NM - Bernalillo: Department of Senior Affairs Advisory Council

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Department of Senior Affairs Advisory Council

City of Albuquerque Department of Senior Affairs Advisory Council 714 Seventh Street SW

Tagged Passions:streets and council

Albuquerque, NM 87102

Anna M. Sanchez, Director Timothy M. Keller, Mayor

Advisory Council shall:

Tagged Passions:council

The Advisory Council is established to advise the

Tagged Passions:council

Department of Senior Affairs

and its funding entities which

Tagged Passions:funding

include the City of ABQ,

Bernalillo County, and village

of Los Ranchos de ABQ


Promote awareness and education on senior issues,

Tagged Passions:education

increasing community

involvement and commitment

to seniors.

Tagged Passions:seniors

Advocate on behalf of seniors, insuring the senior

Tagged Passions:seniors

population is represented and

the policies support the

mission of the Department of

Senior Affairs.

Support the program development by acting as the

Tagged Passions:development, program, and Development

ears and eyes of the

Department, assessing needs

and skills of seniors, become

Tagged Passions:seniors

knowledgeable of available

services in the community,

Tagged Passions:services

assessing and giving

recommendations on program

Tagged Passions:program

development and delivery of

Tagged Passions:development and Development

services and supporting the

Tagged Passions:services

funding development

Tagged Passions:development, Development, and funding


Support the development of strategic alliances, identifying

Tagged Passions:development, strategic, and Development

and encouraging essential

partnerships between the City

of Albuquerque Department of

Senior Affairs other entities.

Palo Duro Senior Center 5221 Palo Duro NE, Albuquerque, NM

Monday, April 16, 2018 Lunch 11:30am, Meeting 12:00pm

Agenda I. Meeting 12:00pm

a. Roll Call b. Approval of the Minutes c. Approval of the Agenda

II. Introduction of new Advisory Council Member Evan Thompson III. Center Manager: Introduction Comments (5 min) IV. Public Participation/Comment (3

min/per public attendee) V. Administrative Reports (30 min)
Tagged Passions:manager and council

a. Associate Director Report Anthony Romero (5 min) b. Division Reports (15 min)

1) Centers Fitness Programs Rhonda Methvin 2) Social Services Joy Klotz 3) Nutrition Transportation Danny Holcomb 4) Fiscal Karen Lopez

Tagged Passions:services, nutrition, social services, program, and transportation

VI. Council Business a. Council member reports (25 min 5 min/per council)

Tagged Passions:council and business

1) Marianne Chiffelle 2) Greg Lopez 3) Debby Knotts 4) C. Hugh Formhals

b. Advisory Council Business (20 min) c. Old/New Business

Tagged Passions:council and business

VII. Director Report Anna M. Sanchez (10-15 min) VIII. Announcements: Upcoming events, etc.

Tagged Passions:events

IX. Adjournment X. Optional tour of Center

Next meeting: May 21, 2018 Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center 501 Elizabeth SE

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