CA - Ventura: Mobile Home Rent Review Board

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Mobile Home Rent Review Board

City of Ventura February 15, 2018 Agenda Mobile Home Rent Review Board Page 1

Louis Cunningham, Chair Mary Eckman, Assistant Finance Director Gary Jacobs, Vice Chair Yesania Anderson, Rent Administrator Terry Towner, Board Member Rebeca Mendoza, Assistant City Attorney Diana Sparagna, Board Member Jennifer Lee, Assistant City Attorney

REGULAR MEETING THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2018, 3:00 P.M. CITY HALL, COUNCIL CHAMBERS, 501 POLI STREET, VENTURA The public has the opportunity to address the Mobile Home Rent Review Board on any item appearing on the agenda. Persons wishing to address the Board should complete and submit a yellow Speaker Form . If a member of the public wished to comment on an item and does not want to speak before the Board, the person may complete a blue Comment Form . Both forms are on the table inside the meeting room.

Tagged Passions:legal, streets, administrator, and finance

Persons wishing to address the Board are limited to three minutes on any agenda item with a cumulative total of five minutes for all agenda items. The Board Chair may adjust the time limit if deemed appropriate.



CONSENT ITEMS Matters appearing on the Consent Calendar are expected to be non-controversial and will be acted upon by the Board at one time, without discussion, unless a Board member, the Administration, or a member of the public requests an opportunity to address any given item. Items removed from the Consent Calendar will be discussed at the beginning of the Formal Items. Approval by the Board of Consent Items means that the recommendation of the Administration is approved along with the terms and conditions described in the Administrative Report.


RECOMMENDATION Approve the minutes from the August 17, 2017 regular meeting.


INFORMATION ONLY Staff will update the Board about rent increases for mobile home parks under City s rent stabilization ordinance, as of August 17, 2017.

Tagged Passions:ordinance, rent stabilization, housing, and parks

City of Ventura August 17, 2017 Agenda Mobile Home Rent Review Board Page 2


INFORMATION ONLY Staff will discuss the criteria for Residents Representatives for mobile home parks under City s rent stabilization ordinance. PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS Public Communications is the time set aside during Board meetings for members of the public to address the Board on board related business other than scheduled agenda items. Persons wishing to address the Board during the Public Communications period of the meeting should fill out a Speaker Form prior to the Board reaching this point on the agenda. BOARD COMMUNICATIONS

Tagged Passions:ordinance, Communications, rent stabilization, communications, housing, parks, and business

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