, 2018 (Refer P D) 2.

Special Events Application: Request to hold the Lone Gull 10K Road Race on September 30, 2018 (Refer P D) 3. SCP2018-001: School Street 1, Map 14, Lot 67, GZO Sec. 2.3.1(8) Conversion to or new multi-family or apartment dwelling,
Tagged Passions:streets, education, and events

seven or more dwelling units in the R-5 district (Refer P D)

COUNCILLORS ORDERS 1. CC 2018-004(Holmgren): Amend GCO Ch. 4 Animals , Article II Dogs Sec. 4-16d Off-leash dog areas re: Crab Beach (Refer O A) 2.

CC 2018-005(LeBlanc): Amend GCO Ch. 22 Traffic and Motor Vehicles Sec. 22-270 Parking prohibited at all times AND
Tagged Passions:pets, animal control, beach, traffic, and parking

Sec. 22-291 Tow-Away Zones by ADDING Granite Street, northerly side, from its intersection with Blynman Avenue, in an easterly direction, to its

intersection with Hampden Street (Refer O A TC)
Tagged Passions:streets

APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS COUNCIL AND STANDING COMMITTEE MEETINGS 1. City Council Meeting: 1/23/2018 (Approve/File) 2. Standing Committee

Meetings: B F 2/8/2018 (under separate cover), O A 2/5/2018, P D 2/7/2018 (no meeting) (Approve/File)

STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS ACTION B F 2/8/2018, O A 2/5/2018, P D 2/7/2018 (no meeting)

Individual items from committee reports may be consolidated into a consent agenda SCHEDULED PUBLIC HEARINGS 1. PH2017-059: SCP2017-012: School House

Road 2, 3, and 4, Map 262, Lots 14 37, and Gloucester Crossing Road 7, Map 43,
Tagged Passions:hearing, streets, and education

Lots 4 5, for a Special Permit under the Mixed Use Overlay District pursuant to GZO Sec. 5.29 (including Major Project GZO Section 5.7) and Sec.

5.29.10 and 5.11.8 (TBC 2/27/18) 2. PH2018-003: Amend GZO by ADDING a Footnote i to Sec. 3.2.1, inserted into the CB column, and ADDING the same footnote as Footnote h in the CB column for Sec. 3.2.2 re: affordable housing (TBC 2/27/18) 3. PH2018-005: Loan Order 2018-001: Loan Order in the amount of 3,700,000 to fund the Lanes Cove Breakwater Rehabilitation Project 4. PH2018-006: Amend GCO Ch. 22 Traffic and Motor Vehicles Sec. 22-267 One-way streets Generally and Sec. 22-145 Stopping,
Tagged Passions:streets, housing, and traffic

Standing and Parking re: Concord Street during certain hours on certain days FOR COUNCIL VOTE UNFINISHED BUSINESS INDIVIDUAL COUNCILLOR S DISCUSSION

Tagged Passions:streets, appointments, council, parking, and business

Update of the Fisheries Commission by City Council Representative, Councillor Scott Memhard

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and council


_______________ City Clerk Minutes filed in City Clerk s Office of other Boards and Commissions January 19, 2018 thru February 8, 2018

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

Meeting dates are subject to change. Check with City Clerk s Office


Bd. of Assessors 1/11/18, 1/18/18, 1/25/18; Bd. of Health 1/11/18, 1/17/18; Special Events Advisory Committee 1/11/18

Tagged Passions:health and events

NOTE: The Council President may rearrange the Order of Business in the interest of public convenience.

Tagged Passions:council

The listing of matters is those reasonably anticipated by the Chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be

discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.


Tagged Passions:council

ORDERED that GCO Chapter 4 Animals , Article II Dogs Sec. 4-16d Off-leash dog areas be amended by ADDING (c) Dogs shall be allowed on Crab Beach

off-leash at all times subject to the enumerated conditions contained in Sec. 4-16a .
Tagged Passions:pets, animal control, and beach

FURTHER ORDERED that this matter be referred to the Ordinances Administration Standing Committee for review and recommendation.

Tagged Passions:ordinance

Jen Holmgren Councillor at Large

ORDER: CC 2018-004 COUNCILLOR: Jen Holmgren


Tagged Passions:council


Tagged Passions:council

ORDERED that GCO Chapter 22 Traffic and Motor Vehicles , Sec. 22-270 Parking prohibited at all times be amended by ADDING Granite Street, northerly

side, from its intersection with Blynman Avenue, in an easterly direction, to its intersection with Hampden Street.
Tagged Passions:streets, traffic, and parking

FURTHER ORDERED that that GCO Chapter 22 Traffic and Motor Vehicles , Sec. 22-291 Tow-Away Zones be amended by ADDING Granite Street, northerly side,

from its intersection with Blynman Avenue, in an easterly direction, to its intersection with Hampden Street.
Tagged Passions:streets and traffic

FURTHER ORDERED that this matter be referred to the Ordinances Administration Standing Committee and Traffic Commission for review and

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions, ordinance, and traffic

Steve LeBlanc, Jr. Ward 3 Councillor

ORDER: CC 2018-005 COUNCILLOR: Steve LeBlanc, Jr.


Tagged Passions:council

City Council Meeting 01/23/2018 Page 1 of 11


Tuesday, January 23, 2018 7:00 p.m. Kyrouz Auditorium City Hall


Present: Chair, Councilor Paul Lundberg; Vice Chair, Councilor Steven LeBlanc; Councilor Melissa Cox;

Councilor Valerie Gilman; Councilor Kenneth Hecht; Councilor Jen Holmgren; Councilor Scott Memhard;

Councilor Sean Nolan; Councilor James O Hara Absent: None.

Also Present: Joanne Senos; Jim Destino; Kenny Costa; Chip Payson; John Dunn; James Pope; Interim

Tagged Passions:health insurance

Police Chief John McCarthy; Jill Cahill; Chris Sicuranza; Gregg Cademartori; Fire Inspector Adam

Tagged Passions:public safety

deBrigard; Melissa Teixeira; Kathy Clancy; Grace Poirier

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. The Council President announced that this meeting is

Tagged Passions:council

recorded by video and audio in accordance with state Open Meeting Law.

Flag Salute Moment of Silence.

Oral Communications:

Tagged Passions:Communications and communications

General Public Oral Communications:

Tagged Passions:Communications and communications

Alice Morris, 3 Duley Street, spoke to an incident which took place on Munsey Road the previous week that

Tagged Passions:streets

engendered a large police response, and expressed her gratitude that it ended without violence or injury. But, she

Tagged Passions:public safety

pointed out there was harm done which she said could have been prevented. The incident started at 11:30 a.m. yet

no schools between that time and school dismissal two hours later had a clear plan in place to keep the children in

Tagged Passions:education

the community safe. She conveyed that due to lack of planning, a school bus stopped two houses away from the

Tagged Passions:education, Public Transit, and planning

police stand-off, and kindergartners through fifth grade students on the bus were above to view the scene of armed

Tagged Passions:public safety, Public Transit, and students

law officers and the bus was in range had a fire fight had erupted. She reported another child was dropped off

Tagged Passions:Public Transit

within sight of the stand-off, and further conveyed that the bus driver had no direction from leadership so the child was told to run for it, which

the terrified child did. She also recounted that children who were walkers were sent home from Plum Cove School by bus which she claimed was good but no one at the school was informed with enough time to implement a plan to advise parents that their children would be late and coming home by an alternate
Tagged Passions:education, Public Transit, and parents

route. She explained that she called the Police and School Departments and Mayor s Office and was told that due to the sensitive nature of the

incident they couldn t broadcast the situation to the public. She said children were endangered due to a lack of leadership. She said there needs to be some reflection by the city s leadership and that a plan has to be made to addresses such incidents in the district. She reiterated that it was fortunate that it all resolved
Tagged Passions:education and public safety

without violence. Ms. Morris written statement placed on file.

Oral Communications by those people impacted by January 4, 2018 storm damage at Gloucester High

Tagged Passions:Communications and communications

School due to super tidal surge:

Tagged Passions:education

Council President Lundberg recounted that for the January 4, 2018 winter blizzard as per the city s established protocol, there was a parking ban

placed on the city to facilitate snow plowing. He noted that it is the
Tagged Passions:council, snow, and parking

custom of the city to make available municipal parking lots and public school parking lots for residents to utilize that

Tagged Passions:education and parking

have no other way to take their vehicles off the street. He pointed out that cars parked in the lower lot of the high

Tagged Passions:streets and parks

school and Newell Stadium were subject to an exceptionally high tide which went over the banks of the Annisquam

Tagged Passions:education and stadium

River flooding the lower Gloucester High School (GHS) parking lot and Newell Stadium. As a result of the

Tagged Passions:education, stadium, watershed, flooding, and parking

damage, confusion and trauma to residents Councilors O Hara, Nolan and Memhard had requested under a provision of the City Charter that there be a

special meeting of the Council which he and the Councilors discussed. The
Tagged Passions:council and Tony Taylor Custom

agreed upon way to address the concerns of affected citizens was to make this forum available to the affected

residents at the Council s regularly scheduled meeting. He then briefly reviewed the procedures with the audience for Oral Communications.

Tagged Passions:council, Communications, communications, and procedure

Councilor O Hara expressed his thanks to Councilors Memhard and Nolan for their support as this is an important issue. He said that the people who

parked in the lot under the direction of the city were exposed to the storm surge on January 4. He said the Council is there to listen to people and urged everyone to be frank.
Tagged Passions:council and parks

Councilor Cox said there is some confusion as to what this specific situation will produce. She said even

though three Councilors requested this, all of the City Councilors are concerned about this issue, and she expressed

her agreement that the situation didn t warrant a special meeting because this matter is out of the Council s hands.

Tagged Passions:public safety and council

City Council Meeting 01/23/2018 Page 2 of 11

She described that Oral Communications is where people can address the Council and the Administration. The

Tagged Passions:council, Communications, and communications

Council doesn t debate or comment on these issues under Oral Communications. She made clear there would be no dialog during Oral Communications and

there is no response at this time. All the Councilors are deeply impacted by
Tagged Passions:council, Communications, and communications

what happened at the high school and they d all like to see a better process and system in place. Councilor Lundberg reiterated that there will be

response to those who speak under Oral Communications from the Administration whose responsibility it is to forward the response, but that there will be no debate at the
Tagged Passions:education, Communications, and communications

Council meeting on this subject matter.

Kathy Reardon, 13 Hampden Street, a Visiting Nurse with Lahey Health at Home, recounted that in her

Tagged Passions:streets and health

neighborhood there is very limited parking with homes that don t have driveways or have only space for a single car and depend on public parking

during a parking ban. She recounted the following: that on Jan. 4 with the ban in
Tagged Passions:neighborhood and parking

place, she was on call and had to go out in the storm to Manchester to see a patient. She received a text from her

daughter that the GHS parking lot was underwater a half hour later. She said the water had gone out from Newell

Tagged Passions:Utility, utility, parking, and water

Stadium over Centennial Avenue. Cars in the lot couldn t even be seen from the road because of the flood waters. She said she was fortunate she had

to go out of the lot because it was only a matter of minutes that the lot became
Tagged Passions:streets, Utility, stadium, flooding, utility, and water

inundated. There were 70 residents of her Centennial Avenue, Hampden Hill neighborhood that were affected, she

Tagged Passions:neighborhood

said, and the day after the storm all the vehicles in the GHS lot were encased in ice. She explained that no one knew what to do, and there was no

communication or help forthcoming from the city.

No one was hurt, she said, but 70 families were now facing extreme financial hardship. She pointed out that her

Tagged Passions:finance

daughter lost her car; families lost vehicles and in turn their ability to make a living. She said no one was there to

advise them what to do which she said was disappointing. This placed a hardship on families because their

insurance needed to be specific for this kind of loss, saying that her family lost two cars.

Tagged Passions:insurance

Ms. Reardon added when there is any type of a disaster in the city communication is critical. People are saying

not only was there no communication before but there was none after the incident for the people who were affected

by this storm damage.

Joel Emerson, 50 Summer Street, a first-time homeowner, conveyed that two of three cars of his husband,

Tagged Passions:streets

himself and their roommate were lost, having followed protocol by parking at the GHS parking lot during the

Tagged Passions:parking

parking ban of Jan. 4. He reported that they ve been fighting back and forth with their insurance company. Just today the insurance company came to

the house to pay them off, he announced. He said he learned via the internet
Tagged Passions:insurance and parking

on his own that he didn t have to accept the insurance company s first offer; he could negotiate with them and got a fairer payout. He said he, his

husband and roommate are under financial duress. He pointed out that for those who followed protocol and direction there should be some sort of support system beyond platitudes -- they should expect results. He said on behalf of his neighbors and roommate who can t be here, they expect great things from the city for those who find themselves in need as a result of this storm. He said a place is a community that cares for
Tagged Passions:finance and insurance

its most vulnerable besides the homeless. There are those people who lost their wealth, their cars, he pointed out. He conveyed he d lost his 2015

Subaru Imprezza which he d just paid off this summer and is now driving a 2008 model; his roommate had just purchased a car, on loan so he only received a little bit over the portion of the loan
Tagged Passions:purchasing and homeless

that had been paid off. He said there should be some solutions offered and should be results from this talk. He said

he is fortunate to work one job and that they expect great things from the city for those who find themselves in need

as a result of the storm. Barry Smiraglia, 7 Lloyd Street, explained he owned one car parked in the GHS lot. He said he thought he

Tagged Passions:streets and parks

was doing the correct thing by parking there (during the ban). He noted several cars that remained on his street that

Tagged Passions:streets and parking

weren t ticketed and towed, but his car was completely ruined and ended up towed and remains in the Tally s lot. He said he has to walk everywhere

now. He noted he d just paid 3,500 for repairs to his car, his only form of transportation is now lost to him.
Tagged Passions:transportation

Kelly Reardon, 13 Hampden Street, a single mother and employee at Addison Gilbert Hospital, said that her

Tagged Passions:streets, hospital, and healthcare

issue is that they don t have driveways (in her neighborhood). She said they ve always parked in the GHS lot, expressing that there should have been

some sort of warning put out to the residents, like what is done within the
Tagged Passions:neighborhood and parks

school district to parents when there is early dismissal or other extreme circumstances. She expressed her concern

Tagged Passions:education and parents

that there was no warning that the GHS lot was subject to flooding and that they should consider an alternate place

Tagged Passions:flooding

to put their vehicles. Had the city informed them, she said, they d have moved their cars. She posited that when one lives across the street from the

GHS parking lot, why they would consider parking at the O Maley Middle School parking lot some distance away from their area. She reported she had just bought her car last year and it was
Tagged Passions:streets, education, and parking

covered by basic insurance; the car is a complete loss. She now has nothing, she said, and as her father s car wasn t ruined he is now taking her

children everywhere. Her son goes to the North Shore Consortium in Peabody, and
Tagged Passions:insurance

City Council Meeting 01/23/2018 Page 3 of 11

were she to get a call to pick him up because he became ill during the school day, she d have no way to get him. She said she paid 3,600 for her car

last January.
Tagged Passions:education

Maria Carol, 3 Commonwealth Avenue, a junior at GHS, and newly moved to the area, said both her and her

mother s car were parked in the GHS parking lot. This was their first experience with a parking ban. She said she and her mother were advised that

the GHS lot was the place to park during a parking ban. She expressed her concern that they were told by no one in the city that the lot was flooding and only found out by social media. She
Tagged Passions:social media law, flooding, and parking

said she d just owned her car for two months, having saved for it all summer, which cost her 2,000. After the flooding subsided she found her car was

completely submerged, she noted, and that she didn t have full insurance coverage. She reported her mother did have full insurance coverage and will be getting her loan paid off, but isn t being given the worth of the car. After the flooding they had to get their cars towed and had arranged through her grandmother to have the cars towed to her home to be stored at no cost, she explained, but instead the cars were
Tagged Passions:commercial, flooding, and insurance

towed to the Tally s lot. She reported that today she got her license plates off her car and learned that although she wasn t being charged for

storage, she couldn t take her car and sell it to a junk yard to try to recoup some money for it, otherwise she d be charged 900 to store the car there even though they d asked that the car to be towed to her grandmother s home. She said she had to hand over her title or she wouldn t have been able to obtain her plates. Her mother s car was 15,000 new and she still had another 10,000 to pay off on it, she noted. Julie Cleveland, 9 Foster Street, Apt. 1, said she felt supported hearing from people who were also affected by the Jan. 4 storm, and then read a written statement accompanied by photographs (placed on file) which she shared
Tagged Passions:hearing, commercial, streets, license, and zoning

with the Council. She noted as a piano teacher who rents a one bedroom apartment, her car was the only thing she

Tagged Passions:council

owned which she just finished paying off over six years. She explained that her car is how she gets her mother to

her medical appointments, obtains and deliver groceries to her and for herself, as this is hers and her mother s only means of transportation. She

described receiving the news that her car was underwater by a text from her upstairs
Tagged Passions:appointments, grocery, and transportation

neighbor and went on social media to learn more and found a picture of her car underwater covered with snow.

Tagged Passions:social media law and snow

There was nothing she could do, she said she realized, and expressed her devastation at the loss of the only thing she

owned. She said the next day she heard from other people whose cars were ruined when she went to get what she

could from her car that some families lost multiple vehicles. She recounted that there was nothing available on the

city s website or on the Mayor s social media to inform her or other owners of any information on the situation. A public statement wasn t released

until later Monday, Jan. 8 which said that parking at that lot was strictly optional, and that they were free to make other arrangements which she said was distressing to her. She said that she d hoped for more compassion from elected officials but during that time she felt more compassion from a young man from
Tagged Passions:social media law and parking

Kentucky at the insurance company than her own city government. The car was 18,000 when new, she reported.

Tagged Passions:insurance

April Metzger, 3 Centennial Avenue, a new resident, said she was told when she rented her apartment that she

should park at the GHS parking lot when there was a parking ban. She explained she had used a small inheritance to

Tagged Passions:parking

purchase a new Volkswagen Beetle, her first new car. She said she was disappointed to lose her car and can t afford to buy another new one. She is

renting a car at this time, she said because she ll never be able to replace the car she lost. She found her car by calling the police, and found her car completely frozen and so lost not just the vehicle but
Tagged Passions:public safety and purchasing

the vehicle s contents. She disclosed her car was 25,000 when new and her insurance is paying her 15,000. Elizabeth Duff, 2 Cross Street, said she

was fortunate she was not parked in the GHS parking lot, but conveyed
Tagged Passions:streets, insurance, and parking

she works for Mass. Audubon doing vulnerability assessments with students at the high school looking at sea level

Tagged Passions:education and students

rise and coastal flooding. She said they knew, for sure that the football field was vulnerable to Commonwealth Avenue. She pointed out that no one

knew the Jan. 4 storm would bring such high tides causing flooding. She said
Tagged Passions:flooding

the question is how do they prevent this in the future and is there a better strategy to guide people to park in places

Tagged Passions:strategic and parks

on higher ground because there will be more extreme events. She pointed out that these kinds of events in the wake

Tagged Passions:events

of sea-level rise may happen more often and was, a wake-up call. She said that if there is a way to better share information it will be appreciated.

Council President Lundberg expressed his appreciation for the people who spoke to the Council about their

Tagged Passions:council

storm damage experiences acknowledging it wasn t an easy thing to do. He advised that the issues brought forward this evening will go to the Mayor

and the responses should be sent to those citizens who spoke in two weeks, and the

Council will work with the Mayor s office to facilitate this. He added that the Council heard that there is a need for better communications as well.

Tagged Passions:council, Communications, and communications


1 of 1: Update on the City of Gloucester Recreational Marijuana Task Force

Tagged Passions:marijuana, recreation, and drugs

Council President Lundberg conveyed the following: Two years ago the voters of Massachusetts legalized

Tagged Passions:council

recreational marijuana. As part of the process, cities and towns in the Commonwealth need to establish their rules

Tagged Passions:marijuana, recreation, and drugs

City Council Meeting 01/23/2018 Page 4 of 11

and regulations about zoning and associated issues. The City convened a Recreational Task Force composed of

Tagged Passions:recreation, zoning, and regulation

department heads, some of whom will report to the Council this evening.

Tagged Passions:council

He advised that they are not near the point of recommending zoning changes or any other legislation. He further

Tagged Passions:zoning

related that the licenses to run retail marijuana establishments are state licenses, and the deadline for those licenses is

Tagged Passions:license, marijuana, and drugs

June 1. He recounted that the city, as with many cities and towns, passed a moratorium through the end of Dec. 2018 to give the city time to work

through these various issues. He added there would be no public hearing on any
Tagged Passions:hearing

possible legislation at this time but this is to get a good idea where things stand on the issue of retail marijuana

Tagged Passions:marijuana and drugs


Jim Destino, CAO, noted the chair of the Recreational Task Force (Task Force), Karin Carroll, Public Health

Tagged Passions:health and recreation

Director was under the weather. He reported that for a year now the Task Force has been engaged in a process to

position the city in anticipation of the arrival of recreational marijuana in the community as it was voted in

Tagged Passions:marijuana, recreation, and drugs

November 2016; to zone it correctly, to discuss youth access, and explore ballot question(s). Several months ago the

Tagged Passions:youth and election

Task Force broke up into subcommittees and the subcommittee chairs will give reports this evening. The Local

Control Option Committee is chaired by General Counsel, Chip Payson, charged with exploring ballot questions,

Tagged Passions:health insurance and election

timelines, and communications with the City Council. That subcommittee is composed of himself, Councilor

Tagged Passions:council, Communications, and communications

Gilman, Council liaison; Chris Sicuranza, Director of Communications Constituent Services; and Joanne Senos,

Tagged Passions:services, council, Communications, and communications

City Clerk. The second group is chaired by the Director of Community Development, Jill Cahill. That subcommittee is charged with identifying

potential locations for retail zoning controls to the extent allowed by law;
Tagged Passions:development, zoning, Development, and community development

time; place; manner; demographics; market and data. The subcommittee is comprised of himself, Gregg

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Cademartori, Planning Director; Bill Sanborn, Building Inspector and Interim Police Chief John McCarthy. The

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third subcommittee is chaired by Ms. Carroll that will be presented by Interim Police Chief McCarthy. This

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subcommittee is charged with examining youth access, staffing, local regulations, OUI intervention, education and

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prevention. That subcommittee is comprised of Ms. Carroll; Interim Chief McCarthy; Joan Whitney, Healthy

Gloucester Collaborative Director; Melissa Teixeira and Kathy Clancy both School Committee members.

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Chip Payson, General Counsel reviewed the following for the Council: While recreational marijuana laws

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became clearer during the past year it remains murky. The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) has been formed and has promulgated draft regulations.

Municipalities may regulate the time, place and manner of recreational
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marijuana establishments but not the licensing as that s controlled by the CCC. According to the law, municipalities may not pass ordinances or

bylaws that are, unreasonably impracticable. Starting April 1, 2018 the CCC will be taking applications for recreational marijuana establishments. Once a complete application is filed with the CCC,
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the CCC will notify the municipality and the municipality has 60 days to determine whether the applicant is or isn t in compliance with any local

ordinances in effect at that time. If the applicant is found in compliance, then the
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application will likely be provisionally granted and may be issued on June 1, 2018. A municipality may limit the

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number of recreational marijuana establishments to 20 of the number of liquor licenses issued in that city or town

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(three to four based on the City of Gloucester s liquor licenses now in place). Because Gloucester voted in favor of the legalization of recreational

marijuana, to limit the number of recreational marijuana establishments to less than
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three or four or ban them altogether, the city would need to put a question on the ballot for popular vote. In order

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for a question to be placed on the ballot, the question must contain draft ordinance language and must first be voted

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by the Council and approved by the Mayor (by statute).

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Mr. Payson advised that the Legal Department will prepare a concise summary of the ordinance and the language of the ordinance itself if the Council

decides to move forward with a ballot measure. He gave an outline of
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possible language for a ballot question. If the Council decides against putting forward a ballot question, the city will

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need to draft and pass ordinances that address: the number of establishments allowed, Special Permit processes, the

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location of establishments, etc. Absent the ban the ordinances can t prohibit a medical marijuana dispensary that was pre-certified by the Dept. of

Public Health prior to July 1, 2017 from converting to a recreational marijuana
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He conveyed there are several matters for the Council s consideration: 1) Whether to put the question of a ban for all recreational marijuana

establishments in the city on the ballot; 2) Whether to put forward a question to limit
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the number of retail recreational marijuana establishments in the city to less than three or four; 3) Whether to pass an

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ordinance that limits the number of retail recreational marijuana establishments to three or four or more. He

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reiterated that 20 of liquor licenses comes out to be three or four -- anything less than that number has to go on the ballot -- anything more than

that number the Council can set the number as of right. 4) The Council should
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consider ordinances regarding recreational marijuana establishments, cultivation, manufacturing research and testing

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facilities -- there are multiple licenses that can be acquired it s not just retail sales. 5) The Council must vote to accept the local sales tax

option of 3 sales tax on local marijuana retailers in order for it to take effect (by statute).
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Mr. Payson then spoke to timing by explaining that: If the Council decides to place a question on the ballot,

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the ballot question would need to be approved at least 35 days prior to a special election, and at least 60 days prior to

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the general election in November. He reiterated that on Sept. 26, 2017 the Council passed a Zoning moratorium

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until Dec. 2018. He said that in his opinion the intent was twofold -- to allow time matters to be settled around the new law and allow analysis

around it; and to allow time for the city to consider its options. The language in the moratorium says that it shall be in effect through Dec. 31, 2018 or six months from the date final regulations are
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issued by the CCC who has already issued draft regulations He said it s reasonable to expect final regulations will be issued by March 15, 2018. He

pointed out that if that were the case, the city s zoning moratorium could be over on September 15, 2018 not December 31, 2018.
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Jill Cahill, Director of Community Development, said her subcommittee was tasked to find potential places for

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recreational marijuana establishments and explained the following: Priority was given to -- public safety, capacity,

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traffic, and potential economic benefits. Being explored are recommendations for introducing a Zoning amendment

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that would introduce a Zoning Overlay District which would allow for recreational adult use marijuana sales in

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commercial districts and business parks throughout the city. Final language would include additional requirements

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that take into account parking, parcel size, etc., and to include a 500 foot (ft.) setback from private/public schools,

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daycare establishments, any facility in which minors commonly congregate; a 500 ft. setback between each

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recreational marijuana retail establishment. For consistency sake the subcommittee would like to include changes to medical marijuana zoning from

1,500 ft. between facilities to 500 ft. Ms. Cahill suggested several examples of
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possible adult use retail recreational marijuana establishments to be located in places such as Shaw s Plaza on Railroad Avenue; at the Stop Shop

Plaza; on Essex Avenue near the Mobil Mart; at Gloucester Crossing; the
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Blackburn Industrial Park to name a few. She pointed out this isn t a comprehensive list of all potential locations but simply some examples.

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Interim Police Chief John McCarthy, speaking for the Health and Public Safety subcommittee, reviewed

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some of the issues the subcommittee explored: It is anticipated the sale of retail recreational marijuana will increase

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incidents of OUI (Operating Under the Influence) of drugs and the need for the detection of same. The only accurate

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detection for OUI under drugs is by a drug recognition expert and there are none on the department. He reported it

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is a very costly, intense training. He advised that the committee identified in a letter to the CCC that this is an

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unfunded state mandate and asked that the CCC take this into consideration when they start handing out the state tax money. He said he talked to

state police in the past week and learned they ve seen already, without the retail sales with marijuana being legal, an uptick of OUI drugs. He relayed that the officer that s in Gloucester said they re doing two or three a week in the city. He reported that one issue with the CCC and the state, is that there is no
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threshold of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that s been established and will have to be looked at by the state in the nearby. There will need to be

legislation when you obtain a driver s license there is implied consent under the law that a person will submit to a breathalyzer test but there has been no consideration under OUI implied consent for a
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drug recognition expert to make a determination and so the state will have to enact a law to deal with that. The city

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will have to look at drug consumption in public as with liquor; to deal with edibles and all the different forms of

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marijuana to be consumed. They ll have to deal with advertising, hopefully limiting it in some manner in the area of school or youth activities or

any sporting events; hours of operation as with liquor stores may be handled by the
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CCC or have to be handled by city ordinance. He pointed out that the Health Department staff will need additional

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training because of the edibles. There may be one day marijuana licenses as with liquor licenses. There will need to be compliance checks and they

will advocate doing much the same as they do with liquor stores and bars. He
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concluded his remarks by reiterating that the committee sent a letter to the CCC asking for the funding to go with the

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necessary training for any city agency that needs it.

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Mr. Destino said these are the facts as they know them today which frequently change. He noted that at last

week s Mass. Municipal Association meeting there was a workshop on recreational marijuana with representatives from the CCC, the Attorney General s

office and the law firm of Kopelman Paige to answer some questions which was packed. This task force was established to make a recommendation to the Mayor and City Council going
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forward. As they firm up those recommendations as the situation continues to evolve, he explained, what they said

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