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West Hartford Clean Energy Commission

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West Hartford Clean Energy Commission

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions, clean energy, energy, and environment

February 12, 2018 7:00 PM Rm 405

1. Roll Call Member Present Alternates Present Catherine Diviney Robert Palmer Chris Nelson Dave Mello Joe Campanella James Capella Bernie Pelletier

Max DuBuisson Total (3 needed for quorum) Additional Attendees

2. Approval of Minutes

a. December 13, 2017

b. January 8, 2018

3. Communications/Administration

Tagged Passions:Communications and communications

a. 2018 meeting dates Nov 12 (Vet Day) changed to Nov 19

b. WH-CEC google group

Tagged Passions:Google

c. CT Clean Energy Communities letter

Tagged Passions:clean energy, energy, and environment

d. WH Celebrate - booth application submitted

e. Matt Hart to attend meeting

f. Seminar on resiliency - Feb 17 (Glastonbury Public Library)

Tagged Passions:library

4. Business

Tagged Passions:business

a. Fracking Waste Ban

Tagged Passions:fracking and FRACKING

b. Sustainable CT

c. Business outreach

Tagged Passions:business

CPACE letter

Bloomfield example

d. 2018 Special events

Tagged Passions:events

George Porter interview

Chamber of Commerce seminar

e. Heat pump letter

f. Solar for House of Worship

g. State of Town address - town priorities and constraints

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h. French Cleaner s Tour

i. Meeting with Mayor of Bristol

j. 100PercentCT project update

k. CWA Accelerator workshops

Tagged Passions:union

l. Energy Plan

Tagged Passions:energy

m. Recycling/Food Waste

Tagged Passions:recycling

5. Adjournment

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