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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Special Meeting


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June 25, 2018 9:00 A.M. 651 Pine Street, Room 101, Martinez

Tagged Passions:streets

Supervisor John Gioia, Chair Supervisor Federal D. Glover, Vice Chair

Agenda Items: Items may be taken out of order based on the business of the day and preference of the Committee

Tagged Passions:business




Public comment on any item under the jurisdiction of the Committee and not on this agenda (speakers may be limited to three minutes).


APPROVE Record of Action from the May 23, 2018 meeting. (Page 4)


Record of Action - May 2018


CONSIDER accepting the Contra Costa County Reentry System Strategic Plan, 2018 2023 and recommending its adoption by the Board of Supervisors. (Donte

Blue, Office of Reentry Justice) (Page 8)
Tagged Passions:strategic


Attachment A


CONSIDER accepting the quot;Racial Justice Task Force--Final Report and Recommendations, quot; as prepared by Resource Development Associates and

recommend its adoption by the Board of Supervisors. (Lara DeLaney, Office of Reentry Justice) (Page 77)
Tagged Passions:development, discrimination, racial, and Development


Attachment A: Report on Final Recommendations

Attachment B: Summary of Recommendation

Attachment C: Letter from Racial Justice Coalition

Tagged Passions:discrimination and racial


CONSIDER accepting a report on juvenile justice advisory bodies within the County and PROVIDE direction to staff. (Timothy Ewell, Committee Staff)

(Page 133)


Board of Supervisors' Referral

JJCPA-YOBG Consolidated Plan 2018


CONSIDER accepting reports from staff related to various immigration related issues, including compliance with state and federal law, status of

federal litigation and correspondence with the U.S. Department of Justice related to federal grants. (Timothy Ewell, Committee Staff) (Page 152)
Tagged Passions:legal, compliance, Immigration, and grant


Board of Supervisors' Referral

Senate Bill 54 (De Le oacute;n), Chapter 495 Statutes of 2017

Senate Bill 54 (De Le oacute;n) - Redline of Existing Law

Senate Bill 54 Analysis - County Counsel

Chicago Tribune Article, October 13, 2017

Brief of Amici Curiae - City of Philadelphia vs Sessions III, filed October 19, 2017

Letter from USDOJ to Contra Costa re: 8 USC 1373 Compliance

Tagged Passions:compliance and University of South Carolina

Interagency Service Agreement ICE w/ Amendments

Probation Department Immigration Policy

Tagged Passions:policy and Immigration

Sheriff's Office Immigration Policy

Tagged Passions:public safety, policy, and Immigration

Stand Together CoCo - Partner Advisory Letter

Letter from Asian Law Caucus to Sheriff David O. Livingston, April 12, 2018

Tagged Passions:public safety

County Counsel Response to Letter from Asian Law Caucus, May 23, 2018


The next meeting is currently scheduled for August 6, 2018.



The Public Protection Committee will provide reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities planning to attend Public Protection Committee

meetings. Contact the staff person listed below at least 72 hours before the meeting. Any disclosable public records related to an open session item on a regular meeting agenda and distributed by the County to a majority of members of the Public Protection Committee less than 96 hours prior to that meeting are available for public inspection at 651 Pine Street, 10th floor, during normal business hours. Public comment may be submitted via electronic mail on agenda items at least one full work day prior to the published meeting time.
Tagged Passions:streets, public records, and planning

For Additional Information Contact:

Timothy Ewell, Committee Staff Phone (925) 335-1036, Fax (925) 646-1353

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