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City of Fairbanks NOT A VERBATIM TRANSCRIPT October 23, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes Page 8 of 10

she listed some statistics on domestic violence. Ms. Carlson stated the Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living and some of the groups at UAF will be hosting a screening of Beauty and the Beast at the Wood Center ballroom. She encouraged everyone to wear purple every Friday in October to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence. Michael Farrell, P.O. Box 83327, Fairbanks Mr. Farrell stated he has been reading the Fairbanks Diversity Council minutes and that being a transgender is actually a mental illness. He stated that those who transition have a 40 -50 suicide rate, and he does not understand why the City is encouraging that. He stated there are only two different genders: male and female. He referenced and spoke against the potty project ; he added that the whole thing is disgusting. Mr. Farrell stated giving kids mind-altering drugs is a serious problem. He asked the Mayor why there were only a few, selected people who had the opportunity to testify during Mayor s comments. He stated he did not mind waiting but that everyone should have to wait. He read aloud a section of an article he distributed to the Council that was posted in the National Review.
Tagged Passions:mental health, LGBTQ, suicide, GayRights, gender, diversity, domestic violence, and drugs