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Council Agenda

APRIL 9, 2018


Tagged Passions:planning

Opening of Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance


Roll Call

Approval of minutes from March 12, 2018 (page 4)

Approval/Amendments to Agenda


Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (22 consecutive years)

Tagged Passions:financial report and finance

Lynn Davis Cycle NC

I. Consent Agenda:

A. Declare Surplus/Authorize Electronic Auction of Vehicle through GovDeals (page 12)

Tagged Passions:surplus and auction

B. Accept LSTA EZ Edge Technology Grant and Adopt a Budget Ordinance Amendment (page 13)

Tagged Passions:budget, ordinance, Technology, technology, and grant

II. Comments from the Public:

III. Public Hearing 6:00PM - Zoning: None

Tagged Passions:hearing and zoning

IV. Public Hearing 6:00PM - Other:

Tagged Passions:hearing

A. Adopt Resolution ordering the closing and abandoning of a portion of Berry Avenue and right-of-way (page 15)

V. Scheduled Public Appearances:

A. Discussion Emily Zalfini National League of Cities Line Program (page 27)

Tagged Passions:program

B. Discussion John Wood, North Carolina State Preservation Office and Maggie Gregg, Eastern Office, Preservation North Carolina (page 29)

Tagged Passions:preservation

April 9, 2018 Page 1 of 66

Council Agenda

APRIL 9, 2018


Tagged Passions:planning

VI. Correspondence and Special Reports:

A. Memo Downtown Wi-Fi Project Update (page 31)

Tagged Passions:downtown

B. Memo Project Hwy 17 (page 35)

C. Memo July 4th 2018 (page 36)

VII. Reports from Boards, Commissions and Committees:

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

A. Human Relations Council (page 37)

Tagged Passions:council

VIII. Appointments: None

Tagged Passions:appointments

IX. Old Business:

Tagged Passions:business

A. Request Patty Peebles/Optimist Club Susiegray McConnell Sports Complex Restrooms and Concession Stand (page 39)

Tagged Passions:sports

B. Award Bid, Approve PO and Adopt Budget Ordinance Amendments for Susiegray McConnell Sports Complex Restrooms and Concession Stand (page 45)

Tagged Passions:budget, rfp, RFP, ordinance, and sports

C. Award Bid to John Lucas Tree Expert Co. to clear Cherry Road Dan Taylor right-of-way and Approve subsequent PO (page 53)

Tagged Passions:streets, rfp, RFP, and trees

D. Award Contract to River City Construction for the Charlotte 5th Street rebuild and Approve subsequent PO s (page 54)

Tagged Passions:contract, streets, watershed, and construction

E. Award Contract for 2017 Drainage Improvements and Approve corresponding Purchase Order (page 55)

Tagged Passions:contract, purchasing, and stormwater

X. New Business:

Tagged Passions:business

A. Request Dot Moate/Open Door Community Center Waive Fees (page 59)

Tagged Passions:community center

B. Request Tom Pederson/Washington Noon Rotary Smoke on the Water(page 62)

Tagged Passions:Utility, utility, and water

C. Request Al Powell/ BCPAL Funding Request 5,000 (page 63)

Tagged Passions:funding

D. Presentation FY 2018/19 Budget Bobby Roberson/Matt Rauschenbach

Tagged Passions:budget

April 9, 2018 Page 2 of 66

Council Agenda

APRIL 9, 2018


Tagged Passions:planning

XI. Any other items from City Manager:

Tagged Passions:administrator and manager

A. Discussion Certificate of Appropriateness, information on the process

B. Recommendation Powell Bill Funding Street Closings

Tagged Passions:streets and funding

C. Update Keys Landing Subdivision

Tagged Passions:subdivision

D. Update Water Street/Off-Street Parking

Tagged Passions:streets, Utility, parking, utility, and water

XII. Any other business from the Mayor or other Members of Council: A. Discussion Items requested by Councilman Pitt

Tagged Passions:council and business

Broadband Initiative Adopt a Street

Tagged Passions:streets and Internet Access

B. Discussion Items requested by Mayor Pro tem Finnerty 415 West 2nd Street (Carter House) 411 West 2nd Street

Tagged Passions:streets

XIII. Closed Session: Under NCGS 143-318.11 (A)(3) Attorney/Client Privilege and (A)(6) Personnel

Tagged Passions:legal and personnel

XIV. Adjourn Until Monday, April 23, 2018 at 5:30 pm in the Council Chambers. *Budget Workshops week of the 23rd

Tagged Passions:budget

April 9, 2018 Page 3 of 66


The Washington City Council met in a regular session on Monday, March 12, 2018 at 5:30pm in the City Council Chambers at the Municipal Building.

Present: Mac Hodges, Mayor; Virginia

Finnerty, Mayor Pro tem; Doug Mercer, Councilmember; Richard Brooks and Roland Wyman,

Councilmember. Also present: Bobby Roberson, City Manager; Franz Holscher, City Attorney and

Tagged Passions:administrator, legal, and manager

Cynthia S. Bennett, City Clerk. Councilmember William Pitt was absent (excused).

Mayor Hodges called the meeting to order. Councilmember Brooks led the Pledge of

Allegiance and delivered the invocation.


By motion of Mayor Pro tem Finnerty, seconded by Councilmember Brooks, Council approved

Tagged Passions:council

the minutes of February 12 and February 26, 2018 as presented.


By motion of Councilmember Mercer, seconded by Councilmember Brooks, Council approved

Tagged Passions:council

the agenda as amended.

Add: Discussion of Carter house will be discussed after approval of agenda Add: Recognition of Fire Insurance Rating reduction from 5 to 3

Tagged Passions:recognition and insurance

RECOGNITION: Battalion Chief Johnathan Hardin Completion of the Fire Rescue Management Institute Program at UNC Charlotte Firefighter/EMT Ben Stalls

Associates Degree in Fire Protection Technology
Tagged Passions:recognition, Technology, technology, fire departments and districts, and program

Firefighter/EMT Matt Priemer Associates Degree in Fire Protection Technology

Tagged Passions:Technology, technology, and fire departments and districts


Tagged Passions:recognition and insurance

Fire Chief, Robbie Rose explained the City of Washington has received official notification

that our fire rating has improved from a rating of five to a rating of three (one being the highest

rating). This improvement will reduce our insurance rates for our citizens, especially on the

Tagged Passions:rates and insurance

commercial side.

Tagged Passions:commercial


Mayor Pro tem Finnerty discussed the year delay on the Certificate of Appropriateness for the

Carter house is nearing an end. She continued by reading the City s mission statement: It is our Mission within the City of Washington: to build upon

citizen trust by fostering and practicing open,

accountable, inclusive, and responsive government; to provide quality municipal services; to preserve

Tagged Passions:services

and protect Washington s unique Southern character and heritage; to plan and manage growth in harmony with its natural surroundings of the river and

the estuary; and to promote livability by
Tagged Passions:watershed and growth

April 9, 2018 Page 4 of 66

City Council Minutes Page 2 March 12, 2018

enhancing and protecting its diverse neighborhoods. Quality of life for residents and visitors shall be

Tagged Passions:neighborhood

our paramount consideration. Council needs to work with the library to help them meet their needs,

Tagged Passions:council and library

but with a historic preservation mindset.

Tagged Passions:historic and preservation

We cannot be a quaint historic town if we continue to tear down these structures; we have to

Tagged Passions:historic

lead by example. Mayor Pro tem Finnerty discussed the cost to purchase the house as well as the

Tagged Passions:purchasing

proposed cost to demolish it. Council should regroup and work with Preservation North Carolina in

Tagged Passions:council and preservation

order to save the house.


By motion of Councilmember Mercer, seconded by Mayor Pro tem Finnerty, Council approved

Tagged Passions:council

the Consent Agenda as presented.

A. Approve 2017 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant

Tagged Passions:grant

B. Approve Audit Contract for Fiscal Year 2017-2018

Tagged Passions:contract and audit


Ravonda Ore discussed the road conditions of the unpaved street in Keys Landing Subdivision.

Tagged Passions:streets and subdivision

The residents are asking for support to get the street paved. She is looking for a solution to this

Tagged Passions:streets


Ashley Moore, 104 Sarah Keys Way asked Council about the process for paving the street and

Tagged Passions:streets and council

what is being done to fix the problem.

Mayor Hodges reviewed the current list of unpaved streets in the City.

Tagged Passions:streets

Dee Congleton spoke in support of saving the structure located at 415 W. Second Street (Carter

Tagged Passions:streets

house). She discussed the history of the structure and asked Council to rescind the demolition order

Tagged Passions:demolition, council, and history

and allow Preservation North Carolina to market the property, sell it and return the proceeds back to

Tagged Passions:property, market, and preservation

the city.

Jerry Creech thanked Mayor Pro tem Finnerty for her comments and stated it would behoove

our town to save this structure.

Sarah Ninan thanked Mayor Pro tem Finnerty for her statements regarding the Carter house.

She continued by saying Council needs to make some tough decisions and determine exactly what is

Tagged Passions:council

the value of the historic homes/historic district in Washington.

Tagged Passions:historic

John Wood is a Restoration Specialist with the North Carolina State Historic Preservation

Tagged Passions:historic and preservation

Office Eastern Office located in Greenville. He spoke to Council regarding the proposed demolition

Tagged Passions:demolition and council

of the Carter house. Mr. Wood said the Carter house is a contributing property in both the local and

Tagged Passions:property

national registry of historic places. Their office strongly recommends that the structure not be

Tagged Passions:historic

demolished, but instead be preserved and rehabilitated (either by the City, private owner or non-

profit). He spoke about the ongoing update of Washington s historic district registry. If the City does

Tagged Passions:historic

April 9, 2018 Page 5 of 66

City Council Minutes Page 3 March 12, 2018

not wish to rehab the structure, it could be marketed and sold by Preservation North Carolina. They

Tagged Passions:market and preservation

would place restrictive covenants on that property to maintain its historic value.

Tagged Passions:property and historic

David Clark, E. Main Street, reviewed articles from May 20, 1954 from Raleigh News and

Tagged Passions:streets

Observer regarding the city wanting to tear down the DeMille house. The second article was from

February 6, 1978 regarding the DeMille house being torn down for a filling station. He thanked Mayor Pro tem Finnerty for her comments. Council needs

to change the history of taking down
Tagged Passions:council and history

historic structures.

Tagged Passions:historic

Don Stroud, 127 E. Second Street President of Washington Area Historic Foundation stated

Tagged Passions:streets and historic

Washington s historic district and waterfront are what draws people to Washington not a parking lot or a library. He urged Council to save the Carter

house and rescind the motion to demolish it. This is a
Tagged Passions:council, parking, historic, and library

contributing structure, is unique to the district, and needs to be saved. He discussed Demolition by Neglect , the purchase proposed demolition cost

of the Carter house, the white house (owned by the city beside the library) and parking lot construction costs.
Tagged Passions:demolition, purchasing, parking, construction, and library

Billie Mallison, 805 W. Second Street stated she is proud of the beautiful library. She

Tagged Passions:streets and library

discussed the Carter house and a small sign that says Welcome to Historic Washington . The Carter house could be an anchor (bookend) for the historic

district. She suggested a larger Welcome to Historic Washington sign and possibly moving the location of the sign.
Tagged Passions:historic

Susan Zachary lives in the historic district and asked Council to please consider rescinding the

Tagged Passions:council and historic

motion to demolish the Carter house.

Rebecca Clark, 203 S. Academy Street is the co-owner of Little Shoppes South Market

Tagged Passions:streets and market

Antiques, said it is not fiscally responsible for Council to purchase the structure and then try to tear it

Tagged Passions:purchasing and council

down. People come to Washington for the history, historic homes and waterfront. She asked Council

Tagged Passions:council, historic, and history

to help the business district and not waste taxpayer money by taking down the Carter house. The

Tagged Passions:business

home is structurally sound and asked Council to save the house.

Tagged Passions:council

Dennis Vierling, 754 W. Second Street stated he loves history and works at Tryon Palace.

Tagged Passions:streets and history

They moved to Washington last year (not New Bern where he works) because of Washington s historic district and charm. He urged Council to preserve

the Carter house and reconsider demolition.
Tagged Passions:demolition, council, and historic

Nick Sanders, 627 W. Main Street is a new investor in Washington. He supports everyone s comments and urged Council to protect the historic district

for future generations. He noted that
Tagged Passions:streets, council, and historic

Washington does not have a parking problem. Tearing down the house to increase parking at the

Tagged Passions:parking

library is not the solution.

Tagged Passions:library

Dee Congleton spoke to Council stating Maggie Gregg with Preservation North Carolina

Tagged Passions:council and preservation

forwarded documentation to Council regarding options for saving the Carter house.

Tagged Passions:council


Tagged Passions:hearing and zoning


Tagged Passions:hearing

April 9, 2018 Page 6 of 66

City Council Minutes Page 4 March 12, 2018



MEMO UNPAVED STREETS LISTING Frankie Buck, Public Works Director reviewed the following memo with Council. During

Tagged Passions:streets, Public Works, council, and public works

discussions concerning Keys Landing Subdivision, City Council requested staff prepare a listing of all

Tagged Passions:council and subdivision

unpaved streets in the City and the dates that they annexed into the city limits for maintenance.

Tagged Passions:streets and annexation

Attached is the listing that City Council has requested.

Tagged Passions:council

The City of Washington receives funding from the gasoline tax given to us by the State of North

Tagged Passions:taxes, Taxes, and funding

Carolina. Powell Bill funds are limited therefore, our resurfacing projects are small. Our

Tagged Passions:streets and funding

appropriation was reduced substantially due to the pay back to NCDOT for the U.S. Hwy 17 by-pass

Tagged Passions:funding


Council discussed the spreadsheet, the possibility of paving, closing or leaving the streets as is and continue routine maintenance.

Tagged Passions:streets and council

MEMO WASHINGTON WARREN AIRPORT, RUNWAY REHABILITATION Frankie Buck, Public Works Director reviewed the following memo with Council. During the

Tagged Passions:Public Works, council, airport, and public works

February 26, 2018 City Council meeting there was discussion concerning runway improvements at the

airport. November 2016 the City received notification of award from N.C. Division of Aviation for

Tagged Passions:airport

2,520,000 for the construction phase of the Runway 5-23 Rehabilitation Project with a local match of

Tagged Passions:construction

280,000. The project was engineered, designed and bid. The bid opening was held on February 20,

Tagged Passions:rfp and RFP

2018. The bids received were over budget for the project. I have discussed this with our engineer and

Tagged Passions:budget, rfp, and RFP

the N.C. Division of Aviation. Our NCDOA representative has agreed to ask the Department of

Transportation for the additional 2,000,000 in funding to proceed with the project if the City of

Tagged Passions:funding and transportation

Washington can confirm the additional local match of 200,000. Our DOA representative feels

confident that we may get the additional funds if the City Council is in support of the total local match

Tagged Passions:council and funding

of approximately 480,000 for the project.

I have attached a copy of the bid tabulation sheet for your review. If you will notice mobilization

Tagged Passions:rfp and RFP

is the primary reason the project is over budget? If mobilization costs were a reasonable average 10

Tagged Passions:budget

of the total project. The project cost would be in line with our project estimate. If City Council agrees

Tagged Passions:council

April 9, 2018 Page 7 of 66

City Council Minutes Page 5 March 12, 2018

to commit to the funding match. We will move forward to negotiate with the contractor to reduce the

Tagged Passions:funding

mobilization cost if possible, and ask our NCDOA representative to move forward in requesting

additional funds from the Department of Transportation.

Tagged Passions:funding and transportation

The request for additional funding will not allow the City to receive funding for the taxiway and

Tagged Passions:funding

tarmac rehabilitation this FY. However, the City will be able to request the funds for taxiway and

Tagged Passions:funding

tarmac rehabilitation in the upcoming FY.

Councilmember Mercer noted this would give us a 5million project for approximately

500,000 paid by the City as a match. Councilmember Brooks said if we postpone the project, the

prices may increase even more. He felt Council should move forward and approve the match.

Tagged Passions:council

April 9, 2018 Page 8 of 66

City Council Minutes Page 6 March 12, 2018

Councilmember Mercer commented we have 500,000 in the facilities maintenance fund that

we could use as our match. The Finance Director noted the facilities maintenance fund is for

Tagged Passions:finance

maintenance on general fund facilities and a portion of those funds will be used for maintenance on

Tagged Passions:funding

Fire Station 1.

Tagged Passions:fire departments and districts

By motion of Councilmember Mercer, seconded by Councilmember Brooks, Council went on

Tagged Passions:council

record in order to indicate to the Department of Transportation, that funds will be available to match

Tagged Passions:funding and transportation

the additional 2million grant (if it s available) for a complete rehab of runway 5-23.

Tagged Passions:grant


Council opted to meet on April 9 at 4:00pm for a planning session with staff to establish

Tagged Passions:council and planning

individual departmental goals with a given timeline.


Tagged Passions:boards and commissions


Tagged Passions:council

April 9, 2018 Page 9 of 66

City Council Minutes Page 7 March 12, 2018


Tagged Passions:Utility, electric, and utility


Tagged Passions:appointments


Tagged Passions:business


Tagged Passions:business

APPROVE JUSTIN PATE/ANNIVERSARY PARTY RIBEYES OF WASHINGTON Justin Pate, Owner of Ribeyes of Washington, presented his request for an anniversary

party to

be held from 2:00pm-8:00pm on July 8 at 228 West Stewart Parkway Washington NC, 27889. There

will be 500 tickets sold at 5.00/ticket. There will be 25+ employees working including security. The

Tagged Passions:security

events will include several local artists and the main event will Jim Quick and the Coastline Band. We

Tagged Passions:events

will be asking for permission to sell beer (aluminum only) and wine (plastic cups) in the blocked off

Tagged Passions:alcohol

April 9, 2018 Page 10 of 66

City Council Minutes Page 8 March 12, 2018

area of the parking lot in front of the restaurant. Spirits (liquor) will remain in the restaurant and on

Tagged Passions:restaurants, alcohol, and parking

the patio connected to Ribeyes only. RA Jeffery's, Coastal Beverage, and Empire have offered their

assistance. We will conduct normal business hours from 4:00pm-9:00pm that day. There will be Police

Tagged Passions:public safety

Department presence and as well as hired security. All permits have been completed.

Tagged Passions:security

By motion of Mayor Pro tem Finnerty, seconded by Councilmember Wyman, Council

Tagged Passions:council

approved Justin Tate s request as presented for an anniversary/block party (Ribeyes of Washington) for July 8. Motion carried 3-1 with Councilmember

Mercer opposing.


Tagged Passions:council and business


Tagged Passions:administrator and manager



Tagged Passions:legal


Tagged Passions:property and pharmacy


Tagged Passions:personnel

By motion of Councilmember Mercer, seconded by Councilmember Brooks, Council entered

Tagged Passions:council

into closed session at 6:45pm under NCGS 143-318.11 (A)(3) Attorney/Client Privilege including

Tagged Passions:legal

City vs. Manning 17-CVS-262, (A)(5) Acquisition of Property and (A)(6) Personnel.

Tagged Passions:personnel, property, and pharmacy

By motion of Mayor Pro tem Finnerty, seconded by Councilmember Brooks, Council agreed to

Tagged Passions:council

come out of closed session at 8:30pm.


By motion of Councilmember Brooks, seconded by Mayor Pro tem Finnerty, Council

Tagged Passions:council

adjourned the meeting at 8:35pm until Monday, April 9, 2018 at 4:00pm (4:00pm Planning Session 5:30pm Regular Meeting) in the Council Chambers.

Tagged Passions:planning

(Subject to approval of City Council) s/Cynthia S. Bennett, MMC

Tagged Passions:council

City Clerk

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