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Executive Session


TOWN BOARDExecutive Session & Work SessionTuesday, February 13, 20186:30 P.M Executive Session(Perso

nnel, Advice Of Counsel, Contracts)7:00 P.M. Work SessionTopic: Wayfinding Signs for Downtown Infrastructure and Streetscape ProjectDescription: Sabrina will be present to lead discussion and receive direction from the Boardwith the scope of the request for proposals for wayfmding signage.Chappaqua? Millwood? Chappaqua Crossing? Parameters for signage?Locations to be identified- Town Hall, Library, Community Center, Chap PAC, firestations, schools, Parks, TrailsSty esTopic: Clean Communities Grant: Electric Vehicle UpdateDescription: DiscussionTopic: Chap Line RevistedDescription: DiscussionTopic: Millwood Sidewalk UpdateDescription: DiscussionTopic: Proposed Legislation to Raise the Age to Purchase Tobacco Products within NewCastle to 21Description: DiscussionTopic: Proposed Legislation to Amend Chapter 7 of the New Castle Town Code withregard to the Sustainability Advisory BoardDescription: DiscussionTopic: Expanded Scope of Downtown Infrastructure ProjectDescription: DiscussionTopic: Authorization to Attend Conference: New Castle Police DepartmentDescription: DiscussionLate addi LionTimes are approximate and work session will commence upon the completion of ExecutiveSession
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NOVEMBER 2'Wayfinding: Start Here

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A lot of our projects begin with a call from

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a future client with a statement of "We need

a wayfinding program." After a conversationaddressing the issues they've experienced tobring them to

this conclusion, we get to thereasonable questions such as: "What is this goingto cost?," "How long will this take?," Who willneed to be involved?," How do you determinewhat signs we will need?," etc.around. Determining whether aplace needs a wayfinding programisn't rocket science, but there is ascience and strategy behind how toplan for wayfinding. It's safe to saythat most people may participate inthe development of a sign programonce in their lives, if ever. Knowingthat, it would be unfair of us, aswayfinding consultants to expectour new and prospective clientsto understand what constitutes awayfinding program. But if you'veidentified an issue with your placenavigation, where do you begin?WHERE po WE START?Wayfinding is a logical processof visual cues and informationused to navigate a place or space.Through our lifetime of behaviorsand experiences, we've learnedpatterns, sequences and symbolicinformation that help us understandand move through builtenvironments. As consultants,Understandably, every place has adifferent set of answers. But how dowe answer these questions for you?How do we make recommendationsfor your specific project? How doyou know the solution is appropriateand unique to you? This positionpaper seeks to answer some of thosequestions.Wayfinding is a basic functionalnecessity of any public place. Asign that identifies a businessor building can survive on it'sown; but when a visitor is tryingto find that destination, the areawhere it's located or the lot wherethey need to park, that's where asystem of information is required.
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A well-planned sign system canidentify arrival, direct to hidden

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STUDIO GRAPHIQUEvisitor attractions or parking andencourage people to lengthen theirstay by communic

ating additionalnearby amenities. In addition totheir function, sign programs alsosignal that something worthwhileis happening in a particular place;it serves as a catalyst to enhancedpride and image.Determining whether you need a sign programisn't rocket science, but there is a science andstrategy behind Wayfinding.Every person Who has everexperienced a public space or placecan identify whether there is aproblem with finding your waywe leverage these learned humanbehaviors and the solutionsassociated with them in the correctand appropriate context to aidpeople in finding their way. We usesignage and other visual cues tohelp people orient to where the"/ areand understand Where they needto go.While there are standard processesand strategies that establish goodwayfinding, not all of them needto or should be applied to yourunique space or place. And while theprocess of developing a wayfindingsystem is methodical andrepeatable, the exact needs of anygiven destination can Vary Widely.So when a client asks us questionsabout how we will develop theprogram, what we think needs tobe designed, how much it will costand how long it will take, thoseanswers aren't immediately clear. Itis our job to be able to identifythestrategies and processes that wouldbring the most value to your place.
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WE START WITH AN ASSESSMENTYou've discovered the problem, butconsultants need to understand thesitua

tions that created the problembefore a wayfinding program can bedeveloped.
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TOOL BOX!Complex environmentsNew environmentsAssess current conditions

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3.Stakeholder engagementDevelop budgets. Identify wayfinding strategiesDetermine sign types

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8.Determine wayfindinq issues

STUDIO GRAPHIOUEThere are two types of projecttools that are often used for thispurpose — a Wayfindi

ng Audit or aWayfinding plan.
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A WayfindingAudit is a diagnosticused to determine the currentuse and navigation conditions of

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a place. It identifies problem areaswhere information is lacking,where signage or information isinco

nsistent or confusing, and canprovide ideas that address theseproblems on a conceptual level.These studies are often part of anplan that may include otherdevelopment improvements to the
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A Wayfinding plan is a tactical andcomprehensive tool that begins toidentify the system and processo

f wayfinding for a specific place.There can be varying levels ofdetail for these plans dependingon how ready for implementation
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a place may be. Some may simplyidentify travel patterns and decisionpoints. Some may detail the type

sof signs that may be needed alongthese routes. Others go as far asidentifying the types, quantitiesand information presented on
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WAYFINDING AUDITuse this!use this!use this!use this!use this!use this!each sign type, accompanied wi

thconceptual designs for the signstructures themselves.
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Q: Which is right for me?If a place is large. complex andbuilt over a period of time, suchas a hospi

tal campus or cross-boundary civic zmea, an Audit isoften the best place to start. TheAudit allows the consultant theopportunity to understand currentconditions, navigational systems,current signage usage and existinginfrastructure that can be utilizedwithin the wayfinding program.It will seek to assess your startingplace so that reasonable proposalscan be crafted to develop a morecomprehensive plan. It may identifyways to parse out needs in chunksor phases which may be easier onyour budget. Everything learned inthis stage is imperative to designing
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a system that will work, based onthe environment as it stands today.Comparatively, a Wayfinding Plan

isbest used when you are committedto the need for a comprehensivewayfinding system and you need
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WAYFINDING PLANthen this!use this!use this!then this!use this!to understand the type of processand i

nvestment required forimplementation. If you've engagedin an Audit, a Plan will often followas a next step. Waytinding Planscan be developed in conjunctionwith Master Plans, which look atthe bigger development pictureand recognize that signage is akey step in realizing a place's longterm goals. Wayfinding plans mayalso include a phasing schedule,should always include a budgetarycomponent and Will provide anoutline or the implementationprocess that allows the communityor campus to prepare to get theproject completed.
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Q: What is the actual wayfindingWhen you say "people can't find us,"it is our job to understand WHY

— inthe context of YOUR place. If youconstructing a brand newbuilding or campus, we will almostalways recommend an Audit so thatwe can put on our visitors' lensesand experience your andunderstand where the problemtruly lies.
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Q: How much will our Wayfindingprogram cost?We dorft know yet. The Wayfindingplan will begin to pain

t the pictureof what the signage needs are foryour place and space. A plan beginsto formulate the family of signsand where they will need to go to beeffective. This will give you a list ofsign types and their quantities towhich we would then apply budgetnumbers to help understandyour total investment to get a signprogram built and in the ground.It is important to note here thatwayfinding costs have less to dowith the size of your city or campusand more to do with the complexity.
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A grid is more intuitive to navigatethan a system withshort sight lines. Destinationquantity is also

a factor, as it theultimate signage design.
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STUDIO GRAPHIQUEunderstanding the types of programminginformation each tool possesses will allow our

clients to begin development projects they canrealistically pursue.We do have hütorical dataAare upon requeM. Pleaze contactifyou'd like to what paztwayfinding program* at place*comparable to your-h have cut.
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Q: How do you know What signs willbe needed?We are most concerned withunderstanding how and when peo

pleare likely to look for informationand what kind of information weshould provide them with at thattime and location. Mapping travelpaths and decision points helpidentify these various needs. Oncewe know what kind of informationshould be provided, there are anumber of basic sign functionsthat we consider when developing
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a Wayfinding Plan; identification,directional, regulatory and featureor entry signs. There might bem

ultiple versions of each of thesesign type functions, but thepremise for establishing a systemof thought and navigation startswith understanding how peoplerelate to their environment and seeknavigational information.
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Q: Who needs to be involved?For community wayfinding, theremay be benefits in a degree of publicenga

gement. During an Audit, itmay prove helpful to talk with orsurvey those on the "front lines"of visitor experience — people whowork the concierge desk or customerservice phones that hear first-hand where people are getting lost.And since signage may become anexpression Of your brand, it helps tohear from the community membersor CVB responsible for brand orplace identity. On campuses, we mayrecommend that your marketingdepartment participate, and thatfacility managers weigh in ondesign, function and maintenanceneeds. Staff or students may helpsolidify message criteria as we seekto nail down place nomenclature.Regardless of what kind of placeyou manage, a steering committeerepresenting different kinds ofconstituents should be identified toshepherd the process and make thenecessary decisions.Q'. How do you quote this?At Studio Graphique, we frequentlysuggest that communities orcampuses initially engage us for aWayfinding Audit or plan ratherthan the full project throughimplementation. It is preciselybecause, at first, we don't havethose questions fully answeredand we don't what ourengagement might look like yet inthe later stages. We can't presume tounderstand the complexity of yourwayfinding challenges until an auditor plan are conducted. A WayfindingPlan will answer these questions,including costs for consulting feesand implementation.
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Q: How do we fund this?Wayfinding is generally considered

a capital expenditure and shouldbe put into an annual budget. Agood Wayfinding Plan can identifyphas

ing breaks so that programsCan be implemented overyears if needed.If you are a city or a non-profit, asolid plan can even garner supportand funding because you willbe armed with so many of thoseanswers you had in the beginning.You will have a tangible documentto share with potential partnersand funding entities and can rallycommunity support as well.
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Q: How long Will this take?We have implemented programsfrom start to finish in less than

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a year and have had a few withfive year birthdays. On average,

a community project may take 18months and a campus project a bitless for phase 1, but these are more

likely to be phased over severalyears. Wayfinding Plans shouldAbout the Authorspresent an appropriate timeline foryour teamKNOW WHAT you ARE GETTINGIn all situations, we know thatunderstanding the process andproject tools used for wayfindingcan make the difference for ourclients. If an organization knowsthat the recu:nnmendation hascome in the form of a WayfindingAudit and they understand whatit should accomplish, they willfeel comfortable moving intothat next Step of dn•eloping
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a Wayfinding Plan. And if aplan features ITcommendationsbased on earnprehensive, tacticalinformation

, the organizationwill be ready for the next step— design and implementationof the Signage Program. Eitherway, understanding the types ofprogramming information each toolpossesses will allow our clients tobegin projects they canrealistically pursue.Rachel Stadiamental Graphir Design firm. Rachel isand of Branding Environresidenl visionary the its established the philosophi. di"Wtinn and culture
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a environment impmving lifccxpcriDesign from Kent State UnivcrKity andholdsa BFA in

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o um a Rachel in Euclid, Ohiofor s -r •withandhushand JCathy af Strategy, StudioFor most of career.

Cathy has a solid and diverse branding and graphic design expertise.spot value to our clients is of a project challenge and guiding teams toand connective design C*'thy's core service are identifying and planning designstrategies fm• and experimd by plarcs and Spaces. Cathy In Euclid.Ohio With her Km'in and their sons, lack and Nicholas.
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200 Avenue

NY 10514

914 238423From:Date:

TOWN OF NEW CASTLEPlanning, Zoning, Building & Engineering

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MEMORANDUMJill Simon Shapiro, Town AdministratorSabrina Charney Hull, AICP, D'February 8, 2018Clean

Energy Communities Electric ShuttleAs you are aware, we are currently working with NYSERDA to enter into contracts regarding theCEC $100,000.00 grant award. NYSERDA must have an approved contract prior to the Townissuing a purchase order for the electric vehicle or the replacement lights (Three lights to bereplaced downtown with LED fixtures). This contract is being finalized now. It is also important toremind you that the New York State Voucher Program for the electric vehicle expires in June 2018.As such, we must take title to the electric vehicle no later than May 31, 2018. The electric vehicleproduction has a 6 to 8 week lead time from purchase order to delivery date. As such, the Townwill need to issue its purchase order by the end of February to take advantage of the StateVoucher.In January the Town Board directed me to undertake the following:• Further conversations with Summit Greenfield to discuss their financial contribution for theelectric vehicle; andExplore the use of the electric vehicle solely for Town of New Castle programming.Recent conversations with Summit Greenfield has resulted in a $30,000.00 contribution towards theelectric van. Summit Greenfield has set aside approximately $45,000.00 per year for operation andmaintenance of the vehicle. The Town must maintain ownership of the vehicle and operate it for 4years (in accordance with the CEC grant award). Summit Greenfield is willing to operate, maintain,insure, and schedule the vehicle. The quote as attached from Zenith Motors includes purchase of a16-passenger van with two charging stations (one to be located at Chappaqua Crossing and one tobe located at the Chappaqua Train Station). Charging stations should be located near the shuttlestops so that "on-the-go" charging can occur to maximize battery recharge.Town Counsel has been pmvided the details above so that a contract agreement can be createdbetween the Town of New Castle and Summit Greenfield.Given the time that the contract will take to be developed and the need for the Town to takeadvantage of the New York State voucher reimbursement program and as discussed previously withthe Town Board, I spoke with the Recleation Department regarding their programming and thepossible replacement of one of their vehicles with the electric vehicle. Attached you will finddetails pertaining to the vehicle use and Senior Programming as provided by the RecreationDepartment. There are currently three vehicles utilized by the Recreation Department forWednesday Senior Bus Trips, Daily Trips, and when needed, Meals on Wheels programming. Thepurchase of an electric shuttle van would replace the 2015 Ford Flex which travels approximately
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