CO - Denver: Committee Canceled. Consent Agenda Included.

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Committee Canceled. Consent Agenda Included.

Committee Members: Flynn, Chair; Clark, Vice-Chair; Black; Susman; Kneich; L pez

Committee Staff: Shelley Smith Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 1:30 PM City County Building, Room 391 Committee Canceled. Consent Agenda Included.

Consent Items

Below are eleven (11) items that are on the Committee's consent agenda today. Routine, non-controversial ordinance requests that do not involve substantive policy changes are placed on Committee agendas as consent items with the approval of Committee chairs. Council members receive advance notice of consent items and may request that an item be scheduled for Committee discussion instead. If no Council member does so by the Committee's normal convening time, the requests will be considered approved by the Committee and eligible for filing.
Tagged Passions:policy, ordinance, and council

Adds 313,850 and three years to a contract with CI Technologies, Inc., for a new total of 563,650 through 12-31-20 and includes implementation of the CrimeNtel Criminal Intelligence software in the scope (TECHS - 201208585-04).

Adds 285,120 and one year to a contract with Retirement Services, Inc, (24HourFlex) for a new total of 1,012,720 through 12-31-18 for employee flexible spending accounts and Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) administration for city employees (CSAHR-201314222-03).

18-0364 Creates a new classification called Veterinarian Fellow at pay grade A-406. 18-0367 For information on public comment procedures go to Agenda Finance Governance Committee Tuesday, April 17, 2018 Creates a new classification called 911 Dispatch Support Specialist at pay grade N-618 and changes titles of various 911 Operations Center classifications to align with it. 18-0368 Creates new classifications called Senior Usher at pay grade Z-115 and Lead Usher at pay grade Z-117. 18-0369 Approves a five-year 550,000 contract with VertiQ Software, LLC., for case management software to manage demographic and death investigation information (TECHS-201737523-00). 18-0370 Approves the City Council 2017 year-end budget reconciliation amendment by transferring 505,171.02 of City Council budget savings to City Council Special Revenue funds, transferring 103,849.21 of City Council budget savings to other city funds for various projects, and returning 44,170.04 of budget savings to the City s General Fund. 18-0372

Tagged Passions:contract, budget, services, council, information technology, Tony Taylor Custom, retirement, funding, Information Technology, finance, seniors, 911, and procedure

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