CO - Denver: Business, Arts, Workforce, & Aeronautical Services Committee

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Business, Arts, Workforce, & Aeronautical Services Committee

Committee Members: Gilmore, Chair; New, Vice Chair; Black, Herndon, Ortega, Kashman

Committee Staff: Debra Bartleson Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 1:30 PM City County Building, Room 391 Attendance Presentations Briefing: Short Term Rental update18-0135

Tagged Passions:short-term rental and rental

Ashley Kilroy and Molly Duplechian, Excise Licenses

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:license

Consent Items

Amends a contract with Universal Protection Service, L.P., doing business as Allied Universal Security Systems, to add 234,000 for a new contract total in the amount of 2,092,098 and to add to the scope of work to include an account manager for onsite point of contact for management of safety and security services at all arts and venues locations citywide. There is no change to the contract duration (THTRS-201736698-01). 18-0142
Tagged Passions:arts, manager, services, contract, security, and business

RR18 0142 DAV Allied Universal Security Systems RequestAttachments

Approves the Mayoral appointment of John Everett to the Tourism Improvement District for a term effective immediately and expiring 8-31-20, or until a successor is duly appointed. 18-0146
Tagged Passions:appointments, security, and tourism

RR18 0146 MO Tourism Improvement Request

Tagged Passions:tourism

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