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Tuesday, August 20, 2019 7:00 pm, Gamon Room, City Hall

Call to Order

II. Public Comments

Approval of July 16, 2019 Meeting Minutes

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Old Business A. Update on DCHM fireplace mantelpiece B. Historic site marker railroad station update - Steph C. CAE railroad site marker project update Bob D. Wheaton Register of Historic Places Application for 811 N Scott St E. Miscellaneous

V. New Business A. The Historic Commission CY2020 Budget (January December 2020) and expenses for

Tagged Passions:business, boards and commissions, budget, and historic

CY2019 B. Veterans Memorial redesign for Memorial Park C. Wheaton Register of Historic Places Application for 218 N. Ellis D. Miscellaneous

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Tagged Passions:veterans, historic, and parks

Commissioner Comments

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