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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Tagged Passions:retirement and seniors


Tagged Passions:streets

TO BE HELD ON FEBRUARY 13, 2018 AT 5:00 P.M.

Agenda Item 1-Minutes Vote to consider approving the minutes of the meeting held on January 3, 2018.

Agenda Item 2-Board Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Vote to reaffirm the appointment of Board Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

Tagged Passions:appointments

Agenda Item 3-Involuntary Accidental and Ordinary Disability-Keola Perry/Police Department

Tagged Passions:public safety and disability

Vote to consider the clarification of the responses of the medical panel regarding the Involuntary Application

for Accidental and Ordinary Disability benefits submitted by Police Commissioner John Barbieri. Tabled

Tagged Passions:public safety and disability

from November 1, 2017 meeting.

Agenda Item 4-Accidental Disability Application-Kris Brown/DPW-Solid Waste Department

Tagged Passions:Utility, disability, utility, and solid waste

Vote to consider the acceptance of the application for Accidental Disability benefits submitted by Kris

Tagged Passions:disability

Brown, and request that PERAC convene a medical panel.

Agenda Item 5-Accidental Disability Application-Christopher Fontaine/Fire Department Vote to consider the acceptance of the application for

Accidental Disability benefits submitted by
Tagged Passions:disability and fire departments and districts

Christopher Fontaine, and request that PERAC convene a medical panel.

Agenda Item 6-Accidental and Ordinary Disability-Daniel Gauthier/Police Department

Tagged Passions:public safety and disability

Vote to consider the acceptance of the applications for Accidental Disability and Ordinary Disability benefits

Tagged Passions:disability

submitted by Daniel Gauthier.

Agenda Item 7-Superannuations

Vote to consider the acceptance of the following Superannuations:

1. Ellen Angeli, Senior Systems Developer, IT Department with 37 years and 9 months as of 5/5/18 2. James E. Beucke, Senior Inspector, Water Sewer

Commission with 40 years as of 3/10/18 3. John Bobianski, Lieutenant, Police Department with 35 years and 3 months as of 1/19/18 4. Peggy Bowling Bates, Paraprofessional, School Department with 11 years and 2 months as of 2/6/18 5. Karen Jordan, Library Associate, Springfield Library with 13 years and 5 months as of 1/27/18 6. Gary Lantaigne, Transportation Coordinator, School Department with 10 years as of 3/17/18 7. Dennis O Brien, Maintenance Foreman, Facilities with 31 years and 6 months as of 1/20/18 8. Christopher Pohner, Firefighter, Fire Department with 30 years and 9 months as of 2/1/18 9. Ann Randall, LPN, School Department with 26 years and 3 months as of 2/27/18 10. Christopher Spears, Firefighter, Fire Department with 33 years as of 2/21/18 11. Raymond Wyszynski, Police Officer, Police Department with 24 years and 7 months as of 3/4/18
Tagged Passions:education, public safety, boards and commissions, Utility, utility, fire departments and districts, transportation, library, sewer, and water

Agenda Item 8-Warrants

Tagged Passions:public safety

Vote to reaffirm the approval of the following warrants:

Tagged Passions:public safety

Warrant 1-2018 Expenses in the amount of 55,176.35

Tagged Passions:public safety

Warrant 2-2018 Refunds in the amount of 93,428.79

Tagged Passions:public safety

Warrant 3-January Retiree allowances in the amount of 6,289,966.52

Tagged Passions:public safety and retirement

and redemption from the PRIT fund in the amount of 5,060,000.00

Agenda Item 9-Refunds/Transfers to Other Systems

Vote to consider the sixteen (16) requests for refunds and transfers to other systems. The names have been

submitted to their particular Department, the Law Department and the Massachusetts Department of


Agenda Item 10-Redeposit of Refunds and Makeup of Contributions

Vote to consider the makeup of contributions to:

1. Christopher Hitas, Police Officer, purchasing 2 years and 6 months at the Police Department as a Cadet from 1990 to 1992.

Tagged Passions:public safety and purchasing

2. Paula Thayer, Parks Department, purchasing 4 years at the Parks Department in 1991-1993, and 1995.

Tagged Passions:purchasing and parks

3. Gary Velozo, Working Maintenance Forman, Streets, purchasing 1 year at the DPW Department as a Seasonal Skilled Laborer from 1985 to 1986.

Tagged Passions:streets and purchasing

Vote to consider the redeposit of refunds to:

4. Bettina Meade , Paraprofessional, School Department, for the refund from Springfield Retirement in 2017.

Tagged Passions:education, retirement, and seniors

5. Rebecca Treat, Dispatcher, Dispatch Department, for the refund from Springfield Retirement in 2014.

Tagged Passions:retirement, seniors, and 911

Agenda Item 11-Director s Report

Agenda Item 12-Attorney s Report

Tagged Passions:legal

Agenda Item 13-Old Business

Tagged Passions:business

Agenda Item 14-New Business

Tagged Passions:business

F. Y. I.


1- 2018 Limits under Chapter 46 of the Acts of 2002

2- 2018 Limits under Section 23 of Chapter 131 of the Acts of 2010

3- COLA Notice

4- Tobacco Company List

Tagged Passions:tobacco

5- Mandatory Retirement Board Member Training 1st Quarter 2018

Tagged Passions:retirement, training, and seniors

6-Buyback and Make-up Repayment Worksheets

7-NCPERS 2018 State and Federal Legislation Webcast-Three Credits

8-840 CMR 10:10(3) 10:15(4)-Annual Review of Medical Testing Fee

9-Actuarial Data

10-2018 Interest Rate set at 0.1

PERAC Pension News

Tagged Passions:retirement

PRIM-Annual CAFR Report-FY 2017

December PRIT Fund Update

Pre-Closing Trial Balance, Adjusting Entries, Receipts, Disbursements and General Ledger for the month of December

Treasurer s Reconciliation for the month of November

Tagged Passions:Treasurer and TREASURER

Budget Balances as of January

Tagged Passions:budget

Crescendo Ventures-Quarterly Information

Monthly Transfers for January

Recent Retiree Deaths

Tagged Passions:retirement

Next meeting: March 13, 2018

The Board reserves the right to consider items on the agenda out of order. In addition, the Board may enter

into Executive Session during the meeting if requested by the individual or as deemed necessary by the

Board or its Legal Counsel.

Tagged Passions:legal

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