NY - Tompkins: Health and Human Services Committee

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Health and Human Services Committee


Health and Human Services Committee Monday, February 12, 2018 4:00 PM

Tagged Passions:services and health

Legislature Chambers

MEMBERS: Shawna Black, Chair; Anna Kelles, Vice Chair; Leslyn McBean-Clairborne; Henry Granison; Amanda Champion

Inclusion through Diversity

Tagged Passions:diversity

1. Call to Order (4:00)

2. Changes to Agenda (4:00)

3. Public Comment (4:05)

4. Presentation - Section 8 Housing in Tompkins County (4:10)

Tagged Passions:housing

a. Report/Discussion: Section 8 Housing in Tompkins County - Tompkins Community

Tagged Passions:housing

Action (TCAction) (ID 7613)

5. Department of Social Services (4:55)

Tagged Passions:services and social services

a. Report/Discussion: Temporary Assistance Subsidy Housing (ID 7614)

Tagged Passions:housing

6. Chair's Report (5:05)

7. County Administrator's Report (5:10)

Tagged Passions:administrator

8. Health Department (5:15)

Tagged Passions:health

a. Resolution: Authorization to Re-Structure the Medical Examiner Program and Budget

Tagged Passions:budget and program

Transfer Across Budgeting Units (ID 7604)

Tagged Passions:budget

b. Resolution: Budget Transfers Across Budgeting Units Environmental Health (4090),

Tagged Passions:budget, health, and environment

Planning and Coordination of Children with Special Needs (4047) and Community Health

Tagged Passions:health and planning

(4016) Health Department (ID 7605)

Tagged Passions:health

9. Mental Health (5:25)

Tagged Passions:mental health and health

a. Resolution: Increase in Hours and Budget Adjustment - PROS and Care Management

Tagged Passions:budget

Positions - Mental Health Services Department (ID 7610)

Tagged Passions:services, mental health, and health

10. Office of Human Rights (5:30)

Tagged Passions:human rights

a. Resolution: Budget Appropriation and Adjustment for Continued Funding of Special

Tagged Passions:budget and funding

Advisor to the Office of Human Rights (ID 7601)

Tagged Passions:human rights

11. Comments from Committee Members (5:35)

12. Minutes Approval (5:40)

a. January 16, 2018

b. January 22, 2018

13. Liaison Assignments (5:45)

a. Report/Discussion: Liaison Assignments (Non-Voting) (ID 7594)

Tagged Passions:voting

14. Advisory Board Appointments (5:55)

Tagged Passions:appointments

a. Appointment: Advisory Board Appointments (ID 7592)

Tagged Passions:appointments

15. Adjournment (6:00)

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