OR - Milwaukie: Historic Milwaukie NDA

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Historic Milwaukie NDA

6:30 PM Libbie s Restaurant

Tagged Passions:restaurants

Approval of Minutes:

Milwaukie PD:

Neighborhood concerns not on the agenda:

Tagged Passions:neighborhood

High School Construction Update: Steve Nicholas

Downtown development update: Leila Aman
Tagged Passions:education, downtown, development, NewSchools, construction, and Development

Ledding Library construction designs: Katie Newell

Orange Line Gentrification Study: Huijun Tan
Tagged Passions:gentrification, construction, and library

Grant Policy and Spending Priorities:

Grant Request: Milwaukie High Grad Party Summer Movie Sponsorship Announcements and updates: Downtown Landscape/Sculpture Kellogg Good Neighbor PSAC

Tagged Passions:buildings and grounds, arts, policy, downtown, and grant

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