A heads up before they vote

Wouldn't it be nice if your organization were able to keep tabs on issues important to you across multiple cities and counties with one user-friendly online tool? We can give you that “heads up” with our powerful and affordable local government monitoring service. For example, enter a topic below and instantly search our nationwide database of agendas:

Sample Report

Screenshot showing a custom local government monitoring report for electric vehicle issues

How it works

Custom local government monitoring

  • You choose which local government entities and keywords you want monitored. At any time, you can edit the parameters of your monitoring service.
  • Your account includes the ability to create additional Reports at no extra charge, allowing you to drill down to specific topics and specific local governments areas.

On-demand reporting

  • At any time you can login in to your account and run a real-time report showing everything our system has picked up for you up to that point in time.
  • On-demand reporting allows you to also look at various points in time without making edits to your existing Reports.

Email alerts

  • Your account can be set up to send email alerts to your inbox that show a quick look at activity our system has discovered for you overnight. The email alert also includes a quick link to your latest report.
  • These alerts can be sent any morning of the week or all mornings of the week and can be set to show upcoming meetings as well as past meetings.


What our customers are saying

Before Voterheads … we were blind to some ordinances until the very last minute. … With Voterheads, the additional time that we have to react is invaluable. It can mean the difference between months and hours and in multiple instances has saved us thousands of dollars in underground cable repairs.

Headshot of a Fortune 50 telecom government affairs representative
Fortune 50 telecom
gov't affairs rep

I really like the ability to hop on my Voterheads account at any time of the day and run a quick report to see what’s happening at the local government level in my region.

Headshot of a home builder's association executive
Home builder's
association executive

Trying my best to monitor local government for proposed ordinances, I had been checking city and county websites myself, and relying heavily on Google Alerts. That was very time-consuming and Alerts came individually, instead of in a centralized report. Then I found Voterheads. Everything is packaged in one nice, easy to read report that I can set up to receive with email alerts or just run on demand at any time of the day. Now I can react much more quickly. Thanks Voterheads!

Headshot of a regulated company government affairs representative
Fortune 500 regulated company
gov't affairs rep

Before we started using Voterheads, I was receiving so many meeting agendas from local governments that sometimes I missed something because I was just too busy and didn’t get to review them all. Now it’s really nice because I have all the agendas in one place and already scanned for me for whatever search terms I need. Thanks, Voterheads!

Headshot of an investor-owned electric utility government affair representative
Investor-owned electric utility
gov't affairs rep

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