AZ - Mesa: City Council Study Session

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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City Council Study Session

City Council Study Session

Tagged Passions:council

City of Mesa

Meeting Agenda - Final

Mesa Council Chambers 57 East First Street

Tagged Passions:streets

Mayor John Giles Vice Mayor David Luna - District 5

Councilmember Mark Freeman - District 1 Councilmember Jeremy Whittaker - District 2 Councilmember Francisco Heredia - District 3

Councilmember Chris Glover - District 4 Councilmember Kevin Thompson - District 6

Council Chambers - Lower Level7:30 AMThursday, February 15, 2018

Roll Call

(Members of the Mesa City Council will attend either in person or by telephone conference call)

Tagged Passions:council

1 Presentations/Action Items:

18-0226 Hear a presentation and discuss the strategies and priorities to reduce homelessness in Mesa, as recommended by a cross-sector coalition of

service agencies, non-profits, faith-based institutions and City departments.
Tagged Passions:religion


18-0225 Hear a presentation, discuss, and provide direction on the continuation of the alternative expenditure limitation - Home Rule option.


18-0224 Hear a presentation and discuss a proposed Memorandum of Understanding with R^3 MESA, LLC, for a mixed-use development of approximately 1.0

acre of City-owned property located near the southeast corner of West Pepper Place and North Robson (the Pepper Place surface parking lot).
Tagged Passions:property, commercial, development, parking, and Development


18-0236 Hear a presentation and discuss a proposed Intergovernmental Agreement with Arizona State University for the development, operation, and

maintenance of educational facilities in downtown Mesa.
Tagged Passions:downtown, development, university, intergovernmental, and Development


18-0223 Information pertaining to the current Job Order Contracting Projects.2

Tagged Passions:contract

3 Acknowledge receipt of minutes of various boards and committees.

18-0213 Judicial Advisory Board meeting held on October 2, 2017. 3-a

Page 1 City of Mesa Printed on 2/13/2018

February 15, 2018City Council Study Session Meeting Agenda - Final

Tagged Passions:council

18-0199 Historic Preservation Board meetings held on December 5, 2017 and January 2, 2018.

Tagged Passions:historic and preservation


4 Hear reports on meetings and/or conferences attended.

5 Scheduling of meetings and general information.

6 Adjournment.

Any citizen wishing to speak on an agenda item should complete and turn in a blue card to the City Clerk before that item is presented.

The Council may vote to hold an executive session for the purposes of obtaining legal advice from the City Attorney (A.R.S. 38-431.03A(3)) or to

discuss and instruct the City Attorney regarding the City s position regarding contracts that are the subject of negotiations, in pending or contemplated litigation or in settlement discussions conducted in order to avoid or resolve litigation. (A.R.S. 38-431.03A(4))
Tagged Passions:legal, contract, council, and settlement

The City of Mesa is committed to making its public meetings accessible to persons with disabilities. For special accommodations, please contact the

City Manager's Office at (480) 644-3333 or AzRelay 7-1-1 at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. Si necesita asistencia o traducci n en espa ol, favor de llamar al menos 48 horas antes de la reuni n al 480-644-2767.
Tagged Passions:administrator and manager

Page 2 City of Mesa Printed on 2/13/2018

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Council Map


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