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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Parking Committee

Prepared: February 9, 2018 This meeting is being audio recorded for the public record.

All Borough services have moved to The Spellman Building located at 829 Paoli Pike, West Goshen Township. For additional information, please visit

our website at www.west-*****
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Parking Committee

Tagged Passions:parking

February 13, 2018 7:30 pm

Committee Members: Denise Polk (Chair) William Scott

Bernard Flynn

Department Head: Clark Elms

Borough Manager: Michael Perrone

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Attachment Information:

Click on Parking to access the Parking Committee s December Agenda attachments. Select the specific attachment from the list provided.

Tagged Passions:parking

The Attachments can also be located at in the Document Center s Agenda Attachments folder, in the monthly folder marked 12-2017.


1. Call to Order

2. Comments, suggestions, petitions by residents in attendance regarding items not on the agenda

3. Discuss vacating the 700 block of S. Church Street. (Attachment/Issue

Tagged Passions:streets and church


4. Consider Comprehensive Parking Guide s recommendation to eliminate the Student C permit around the perimeter of the University and install meters.

(Attachment/Issue Briefing)
Tagged Passions:university and parking

Prepared: February 9, 2018 This meeting is being audio recorded for the public record.

5. Discuss adding dusk to dawn permit parking along the boundaries of Everhart Park

Tagged Passions:parking

when the permit moratorium is lifted. (Attachment/Discussion Only)

6. Discuss recommendations for a Preventative Maintenance (PM) plan for the (3)

University garages. (Attachment/Issue Briefing)

Tagged Passions:university

7. Consider hiring an expert in the field to review and implement the Comprehensive

Parking Guide s recommendation to update and improve wayfinding signage in the Borough. (Attachment/Issue Briefing)

Tagged Passions:advertising, signage, and parking

8. Consider replacing the current short term kiosk at the Chestnut St. Garage with two

(2) new and more user friendly units at a cost of approximately 12-18K of our budgeted funds reserved for implementation of the Comprehensive Parking

Guide. (Attachment/Issue Briefing)
Tagged Passions:budget, parking, and funding

9. Consider Comprehensive Parking Guide s recommendation to modify current

Tagged Passions:parking

zoning regulations to allow stacked parking at residential properties. (Discussion Only)

Tagged Passions:zoning, parking, and regulation

10. Approve December 2017 Parking Committee minutes (Attachment Only)

Tagged Passions:parking

11. Other Business

Tagged Passions:business

12. Adjourn

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