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02/01/18: Agenda

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establish The Domestic Violence Prevention and Family Support Fund .

STR B.B. 129 Vaccaro An ordinance to make it unlawful, subject to those exceptions stated herein, for any person to ride, walk or otherwise lead a horse or horses on, along or over the public streets, alleys and sidewalks within the City and the paths and trails, and any extensions thereof within the City. WM B.B. 221 Ingrassia An ordinance approving the petition to establish the EQH Market Street Community Improvement District; finding a public purpose therefor, and containing a severability clause and emergency clause. 9. Board Bills for Third Reading Informal Calendar. STR B.B. 40 Vaccaro An ordinance adding language to Ordinance 62101 that will prohibit the Parking Violation Bureau from doubling a parking meter and parking violation fine if payment is received within twenty calendar days or less. If an appeal of the fine occurs, either through an administrative or state court, AGENDA NO. 35 FEBRUARY 23, 2018
Tagged Passions:legal, pets, streets, ordinance, Pedestrian, trails, domestic violence, parking, market, emergency, and court