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Planning Commission

Planning Commission

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and planning


Meeting Agenda - Final-revised

435 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. 18101

Tagged Passions:streets

Council Chambers12:15 PMTuesday, February 13, 2018

Tagged Passions:council

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes of January 9, 2018 meeting

Sidewalk Construction Postponement Request

Tagged Passions:streets, Pedestrian, and construction

--- 1747 S. Aubrey Street and 1950 S. Bradford Street (frontage on S. Aubrey Street and E. Martin Street), S18-1, requested by Edward J. McCarthy,

Tagged Passions:streets and zoning

Street Vacations

Tagged Passions:streets

--- Portion of South 10th Street from Devonshire Road to Rhodes Street, 18-1 (v) requested by Maria Cubano Joel Cancel

Tagged Passions:streets

--- Portion of Wye Street approximately 100 feet west from Jordan Street, 18-2 (v) requested by Kenneth A. Simons, Smart Living Barber St. LLC -

Tagged Passions:streets


Tagged Passions:zoning

--- Amends the Zoning Code by rezoning a portion of the property known as 2701 Barnes Lane from Low Density Residential District (R-L) to Medium Low

Density Residential (R-ML) 17-2 (Z) requested by Brian L. and Suzanne Borzak. (Tabled at November 14, 2017 meeting)
Tagged Passions:property and zoning

Land Developments / Subdivision

Tagged Passions:development, subdivision, and Development

--- 215-221 N. Fenwick Street, 215-221 N. Fenwick Street (14th Ward), SMA-2017-00001, preliminary/final approval requested by John W. Troxell, Jr.

(Tabled at August 8, 2017 meeting)
Tagged Passions:streets

The application proposes to construct two sets of twin homes and a single home on five lots.

--- Five City Center Office Tower, 734 Hamilton Street, LMA-2018-00001 LDC-2018-00002, preliminary/final plan approval requested by Five City Center,

Tagged Passions:streets, Cell tower, and cell tower

The application proposes to construct a 320,000 sq. ft. thirteen-story office structure with street-level retail.

Tagged Passions:streets

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February 13, 2018Planning Commission Meeting Agenda - Final-revised

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

--- Walnut Street Commons, 13 South Sixth Street, LMA-2018-00002 SMI-2018-00001, preliminary/final plan requested by Walnut Street Commons, LP.

Tagged Passions:streets

The application proposes to construct a 61-unit residential apartment building wrapping around the existing Community Deck parking structure.

Tagged Passions:parking

--- Southside Homes by Smart Living, 327 Market Street, SMA-2017-00002, preliminary/final approval for Phase 1 of the project and preliminary

approval for Phase 2 of the project requested by Smart Living Barber St., LLC.
Tagged Passions:streets and market

The application proposes to construct a fee simple townhouse community consisting of 53 three-story units. Phase 1 consisting of 23 units and Phase 2

consisting of 30 units.

Hamilton Street Overlay District Review

Tagged Passions:streets

--- Trust Building Inc., 634 Hamilton St, design review to install non-illuminated channel letters (1.5 x31.83 ) (47.74 sq. ft.) on front facade

requested by Greg Holland of L H Companies.

New Business

Tagged Passions:business

--- Informational discussion regarding the Comprehensive Plan - First Step

Tagged Passions:strategic

Old Business

Tagged Passions:business



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