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City Of Oxford Board Of Commissioners' Regular Monthly Meeting



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COMMISSIONERS' BOARD ROOM, CITY HALLMayor Pro Tem Calvin (CO.) Harris, Jr.Commissioner James (Danny)

CurrinCommissioner S. Quon Bridges
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M. Alan Thornton, City ManagerCynthia Bowen. City ClerkFrank Strickl"CommissiorEr Patricia T. Fields

Commissioner Ron BullockCommissioner Alvin Woodlief
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J. Thomas Burnette City AttorneyJackie Sergent. %yor

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MISSIONThe mission Of the City of Oxford is to serve and improve our community by providinghigh qual

ity, affordable services, sound planning for growth and development, andoffering the highest possible quality of life - while maintaining the public's trust throughopen communication and ethical standards at all times.The City Of Oxford will partner with the community to build upon the charm andcharacter Of our historic, vibrant, and walkable city to create an extraordinary quality oflife for all.core Values • ETHICOREThe elected officials, staff, and volunteers Of the City Of Oxford value and commit tomodel the following:EQUAL TREATMENT for everyone with DIGNITY, COURTESY, and RESPECTTEAMWORK within our organization and our communityHONESTY in all Of our dealings with citizens, fellow workers, and Other organizationsINTEGRITY in every action and serviceCOST-EFFECTIVE and QUALITY services for our communityOPEN and TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION with all partiesRESPONSIBILITY for our decisions and actionsEXCELLENCE in every deedmnemonic ETHICORE was adopted as a helpful tool to remind us Of our core30Üd of Cormnissione•s' Reguar Meetü-.g — February 13, 2018 — page
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[ CALLTOORDER ][please be reminded to turn Off or mute all cell phones and/or electronic devices]Pra

yer by Kim Patterson, Executive Director, Camp Oak HillPledge of Allegiance led by Commissioner Patricia FieldsConsider the following adjustments to and approval of the Agenda:• Add-on item # 18 — Consider awarding the 2018 Concessionaire Contract for OxfordPark Athletic Complex.• Add-on item # 19 — Consider approving the City Halt Auditorium Rental Agreement.Opening Remarks by Mayor Sergent.In order to provide for the hEhest stanürds of behavior and transparency in goverrunce, the Board ofCommissioners has approved a Code of Ethics to establish guidelines for ethical standards for Members andto provide guidance in determining appropriate conduct. those: Board members should avoid improprietyin the exercise of their official duties and should conduct the affairs of the board in an open and publicmanner. The Mayor now inquires whether any Board Member Of Conflict Of interest, or appearance Ofconflict, with respect to matters before the Board. If any Board Member knows ofa conflict of interest, orappeararxe of a conflict, please state so at this time.
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[ DELEGATIONSTom Anderson with the NC Law Enforcement Risk Assessment spent Thursday, January 11that

the City of Oxford Police Department. The Law Enforcement Risk Review Process isdesigned to assess an agency's adherence to best practices, court decisions, and policies andprocedures related to high liability activities in law enforcement. The goal of the review is toenhance public safety by reducing liability exposure, enhancing officer safety, and validatingthat policies, training, and operating procedures are meeting industry standards.
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[ PUBLIC COMMENT ON AGENDA and NON-AGENDA ITEMSCitizens rwy speak on AgeMa as well as Non.Agenda ite

ms at this time. Citizens wishing to address the Boardmust sign in on the form located With the City Clerk prior to the beginning of meeting When recognized bythe Mayor, come forward to the podium, state your rume, address, if you are a City resident. and identify thesubject about which you wish to speak. Please review the public Comment Guidelines that are provided on thesign in form.
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[ PUBLIC HEARINGS ]Board Of Commissioners' Reguar Meethg — 13.20'8 — Page 2Citk•ens may only speakon

public hearing items at this time. Citizens do not need to sign up in order to speak at apublic hearing. When recognized by the Mayor, come forward to the podium, State your name, address, and If youare a Qty resldent. Please review the Citizen Comment Guidelines that are provided at the end of this Agenda.
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[ NEW BUSINESS ]Consider a Budget Amendment far $12.poo.oo to accept and utilize the Granulleparks a

nd 8prreatinn C.rÄnt for parkThe City has received a $12,000 grant from the Granville County Parks and RecreationAdvisory Committee for construction of a Hix Dog Park Project.On December 4, 2017, the Granville County Board of Commissioners approved a$12,000 allocation made by the Granville County Parks and Recreation AdvisoryCommittee forthe Hix Dog Park Project. This project was one of 8 projects fundedfrom the 18 grant applications received. (ATTACHMENT 5)Recommended action: Staff recommends accepting and utilizing the grant within thisFY 18 for construction Of the Hix Dog Park Project.Call tn bp hplri at lied mppting for MarchDouglas S. Muhle is requesting to rezone described as Parcel B on the Plat containing1.750 acres from R-A (residential —agriculture) to B-2 (Highway Business). Thisproperty is located on Lewis Street. (Former mobile home Park). The propertyconsidered is listed as Tract 1 containing a total of 2.5 acres. The front part of thisparcel listed as Parcel A was rezoned by the former owner. Since then, this land hasbeen sold and recombined with the back portion. Mr. Muhle is requesting therezoning so that the entire tract of land can have the highway business zoningclassification. (ATTACHMENT 6)Recommended action: Staff recommends calling for the public hearing.adQPting demolition fnr 719 Strept 15) ownedBradley al. Bprt Whitfield of | pwis Thismahilp nnn-rnnfnrming Ire with no valup_ 'Qning forCurrently, the vacant and non-conforming single wide mobile home has no valueaccording to the Granville County Tax records. Planning staff held a hearing with oneBoyd Of Regulr Meeting — 13, 2018 — Page 3
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10.Of the owners, Mr. Bert Whitfield on June 5, 2017, explaining situation and process.

(ATTACHMENT 7)Recommended action: Staff recommends adoption of the demolition ordnance.The purpose o

f the City creating a Unified Development Ordinance is to combine thezoning, subdivision and all other regulations into one user-friendly set of developmentregulations. This will be an 18•month process involving various boards and creation of
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a Steering Committee. (ATTACHMENT 8)The Current zoning ordinance was last revised in 2003. With the

downtownrevitalization efforts as well as the other projects moving forward, it is necessary tohave a Unified Development Ordinance that is clear and easily understood, while alsocreating standards that uphold the community's vision for the future.Recommended action: Staff & Planning Board recommends moving forw•ard withMcAdams in creating a Unified Development Ordinance.Consider anointing Jay Causey and reaaninting John Tovey and A1 Wmdlief to theOxford Zaning Board of Adjustment-Jay Causey has expressed an interest in joining the Zoning Board of Adjustmentreplacing Theaudric Holmes who moved out of the city limits. Mr. Tovey and Mr.Woodlief are a valuable source to this Board. The appointment and reappointrnentwould satisfy all vacancies. (ATTACHMENT 9)Recommended action: Staff recommends the appointment of Jay Causey andreappointment of John Tovey and Alvin Woodlief.Coruider a.AQLQiing the document to he used for the City Manages evaluation andtimeline for thp evaluation.The Personnel Committee met on January 23, 2018, and after reviewing the Manager'scontract section regarding Performance Evaluation, the committee and City Manageragreed on the evaluation document to be used (see attached) and that it will be doneannually relative to his hire date Of May 15m.The committee decided that the timeline of the City Clerk's evaluation should be donerelative to her hire date of July 10th, rather than her swearing-in date Of May 15th to beBoard Of Regur Meeting — Februry '3, 2018 — page 4
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13.consistent with all other City staff. The evaluation document to be used will bediscussed at a fu

ture Personnel Committee meeting. (ATTACHMENT to)Recommended action: The Personnel Committee and staff approving the documentpresented for the City Manager's evaluation and the date of the City Clerk'sevaluation.Cansider auroving the following two updates to the City Take-HQme Vehicle PQlig.;• A change in the name of the pplig-• M additional ling regarding *Irnhnl in cityThe "Take-Home Vehicle Policy" changed to "City Vehicle use and Take-Home Policy."An additional bullet point is also being recommended to be added: "No alcoholicbeverages shall be in City-owned vehicles at any time; the only exception being lawenforcement in the course of official duties." (ATTACHMENT 11)Recommended action: The Personnel Committee and staff recommend approvingboth updates to the City Take-Home Vehicle Policy.CQnsider the creatign of a new iQb classificatinn in the Strept Departmør1LCreate a new job classification within the Street Department, "Streets CDL TruckDriver." This job description would encompass the Street Sweeper, Garbage TruckDriver, and Knuckle Boom Truck Driver. This classification would be a pay grade 10.Up until now, these jobs have been called "Equipment Operators" which is a paygrade 11. As we expand our services to the public, we feel it is necessary to make adistinction in these positions. (ATTACHMENT 12)Recommended action: The Personnel Cornmittee and staff recommend approvingthe proposal to create the new job classification within the Street Department of"Streets CDL Truck Driver."Cnnsidpr appraving of tho "Fleet Mechanic" tnWe currently have a "Fleet Maintenance Mechanic" position budgeted in pay grade 16that has remained vacant since July 2016. We are recommending that this isreclassified as a "Garage Service Technician," pay grade 11. Instead Of performing anyskilled mechanic work, this position would concentrate on preventative maintenancefor the fleet, and keep a maintenance log on all City vehicles. (A cornplete jobdescription is not yet available.) (STAFF REPORT ONLY)Recommended action: The Personnel Committee and staff recommend approving areclassification Of the Fleet Maintenance Mechanic" to "Garage Service Technician."Board of Commissioners' Regular — Februry '3, 2018 — 5
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16.Qn«idz approying a proposal Eovirnnmental Consulting Services with Mid-Atlantic Engineering & Env

irqnmental Solutions to unduct an alternatives analysis foraddresing the known environmental issues at the former National Gnard Armou site.Mid-Atlantic will conduct an altematives analysis for addressing the knownenvironmental issues at the subject site. These issues include the UST (undergroundstorage tank); historical uses of the subject site, asbestos-related issues and leadpaint-related issues. Our evaluation will include consideration of entering the site intothe North Carolina Brownfield Program. Mid-Atlantic will initiate a review ofdocuments upon receipt of written authorization to proceed and anticipate that thealternatives analysis report wilt be issued within three weeks of authorization toproceed. Other project schedule milestones will be established as the projectproceeds. Mid-Atlantic recommends a budget of $3,000 for the initial consultingservices. (ATTACHMENT 14)Recommended action: Staff recommends approving the proposal for EnvironmentalConsulting Services with Mid-Atlantic Engineering & Environmental Solutions.Consider hiring two PaÄ-Time Parking Enforcement OffcersParking has continued to be an area of concern for many citizens and visitors ofOxford. In an effort to make parking more accessible to the motoring public andgeneral public of Oxford's Downtown district it is recommended that the City ofOxford hire two part-time parking enforcement officers. The Public Safety Committeereviewed the issues concerning the need and hiring of a Part-Time ParkingEnforcement Officer and unanimously proposed that two, Part-Time ParkingEnforcement Officer be hired to work for the Police Department in such capacity.
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(ATTACHMENT 15)Recommended action: Staff and Public Safety Committee recommend the Board toapprove t

he hiring Of two Part-Time Parking Enforcement Officers.three changes in Chapter of the City of Oxford QfThe Public Safety Committee for the Oxford Board of Commissioners met Thursday,February 1, 2018, to discuss possible changes to Chapter 20 of the Oxford Code ofOrdinances. The recommended changes are as follows:1) 20-56 Paragraph A— NO driver shall make a semicircular turn or U-turn at theintersection Of Spring and Main Street, nor shall a driver make a U-tum or semi-circle turn to reverse direction or to park on the opposite side of the street withinthe business district.2) 20-56 Paragraph B— Delete the entire Paragraph. It reads, "A driver may make au•turn in the business district at an intersection without a traffic light control."Boud Of Comrnissioners• Regdar Meeting — Febru.y 13, 2018 — Page 6
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19.3) 20-128 Paragraph C — Unless specifically provided otherwise, time restrictions onparking shall

be in effect between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. each day,except Sundays, January 1, May-34, Memorial Day, July 4th, the first Monday inSeptember, the day designated and set aside as Thanksgiving in November,December 25, and any other day designated by the City Manager. (ATTACHMENT
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16)Recommended action: The Public Safety Committee and Staff recommend approvingall three changes to

Chapter 20 Of the City of Oxford Code of Ordinances.Cnneider installing * three-way ctng •ign at intprqprtinn mf s„nset Avenue andIn an effort to slow down potential speeders the Public Safety Committee suggestthat there be a three-way stop sign at the intersection Of Sunset Avenue and ColemanStreet. (STAFF REPORT ONLY)Recommended action: Staff and the Public Safety Committee recommend installing athree-way stop sign at the intersection sunset Avenue and Coleman Avenue.
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[ ADD-ON ITEMS 1Consider awarding the 2018 Concessionaire Contract for Oxford Park AthleticComplex R

nhprt C.lnvpr dha Farmer Irp Cream fnrThe Parks & Recreation Department accepted informal bids for the "Exclusive Licenseto Provide Concessions for Oxford Athletic Park" for the 2018 athletic season. Thebids were advertised in both the "Oxford Public Ledger" and "Henderson Dispatch".Bids were received in the City Clerk's office and were opened by the City Clerk andParks and Recreation Director On Friday, January 26, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. The Cityreceived 2 bids, one from SnoCrazy, Gina Ausley and one from Farmer John's IceCream, Robert Glover. Mr. Glover submitted a bid of 21X Of the gross sales and Ms.Ausley submitted a bid of 17X of gross sales. (ATTACHMENT 18)Recommended action: Staff recommends awarding the contract to Robert Glover,dba Farmer John's Ice Cream for the 2018 season and authorizing the City Manager tosign the contract on behalf Of the City of Oxford.This is a proposed draft Of an updated Auditorium Rental Agreernent that the City ofOxford would utilize for the purpose of once again making the Municipal Auditoriumavailable to groups, such as Granville Little Theater. (ATTACHMENT 19)Boyd Of RegLAr Meetirw — Februry '3, 20 '8 — Page 7
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23.Recommended action: The City Staff recommend approving the City Hall AuditoriumRental Agreement.(

All reports provided on meeting night.)January 2018 Financial Report highlights by Finance Director Ung.Manager's Report — City Manager M. Alan Thornton.
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CQBSENT AGENDA JAccept the January 2018 Financial report.Approve the following 2018 meeting minutes:

*January 2, Agenda Session*January 9, Regular Session
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REMINDER*If you need additional information about the following items, please see the City Clerk.Thu

rsday, February 15th at 4:00 p.m. — Granville County Board of Commissioners Retreat.• Thursday, February 15th 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. — Granville County Chamber Business• The Board of Commissioners Goal Setting Retreat — Vino Oasi — 3200 Bliss Trail, Stem, NC.Friday & Saturday, February 23rd 8:30 am until 5:00 pm & February 24th 9:00 am until 12:30Saturday, March from 2-4 p.m. The Granville County Veteran's Affairs CommitteeAppreciation event.
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CITY OF OXFORDThe Mayor and Board wekonr and citizens to atteml Ciy Board Meetings and to offer comm

ents onmatters of concern to them. Citizens are requested to review following public comment guidelines prior toaddrøsing theBord Of Meethg — 2018 — Page 8a)b)c)d)e)
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0g)Citizens to limit their comments to five minutes. However, the Mayor, at his or her discretion,ma

y limit Commens to three minutes should there appear to a large numtrr of people Wishing toaddress Board.Comments should in a civil manrPr and be non-personal in nature, fact-based, and issueoriented. Except for pubhc tearing comment citizens must speak for themselves during thepublic comment periods.Citizens may not yield their time to anoüær Frson-Topics requiring further investigation will referred to the appropriate City official, Board Committee oragency, and may if in order, be for a future meeting Agenda.Individual personnel issuB are confidential by law and will not be discussed. Complaints relative tospecific individuals are to directed to the City Manager.Comments involving matters related to an on-going police investigative matter and/ or the court system willnot be permitted.Citizerw should not exp«t Board action. deliberation, and/ or comment on the subject matterbrought up during comment %tion unless and until it has been scheduled as a business item on
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