OR - Multnomah: Meeting of the Board of Commissioners

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Meeting of the Board of Commissioners

Agenda Meeting of the Board of Commissioners

Multnomah County

501 SE Hawthorne, Portland, OR

April 19, 2018 09:30 a.m.

I. REGULAR MEETING Thursday, April 19, 2018 @ 9:30 am

a. Please note: all times are approximate unless listed as a time certain. Since our meetings are streaming live on Thursdays, in cases where the

agenda moves ahead of schedule, we proceed immediately to the next item. If Presenters aren t present when an item is called, it may be postponed.

041918 Agenda


C.1 BUDGET MODIFICATION HD-35-18: Authorizing one position reclassification within the Health Department

Tagged Passions:budget and health

BudModAPR HD-35-18

BudModExpRevFTE HD-35-18

C.2 Resolution Authorizing the Private Sale of a Tax Foreclosed Property (R324419) as Allowed under ORS 275.275 to Tualatin Valley Water District

Tagged Passions:taxes, property, Taxes, Utility, utility, sale, and water

APR Private Sale Tualatin Valley Water District R324419 CA APPROVED

Tagged Passions:Utility, utility, sale, and water

RES_ Tualatin Valley Water District R324419_D182601 CA APPROVED

Tagged Passions:Utility, utility, and water

C.3 Favorable Recommendation of Liquor License Application for Vista House Located at 40700 Historic Columbia River Hwy. Corbett, OR 97219

Tagged Passions:license, alcohol, watershed, and historic

APR - Vista House (1)

Vist House Letter - April 2018

C.4 Budget Modification JOHS-04-18 Reclassifies a 1.00 Program Specialist Sr. to a 1.00 Management Assistant

Tagged Passions:budget and program

BudMod-JOHS-04-18 ApR

BudMod-JOHS-04-18 Technical Detail


a. Opportunity for Public Comment on non-agenda matters. Testimony limited to three minutes per person. This is a time for the Board to hear public

testimony, not for Board deliberation. Fill out a speaker form available at the back of the board room and give it to the Board Clerk. Unless otherwise recognized by the presiding officer, testimony is taken in the order the forms are submitted.
Tagged Passions:recognition

Info Sheet About Board Meetings 2018


R.1 Board Briefing on Sellwood Bridge - Greenroads Foundation Plaque Presentation. Presenter: Ian Cannon, County Engineer and Jeralee Anderson,

Greenroads Foundation Representative (5 min)


R.2 Budget Modification-DCHS-24-18. Increasing the Aging, Disability Veteran Services Division Federal/State Fund Appropriation by 31,142.

Presenter(s): Erin Grahek, Manager Senior Lee Girard ADVSD Division Director (5 min)
Tagged Passions:disability, budget, manager, services, and funding

BudMod-DCHS-24-18 - APR

BudMod-DCHS-24-18 - Technical Detail

R.3 Resolution Declaring the Multnomah County Courthouse, Located at 1021 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, Surplus; and Establishing a Public Comment Period.

Presenters: Sherry Swackhamer, DCA Director; Henry Alaman FPM Director (10 min)
Tagged Passions:surplus

APR - Surplus - Multnomah County Courthouse - Approved by CA (1)

Tagged Passions:surplus

Resolution - Surplus - Multnomah County Courthouse - Approved by CA (1)

Tagged Passions:surplus

R.4 Resolution Declaring the McCoy Building, Located at 426 SW Stark St., Portland, as Surplus; and Establishing a Public Comment Period. Presenters:

Sherry Swackhamer, DCA Director; and Henry Alaman, FPM Director (10 min)
Tagged Passions:surplus

APR - Surplus - McCoy - Approved by CA

Tagged Passions:surplus

Resolution - Surplus - McCoy - Approved by CA (1)

Tagged Passions:surplus

R.5 Resolution Certifying an Estimate of Expenditures for Fiscal Year 2018-19 for Assessment Taxation in Accordance with ORS 294.175. Presenter: Mike

Vaughn, County Assessor (10 min)
Tagged Passions:taxes and Taxes

APR CAFFA Grant Est of Expenditures for A T FY18-19 (1)

Tagged Passions:grant

Multnomah County Resolution_CAFFA Est of Exp A T FY2018-19

Form 7 Summary of Expenses FY2018-19

Form 8 Grant Application Resolution FY2018-19

Tagged Passions:grant

Form 9 Racial Ethnic Impact Statement FY18-19

Tagged Passions:discrimination and racial

R.6 Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with ODOT to Fund Morrison Bridge Main Spans Painting Project. Presenter: Jon Henrichsen, Transportation (5

Tagged Passions:arts, intergovernmental, and transportation

JPH 20180301 T3030 Morrison Paint Project IGA APR Approved CAL IBC

32368_MorrisonBridgePaintIGA_Final_2.26.18 CAL Approved (1)

R.7 Resolution Consenting to Chair Kafoury s Appointment of Truls Neal as the Director of the Department of Community Justice and Peggy Brey as the

Director of the Department of County Human Services. Presenter: Chair Deborah Kafoury (15 min)
Tagged Passions:services and appointments

APR for Resolution Consenting to Neal and Brey as Directors (1)

Resolution Appting Neal and Brey

Tagged Passions:appointments

R.8 Notice of Intent Canine Behavior Modification Rehabilitation Program Lazin Animal Foundation. Presenter: Jackie Rose, Director of Animal Services

(5 min)
Tagged Passions:services, animal control, program, and behavior

APR--NOI--Lazin Animal Foundation--April 2018.docx (1)

R.9 Proclamation Recognizing April as Fair Housing Month in Multnomah County. Sponsor: Commissioner Lori Stegmann, District 4. Presenters: Nathan

Clark, Policy Advisor, Commissioner Stegmann s Office; Katrina Holland, Executive Director, Community Alliance of Tenants; Diane Hess, Education and Outreach Director, Fair Housing Council of Oregon. (20 min.)
Tagged Passions:education, policy, recognition, council, rental, and housing

2018 Fair Housing Month APR - Approved by CA

Tagged Passions:housing



BC.1 Opportunity as time allows, for the Commissioners to provide comment on non-agenda items.


a. Certification of Publication: The Multnomah County Agenda and Packet for the meeting of, 2018 was posted to the County Web Site and distributed as

required by Oregon Public Meetings Laws on Friday, April 13, 2018. Lynda J. Grow, Board Clerk

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