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02/06/18: Anderson County Council Meeting

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Mr . Wooten ' s motion show of hands . All opposed like 11 sign . Show the motion carries unanimously . 12 Moving on to Item number 2(d) 2018-006. Put this 13 in the form of a motion . Mr . McClure was presented 14 this the other night at the Zoning Appeals Board and 15 isn ' t here. But for the record , like to read this and 16 let the Council pass this . Again , I put this as a 17 motion . A Resolution to Honor and Recognize Hubert 18 McClure ' s Decades of Service to the Anderson County 19 Land Use and Zoning Board of Appeals and the Anderson 20 Community; and Other Matters Related Thereto . 21 Whereas, Mr. Hubert McClure has served on the 22 Anderson County Land Use and Zoning Board of Appeals 23 for Twenty years , including dedicated service as 24 Chairman ; and 25 Whereas, Mr. McClure graduated from Westside High 26 School in 1985, Tri-County Technical College in 1989 , 27 Clemson University in 1994 with a bachelor ' s degree in 28 Mathematics and in 1998 with a master ' s degree ; and 29 Whereas, Mr . McClure served in the United States 30 Marine Corps from 1988 to 1996, including service in 31 Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm and 32 he has brought his military, educational , business , 33 and life experience to bear in his over twenty years 34 of teaching students at Tri-County Technical college , 35 one military veteran and student stating in a 2011 36 news article , I just recently and with the help of 37 Hubert have been assimilating better into 38 civilization ; and 39 Whereas, Mr. McClure is the proud father of 40 Lauren, 19 and Walt , 11 , and manages and co-owns a 41 beef cattle farm and worked with his father at McClure 42 Surveying for over twenty years; and 43 Whereas, Anderson County is grateful to Mr. 44 McClure for his over twenty years of dedicated service 45 to the Anderson County Land Use and Zoning Board of 46 Appeals and hereby honor and recognize his many 47 contribution to the Anderson Community . 48 RESOLVED in meeting duly assembled this 16th day 49 of January , 2018. 50 I put that in the form of a motion.

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