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Regular Meeting

Planning BoardRegular Meeting * PD Community RoomFebruary 19, 2018 @ 6:30 PM

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E. NEW BUSINESSReview of Proposed 2018-2019 Planning Board Work Plan

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1. 2018-19 Planning Board Work Plan

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G. MINUTES FOR CORRECTION AND APPROVALReview of Minutes from the December 18, 2017 Regular Meeting

1. 12.18.2017 Minutes Draft Combined

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H. ADJOURNMENTPublic comment (up to 3 minutes) is allowed on any item on the agenda and islimited to

residents of the Town or persons having a material interest in theTown.Town Hall, 1150 North Broome Street, Waxhaw, NC 28173 704-843-2195Page 1 of 28Page 2 of 28 Planning Board Work PlanGoals listed on this work plan, once adopted by the Waxhaw Town Board, are officially assigned to advisory board/committee members for completion. Thisplan differs from staff work plans which are approved by the Town Manager and are not subject to advisory board/committee input. If a desired goal is notreflected on this plan, advisory boards/committees must seek Town Board approval before proceeding with that goal.Advisory Board/Committee Name: Planning BoardYear: 2018 / 2019Guiding Documents Used to Develop Plan (Please List Master Plans and Like Documents That Formed the Basis of Your Goals): Centralina Council ofGovernment Planning Board Recommendations.Goals Champion Resource Needs Milestones Anticipated Solution Progress Made[Financial or Obstaclesotherwise]
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1. Ensure that Planning Board Staff, Planning Board New member N/A

N/A Town Clerk/ Board ofeach new Staff Liaison / Board and elected official time.ientation, Commissioners’ LiaisonPlanning Board of Commissioners one-on-one to provide training onmember Liaison, training prior to Board &receives proper Town Clerk. serving. Committee Manual.orientation Planning Board Staffwhen they are Liaison to provideappointed. Planning Board trainingand materials.
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2. Provide on- Planning Board Staff Staff time to coordinatOn-site yearly Schedul

ing and Staff Planning Board Staffgoing and Liaison / Town Board with the Centralina training provided coordination coordinati Liaison to coordinatecontinuous Staff Liaison, Council of Government. by a professional around on with onsite professionalPlanning Board Planning Board Chair. planning members’ members. consultant Planningtraining. consultant. schedules. Board training.
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8 3. UDO – training on new Planning Board Staff N/A – included in UDO Sp

ecial Unanticipated Provide timely Public draft ofUDO once adopted. Liaison & Consulting contract. Training Work delays in the updates when UDO is not yetStaff. Session on adoption of available. available.the adoptedthe new UDO.UDO andzoning map.
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4. Be Actively Engaged in Planning Board Training when needed Staff to Subs

tantial Hold a joint Discussprovide work sessionComprehensive Plan members & on future changes to time and effort successes andUpdates (See Waxhaw Planning Board the Comprehensive information to review and with the Board potentialComprehensive Plan 3.3 Staff Liaison. Plan. on possible make necessary of upcomingMonitoring & Updating minor changes. Commissioners changes to thethe Plan below for administrativ to discuss Comprehensivereference) e changes, policies, the Plan and Policy(If they are needed) Planning past years BridgeBoard to planning items plan and anypolicies & possibleannual case changes inlog of agenda advance.items foreffectivenessand relevanceof the plan.Excerpt from Waxhaw Comprehensive Plan 3.3 MONITORING AND UPDATING THE PLANIt is important to establish a schedule and strategies for the review and periodic update of the plan as it moves from concept to implementation.Advancement strategies will help the Town ensure the plan remains relevant and adaptable to the Town’s future needs. The advancement strategies alsoinclude recommendations for monitoring progress on implementation that may result in updates to the Comprehensive Plan.Ongoing Review: During the day-to-day administrative activities carried out by the town staff, the staff may become aware of needed changes in theplanning document as it relates to the practical application of the recommendations and policies. If the needed updates are minor and do not necessitatean immediate suggested change to town policy, the updates can be carried forward through the public hearing process for the Planning Board and TownBoard of Commissioners to consider adopting the updates.Annual Updating: In addition to the potential need for periodic updates, the Town Board of Commissioners and the Planning Board should meet annuallyduring a joint meeting to review the comprehensive plan policies, evaluating the overall effectiveness and relevance of the plan. This annual joint meetingwill help ensure the Town Board and the Planning Board are working together on advancing the plan.
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8 Suggestions for Developing Goals Use guiding documents, such as adopted master plans

and published strategic goals of the Town Board as a basis. Use the Smart Goal approach
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o Is the goal….? S pecific M easureable A ssignable R ealistic T ime-Based Ask thes

e questions…

o Are the goals being formed for the greater good?

o Do the goals advance the Town’s mission, vision and values?

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o Are the goals based upon guiding documents such as master plans, published strategic goals and oth

er guiding elements that will resultin moving the Town closer to its goals? If not, why not?
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o Do the goals have the potential to overlap with the goals of other advisory boards/committees or s

taff? If so, how will that beaccounted for?

o Could the goal be considered a SMART goal?

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8 Goals Description

BudgetGoal 1. Ensure that Planning Board members will receive one-on-one training given by the N/Aeach new Planning staff prior to serving and also orientation training from theBoard member Town Clerk/Board of Commissioners Liaison.receives properorientation.Goal 2. Provide Professional yearly training to be provided by a local planning consultant. Centralina Council ofcontinuous and on-Government training ongoing Planning Board site - $2, 3. raining on Once the UDO is adopted by the Board of Commissioners, the members will also N/Anew UDO once receive training on the new UDO. This training is included in Studio Cascadesadopted. contract.Goal 4.Staff to provide information on possible minor administrative changes, N/ABe Actively Engaged Planning Board to review plan policies & annual case log of agenda items forin Comprehensive effectiveness and relevance of the plan. Planning Board to hold a joint workPlan Updates. session with the Board of Commissioners to discuss policies, the past years’planning items and any possible changes in advance.Additional request: Request by the OAB for all Town Board’s and Committee’s to have Town email $750.60Increased addresses to aid in Board communications with each other and staff and for thecommunication aid in potential future records requests.through PlanningBoard Town emailaddresses
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8 Town of WaxhawDevelopment Services Department

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1150 N. Broome Street, P .O. Box 617Waxhaw, NC

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28173704-843-2195(Phone)704-243-3276 (Fax)www.waxhaw.comMinutes of the Town of Waxhaw Planning Board

December 18, 2017 Regular Meeting MinutesThe Waxhaw Planning Board met in a regular session Monday, December 18, 2017 at 6:30pm atthe Waxhaw Police Department Community Room.Regular Meeting
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A. Call to OrderChairman Kreimer called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm.

A roll call and determination of quorum was made.Present: James Struve, Michael Kreimer, Bob Morgan,

David Hoechster, Sean Morris, StaffLisa McCarter, Staff Tim Jones, Staff Lindze SmallOthers in attendance: several members of the public and the respective applicant’s and relevantparties for the cases being heard.Absent: Board Member Brenda McMillon, Board Member Phillip Stein .Chairman Kreimer asked that all persons who wished to speak on behalf of the case to pleasesign up for public comments at this time.
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B. Roll Call and Determination of QuorumNone.

C. Election of OfficersChairman Kreimer asked for a Board recommendation for a Chairman.Chairman Kre

imer made a m otion to adopt Board Member Bob Morgan as Chairman .Seconded by Board Member Struve.The vote carried unanimously (5-0).
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1Page 7 of 28 Motion by Board Member S truve to nominate Sean Morris as Vice -Chairman.Seconded b

y Chairman Kreimer.The vote carried unanimously (5-0).

D. Work Session:None.

E. Unfinished Business:None.

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F. New Business:

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1. Text Amendment for Changes to UDO Section 650TA-00614-2017 is a request a request by staff on beh

alf of the Board of Commissioners to amendthe Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance in Section 6.5 of the Waxhaw Unified DevelopmentOrdinance to change the requirements for the filling of a floodplain.Matt Hubert the Assistant Town Engineer and Certified Floodplain Administrator gave apresentation (see attached).Matt Hubert stated that this text amendment is to fix language in the UDO which currentlycontemplates for a ‘double up’ of the free board for the UDO language (twice the required amount).Matt Hubert stated that the proposed language would amend the UDO language to state that therewould be two feet of free board needed only, which would provide for clarificatioMatt Hubertstated that this would be consistent with the state model.Board Member Kreimer asked the Board if there were any questions regarding the text amendment.The Board asked no questions of staff.Board Member Struve made a motion to send a favorable recommendation for TA -006614-
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2017 as presented.Second by Vice Chairman Morris.The vote carried unanimously (5-0).Board Member Kre

imer asked for a motion for the statement of reasonableness and consistency.Board Member Morgan made a favorable motion for the reasonableness and consistencystatement which states: “The Text Amendment request is consistent with the ComprehensivePlan and future planning goals of the Town of Waxhaw and is reasonable and in the publicinterest as it is consistent with the Flood Damage Prevention goals of the Town of Wax hawand clarifies the regulations.”The vote carried unanimously (5 -0).
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2. Initial Zoning for 2418 Providence Rd. S outh

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2Page 8 of 28RZ-006606-2017 is a request a request by the applicant Tim Melton, the buyer joinder on

behalf ofJennifer Mode, for a general use town rezoning / map amendment from Union County R -40 (SingleFamily Residential) to Waxhaw C -3 (General Commercial District) on approximately 1.33 acres(Tax Parcel ID number 06 -159-003A located south of Southern Style Designs and at 2418Providence Road South.Staff Small gave a presentation (please see attached).Board Member Kreimer asked if there were any questions for the case.Board Member Kreimer asked if the applicant would like to make any comments on behalfof the case. The applicant Tim Melton stated that any uses on the property would be similarto the uses allowed in the (Town) plans for this area.Vice Chairman Morris asked if any of the surrounding property owners were present toprovide comments. Staff Small asked that if any members of the public wished to speak onbehalf of the case if they could please sign on the signup sheet for the case. There were nopublic comments at this time.Board Member Struve asked why there were no proposed conditions for this property andwhy the request were just for the C -3 zoning designation and also asked if this propertycould not instead be zoned CU -C3. Staff Small stated that the applicant requestedconventional zoning (by right C-3) and that staff and the Board cannot impose c onditionswithout the applicant’s consent . Staff Small stated that while the applicant did not requestconditions, staff believes that the C-3 zoning designation i s appropriate for this locationbecause the abutting properties are commercial and that the C-3 zoning designation wouldstill provide for the variety of uses that the CU -C3 zoning designation (of neighboringproperties) provides for.One member of the public , Marcie Padgett, a local business owner stated her support of theproject.Board Member Kreimer asked if there were a motion for this petition.Vice Chairman Morris made a motion to send a favorable recommendation for RZ -006606-2017 as presented.Seconded by Board Member Hoechster.The vote carried unanimously (5-0).Board Member Kreimer asked if there were a motion for the statement of reasonablenessand consistency for this petition.Board Member Struve made a m otion for reasonableness and consistency whichstates: “The request is consistent with the Comprehensive P lan and future planninggoals of the Town of Waxhaw is reasonable and in the public interest as it will providefor a mixture of commercial uses in an area located along a major transportationroute, consistent with the G -3 intended growth, mixed use Futur e Land Use
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3Page 9 of 28 designation as recommended by the Waxhaw Comprehensive Plan

andComprehensive Plan Bridge Policy.”Seconded by Board Member Hoechster.The vote carried unanimously (5-0).
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3. Millbridge Phase 7D Major CUP AmendmentCU-006546-2017 ia request by applicant and property ow

ner Landeavor, LLC for a majoramendment to the conditional use permit for Millbridge Phase 7D. The proposed layout forPhase 7D is for 72 detached single family dwellings on 30.84 acres. The proposed phase islocated on tax parcel number 05-165-001 and 05-168-019 at the end of Millbridge Parkway.The applicant is proposing to revise the approved layout but keep the remaining CUPconditions.Staff Tim Jones made a presentation (please see attached).Staff Jones stated that the property is zoned CU -R4-PRD and provided information aboutthe abutting properties and their corresponding zoning designations.Staff Jones outlined the previously approved CUP totals stating that there was a previousapproval of 175 additional lots. Staff Jones stated that there was an additional amendmentin 2007. Staff Jones stated that there was a series of previous approvals for 2,090 lots in thesubdivision. Staff Jones stated that the total amount of allowable construc ted lots after themost recent approval would bring the total to 1,822 lots therefore the proposeamendmentwill not change the total number of allowable lots. Staff Jones stated that the interior layoutof the streets changed and that due to a change in the CSX railroad crossings there was anelimination of access to Hwy 75 and that the corridor changed from the originaldevelopment. Staff Jones stated that there is a proposal for an additional amenity center inthe southern portion of the Millbridge su bdivision to assist residents who live closer to thesouthern portion of the subdivision. Staff Jones stated that the denial of the extra railroadcrossing is a negative impact on the overall quality of life due to the loss of the connection.Staff Jones stated the following conditions: “zoning construction permits are contingentupon the completion of improvements to open Tory Path Road to meet NCDOTrequirements” are to be considered . Staff Jones stated that the BOC may attach fair andreasonable conditions to the application prior to approval.Board Member Kreimer asked if the applicant had any comments and if they were availablefor questions.Brad Heavner from Landeavor spoke on behalf of the project, stating that the lot count isbeing reduced from the previously approved 79 lots to now 72 lots and that an amenitycenter is being proposed for the southern portion of Millbridge. Mr. Heavner stated thatTory Path will allow for a southern connection (in the subdivision) to Hwy 75 and that Hwy
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75 road improvements will be required . Mr. Heavner stated that this would allow for a fullmovement

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4Page 10 of 28Board Member Struve asked for clarity about where Tory Path was located. Weston Boles(

from WK Dickson) and Mr. Heavner provided clarity ab out where Tory Path was locatedwith relation to Millbridge Pkwy and other nearby areas.Board Member Struve asked if there would still be two points of ingress and egress for thearea. Mr. Heavner stated tha t there would only be one south access point of ingress andegress. Board Member Struve asked if access through the CSX would still be required. Mr.Heavner stated that that this would be pro vided via an existing condition with Tory Path.Board Member Struve asked if the Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department was in support ofthis plan. Staff Jones stated that the Fire Department was in support of this to keep responsetime low due to the Tory Path connection and that this would keep response time low.Board Member Morris referenced page 4 of 8 fo r land use notes item 4 and asked if the 20foot minimum curb radius would be reduced in the intersection. Staff Jones stated that thosenotes were with reference to previously approved conditions. Board Member Morris askedfor further clarity. Staff Jones stated that these conditions are those which Millbridge arecurrently regulated under. Board Member Morris asked for further clarity about this. StaffJones stated that these conditions are what Millbridge is to responsible foBoard MemberMorris asked for clarity about the setback requirements from 25 to 20 foot setback . WestonBoles stated that the planswerefora20 foot front setback. Board Member Morris expressedconfusion about the reduction in setback . Mr. Boles stated that the streets are compliantwith the Town of Waxhaw street guidelines and stated that to his knowl edge Millbridge isbuilt to these specifications. Mr. Heavner stated that the setbacks may change based off ofthe new proposal but that the ROW would remain 22 feet as ap proved. Brad Heavner statedthat the front setback would be reduced but that the ROW width would remain the same.Board Member Kreimer asked for a motion for CU -006546-2017 as presented withconditions.Board Member Struve made a motion for a favorable recommendation as presentedalong with the conditions presented.Seconded by Chairman M organ.The vote carried unanimously (5 -0).Board Member Kreimer asked for a motion for reasonableness and consistency statement.Board Member Struve made a motion for the reasonableness and consistencystatement which states: “ The Major Conditional Use Permit Amendment request isconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan and future planning g oals of the Town ofWaxhaw, is reasonable and in the public interest as it is in keeping with theComprehensive Plan and Comprehensive Plan Policy Bridge, and Tory Path Road willbe opened to provide emergency access and community connectivity. ”Seconded by Chairman Morgan.
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5Page 11 of 28Board Member Morris asked for language to be included in the reasonableness and

consistency statement that the setback be included in the language for the motion.Staff Small stated that to change the language of the previously voted upon statement ofreasonableness and consistency, a revok ing of the motion is recommended.Board Member Struve made a motion to withdrawal the previous motion for thereasonableness and consistency .The vote carried unanimously (5 -0).Board Member Struve asked for clarity about what Vice Chairman Morris wanted to includein the reasonableness and consistency statement. Vice Chairman Morris explained hisdesire to include specific language about the setback reductions.Board Member Hoechster asked if the applicant were requesting to change the 2004conditions. Staff Jones stated that they were not proposing to change the 2004 conditionsand that these conditions were just provided for context.Board Member Morris asked if items for specific attention could be added to thstatementof reasonableness and consistency for Board consideration. Staff McCarter stated thatconditions could be added to the motion for the petition request or state that the PlanningBoard requests that something be looked at further.Board Member Kreimer asked if there were a motion requested to provide the specificlanguage that Vice Chairman Morris requested. Staff Small stated that this specificlanguage could be added to the petition motion itself if the Board desired. Board MemberKreimer asked if the Board would prefer to withdrawal the original motion for the case itselfand amend this language to reflect Vice Chairman Morris’s concerns.Board Member Struve made a motion to withdrawal the previous favorablerecommendation for approval of the petition request for CU-006546-2017.Seconded by Board Member Morgan.The vote carried unanimously 5 -0.Board Member Kreimer made a motion to recommend approval of CU -006546-2017with the following proposed condition that zoning construction permits are contingentupon completion of improvements to open Tory Path road to meet NCDOTrequirements and also with conside ration that the notes portion of the application donot conflict with the UDO or any other ordinances consistent with approvals fromMillbridge.Seconded by Board Member Struve .The vote carried unanimously (5-0).
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6Page 12 of 28 Board Member Kreimer asked for a motion for the reasonableness and consis

tencystatement.Board Member Struve made a motion for the reasonableness and consistencystatement stating that “ The Major Conditional Use Permit Amendment request isconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan and future planning goals of the Town ofWaxhaw is reasonable and in the public interest as it is in keeping with theComprehensive Plan and Comprehensive Plan Policy Bridge, and Tory Path Road willbe opened to provide emergency access and community connectivity. ”Seconded by Board Member Morris .The vote carried unanimously (5-0).
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4. RHH Investors Subdivision Petition SUB -00634-2017SUB-006634-2017 is a request by applicant, Bry

ant Spencer on behalf of RHH Investors,LLC, for a preliminary subdivision plan on approximately 19.024 acres (Tax Parcel IDnumber 05084001 and 05110062 A) located off of Waxhaw Highway. The proposedsubdivision will contain 117 single -family attached dwelling units.Staff Jones made a presentation (please see attached).Staff Jones stated that the site is currently known as Main Street StatioStaff Jones statedthat the property is located on Waxhaw Hwy near the American Legion site . Staff Jonesstated that property was rezoned on June 27, 2017 from C-2 to NMX for the purposed ofdeveloping a residential development. Staff Jones stated that the subject site is located nearAME Zion church and to the east by Union County property zoned R -20 and to the south isthe Hermitage Place subdivision. Staff Jones stated that the requested subdivision isconsistent with the mixed use sub designation and with Town plans. Staff Jones stated thatsidewalks are provided where required. Staff Jones stated that all construction documentsare currently not in their final design stage. Staff Jones stated that the alleys will be rear fedand will not be on the front like the applicant conveyed. Staff Jones stated ta minimumfive foot planting strip would be prepared in compliance with the UDO. Staff Jones statedthat the elevations are to be made compliant with the UDO p rior to the BOC meeting.Board Member Kreimer asked if the developer and the engineer would like to make astatement prior to Board questions and comments.Mike Theberge (Bohler Engineering) and Kerry Avant (RHH Investors) wished to speak onbehalf of the project.Mr. Theberge wished to clarify where full length driveways for the units would be providedwhich would be 18 feet wide. Mr. Theberge asked for clarity from staff about when theelevations needed to be fixed. Staff Jones stated that this would be required prior toconstruction document review. Staff Jones stated that the five feet of planting would berequired prior to BOC meeting review.
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7Page 13 of 28 Staff McCarter stated th at the BOC will want to see elevations and advised th

e applicantthat compliant elevations would be in the applicant’s best interest for review during theupcoming BOC meeting.Kerry Avant, the RHH Investors President expressed his excitement about the pr oject. Mr.Avant stated that the stub street for the subdivis ion would tie into the adjacent Millrestoration project next door. Mr. Avant stated that the product would be age targeted andthat the townhomes are near in size to single family homes and they are merely attached.Board Member Kreimer asked the Board if there were any questions about the case.Board Member Hoechster asked if there would be a turn lane on Hwy 75. Mr. Avan t statedthat there would be a turn lane. Mr. Theberge stated that there would be a left turn lanewhich would line up with the Museum of the Waxhaw ’s entrance.Board Member Hoechs ter asked if a TIA was provided for the project. Mr. Theberge statedthat a TIA was not required per the code but that NCDOT did provide comments about theleft turn lane requirement.Board Member Struve asked if this would all be single family residential and if they wouldbe attached or detached . Mr. Theberge stated that all units were attached single family.Vice Chairman Morris asked if there would be an amenity center. Mr. Theberge stated thatthere would be amenity features . Mr. Avant stated that there would be several areas. Mikestated that this wouldn’t be just a gathering area. Mr. Avant stated that there were areas forpassive recreation. Mr. Theberge stated that there were six small areas scattered throughoutthe site.Staff Jones stated that the thread trail connection is in the Town plans to come through thecorridor abutting the Museum of the Waxhaw ’s property.Board Member Morgan asked if a traffic survey was needed. Staff Jones stated that theywere under the threshold of what would be required and that the consultant verified that aTIA study would not be required.Board Member Kreimer asked for a motion for SUB-006634-2017.Board Member Struve made a favorable motion for the request as presented .Seconded by Vice Chairman Morris.The vote carried unanimously (5 -0).
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G. Other Business – Update on Previous CasesStaff McCarter stated that the modular classroom for For

est Hill Church was approved.Board Member Kreimer asked if there were any conditions imposed. Staff McCarteroutlined the conditions approved for the case.
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8Page 14 of 28 Board Member Kreimer asked if there were any issues with fire safety for the sit e

. StaffMcCarter stated that they would have all requisite code requirements and further explainedthe conditions discussed at the meeting.Staff Small stated that Board Member McMillon had recentlyresigned as she was appointedto the Board of Commissioners as the Major Pro Temp ore.
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H. Minutes for Correction and ApprovalMotion by Board Member Struve to approve the minutes as presen

ted.Seconded by Vice Chairman Sean Morris.The vote carried unanimously (5 -0).I) AdjournmentBoard Member Kreimer asked for a motion for adjournment.Motion by Board Member Struve for adjournment.Seconded by Vice Chairman Morris.The vote carried unanimously (5 -0).The meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.Respectfully Submitted,

___________________________________Chairman, Bob Morgan

_________________________________Recording Secretary, Lindze Small

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TA-006614-2017Flood Damage PreventionPlanning Board

OrdinanceDevelopment Services Department/Engineering DivisionDecember 18, 2017 December 18, 2017Explanation of Request Text Amendment LanguageThese proposed revisions to UDO Section 6.5 are as follows…PettionnTA‐‐0066114‐20177  ia eqquesstby  he Waaxhaw  Devveoppmeentt  ServiiessDepparrmeentt,n Coordinaaton wiih  he Noorrh Carolnaa   ARTICLE 2. DEFINITIONS DeeparrmeenttofPuublliSafety,,o ameendd  Secconn6.5 Flood Daamaagee    “Regulatory Flood Protection Ele vation” The “Base Flood Elevati on” plus the “Freeboard”.   In PrevenntonnOrrdinancce offheeTowwn offWaaxhaaw Unniied Deevelopmeentt   “Special Flood Hazard Areas” where Base Flood Elevations (BFEs)  have been determined,  for Ordinaance  o  hangee heedeefniionn off ReegulatorryFlood Proteccton   Residential Construction , this elevation shall be the BFE plus two (2) feet of freeboar d, for Non‐Elevatton””andd elated  pecciiffiandaardsso  orreccttnaccurate  anguaage    Residential Construction, this elevation shall be the BFE plus  one (1) foot of freeboard .  In ffom TA‐‐0015887‐20133..The previoussameenndmeenntaddded  he   “Special Flood Hazard Areas” where no BFE has been established,  this elevation shall be at least two (2) feet above the highest adjacent grade  for Residential Construction, and at least one (1) “Freebooard”” accorroffafety  o both  he  “RegulatorryFlood Proteccton   foot above the highest adjacent grade for Non‐Residential Constr uction. Elevatton””andd heeSppecciifStandardss ett orrh  n Arrtte 5,Seccton B,,   effeccvely douublngg he  equuiemmeenttbeeyondd heeTowwnss ntentt..
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2/12/2018StaffText Amendment LanguageRecommendation
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 In all Special Flood Hazard Areas where Base Flood Elevation (B FE) data have been provided, asset 

forth in Article 3, Section B, or Article 5, Section D, the  following provisions, in addition to theppprovaaloffTA‐‐00666144‐20117.. Stafffeeellshaatt  hee   rovisions of Article 5, Section A, are required:  propoosedd ameenndmmeentt  iapprroprratte o  hee orrginall ntenttoffTA‐‐ 000155877‐‐(1)  Residential  Construction.  The freeboar.  New  construction  an 20133..  substantial improvement of any residential structure (including  manufactured homes) shall have the reference level, including basement, elevated no lower than  two feet above the Regulatory  lood Protection Elevation, as defined in Article 2 of this ord inance. (BFE plus tAdoopttonn offhiisammeenddedd Foood  D ammaage Prrevenntton Orrdinaancce  (2)      Non‐Residential Construction.   The freeboard shall be one (1) foot . New construction an dsubstantial improvement of any commercial, industrial, or other  non‐residential structure shal l perrmiitt affffo applly  hee apprroprratte acctorroff  ““eebooard””  Regulatory Flood Protection Elevation, as defined in Article 2  of this ordinance. (BFE plus one (1) mmeentt propoosallswiithin  he  eguulatorry  ooddplaii n annd  foot.) Structures located in A, AE, AO, and A1‐30 Zones may be flood  proofed to the Regulator yFlood Protection Elevation in lieu of elevation provided that a ll areas of the structure, togethe rlliattonssmamade noo w  wiillonnforrm  o  hee  pecciiffiicc  with attendant utility and sanitary facilities, below the Regul atory Flood Protectssandaardssoff he  UDOO..components having the capability of resisting hydrostatic and h ydrodynamic loads and the effec traof buoyancy.  For AO Zones, the floodproofing elevation shall b e in accordance with Article 5, Section G (2).   A registered professit shall certify that the floodproofingstandards of this subsection are satisfied.  Such certification  shall be provided to the Floodplaininspection and maintenance plan.ticle 4,th the operational plan and thePlanning Board ReasonablenessRequested Action And ConsistencyReeaassoonnaabblleenneessss  aanndd meenntt::  sstteennccyy  SSttaatteemTThhee  Ameenndmeenntt  rreeqquueesstt  wiitthh  ttmpprreehheennssiivvee   PPllaann  aanndd  ffuuttuurree  A moottiioonn  ttoo  sseenndd  ammmeennddaattiioonnBooaarrdd  m mmiissssiioonneeA‐‐s  ffoorr  ppllaannnniinngg  ggoownn  oWaaxxhw  aanndd  iiss rreeaassoonnaabbllee  aanndd  iinn  tthh ee  ppuubblliicc  iinntteerreesstt  aass  
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000066661144‐‐22001177  aass  pprreesseenntteedd..   iitt  

iiss  cwiitthh  tthheeD amaaggee  PPrreevveennttiioonn  wnn  ooWaaxxhhw  aanndd    TToowccllaarriiffiieess  tthhee  rreegguullaattiioonnss..Orr OrrTThhee  Ameenndmeenntt  rreeqquueesstt  iisswiitthh  ttmpprreehheenn ssiivvee  PPllaann  aanndd  A moottiioonn  ttoo  sseenndd  aann mmeennddaattiiooA‐‐000066661144‐‐2200 1177  aass  pprreessffuuttuurree  ppllaannnniinnwnn  oWaaxxhhw  iiss  nnoott  rreeaassoonnaabbllee  aa nndd  iinn  tthhee  ppuubblliicc  iinntteerreesstt  aass  iitt  ((ssttaattee  rreeaassoonniinngg))..OrrTThhee  Ameenndmeenntt  rreeqmeennddss  ttmpprreehheennssiivvee  PPllaann  aanndd  aa   cchhaannggee  iinn  ccoonnddiittiioonnss  rreessuumeeeettiinngg  tthhemeenntt  nneeeeddss  mmmuunniittyy  aass  i…((eexxppllaaiinn  cchhaannggee  iinn  ccoonnddiittiioonnss))..
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2/12/2018Explanation of Request• Petition RZ‐006606‐2017 is a request by Tim Melton, the buyer rezoning/map amendment from Union County R‐40 (Single Family Residential) to Waxhaw C‐3 (Ge neral Commercial District) on approximately 1.33 acres (Tax Parcel ID number 06‐159‐003A loca ted to the south of Southern Style D esign and at 2418 Providence Ro ad S.
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2418 Providence Rd. South Initial ZoningDevelopment Services Department/Planning DivisionAerial

Current Zoning
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2/12/2018Proposed Zoning Highway 16 Corridor PlanPlanning Staff Analysis/Future Land Use Map Recommendation• Staff recommends approval of the  proposed general rezoning RZ‐Plan, Future Land Use Map, and the existing zoning that has bee n established on the abutting parce ls.  This zoning is a general  zoning request to C‐3 (General Commercial District), and therefore, no  conditions can be placed on the approval.  
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2/12/2018Requested Action• A motion to recommend approval of petition RZ‐006606‐2017 as pr esented.Or• A motion to recommend denial of petition RZ‐006606‐2017 as pres ented.• Plan and future planning goals of the Town of Waxhaw is reasona ble and in the public interest as it will provide for a mixture of commercial uses in an area loc ated along a major transportation route, consistent with the G‐3 intended growth, mixed use Futur e Land Use designation as recommended by the Waxhaw Comprehensive Plan and Comprehensive  Plan Bridge Policy.Or• Reasonableness and Consistency Statement: The zoning request is  not consistent with the the public interest as it (state reasoning)… of the Town of Wax haw is not reasonable and in Or• and a change in conditions results in the request meeting the d evelopment needs of the lan community as it… (explain any changes in conditions).
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2/12/2018Explanation of RequestCU‐0006546620017 s a  equesttby applcanntandd  properry ownnerrLandeaavorr,LLC orramaajorr  ameendmmeentto  he condii onaaluse permiittorr  MiilbrdgeePhhase 7D..The propposed  ayouttorrPhaase  7D  s or722deetached single amiiy dweellngs on 30.84  
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CU-006546-2017 acres..The propossed phase  s occaedd on ax parcel

l  numbbeer05‐1665‐001 and 05‐1668‐019 attheeennd off  Millbridge Phase 7D MiilbrdgeePaarkway.Thhe applcannttspropposing o  orevse  he approvved ayoouttbuttkeep  he  emaaining  Major CUP Amendment CUPPconndiionss..Aerial Map Zoning Map
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2/12/2018Future Land Use Map Approved PlanArea of Phase 7D Background Planning Staff Analysis••Appplcanntt iequeessng a majorrcondiitonaluse permiittMiilbrrdge Subbdiviioniio ameendmeentto consstucttheenexxtphase off ngge--amiiylyAppproveddAccreage and NuumbberoffLoottss homeessn an area approvedd orraCUUPP n 20004..••Theepropoosed phase iiso bedee veopped n accoordance wiihththeappproved CUUP conndiionsswiih the ollowinggexcceptonnss::•• nterorr ayouttoff seettchangged fom 220044plan..••Ellminaaton offMiilbrrdge Parkwaay corrdooranddconnnecton to Highwway 75 duee o CSXX denialloffaddiitonallaiioaadcrossssng atorrginallocatton..••Neew ameeniiy areawiih faciillesand paakingg..
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2/12/2018Planning Staff Analysis Planning Staff Analysis
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2017 Proposed Amendment Plan Transsporratton/Coonneecttviytty

2004 Proposed Phase 7D Area••LosssoffHiighwaay 755 conneectonn due to CSSX ddeniallofneewcrosssng re

sullttn::iin••Signniicannttncreasse n emeergeency respoonse tmeem•• ncreasse n veehiclemiiless avveled•• mppactton aiirqualliytty••Leesssconveenience to shoppping areass,,chooollsparkss,etc..••Reeducced effecttvenesssoffTowwnn service dellveryy••Noott eeeing up arrerralcapaaciiy on exiissng roadss••Neegattve imppactton ovverallquaally off leiiffePlanning Staff Finding of FactRecommendation••Stafffecoommmeendssappprovaaloff he propoosed Maajorr The Board ofCommmiissonerrshaalllueea  ondiionaalusepeemiitt   ihass  itt  hConndiitonallUssePeermiitAmmeendmmeenttCU--00665466-20177,wiithh evaluatedan applliaton and determined  hatt::hee ollowwing prropossed condiiton:: A.Thaattheusse equessed  iamoon g hose  lledassan elgble  CondiionnalUse n  he Diissttrnwhhiih he  ubjeccproperrttyy ocatedorr  ••Zooning coonsstuctton permiittarreconnttngenttupoon iisobe  ocaedd..commppletonn offmpprovvemeenttsso opennToory Path Rooad toomeeettNCCDDOTT reqquiiemeenttss.. B.Thatt heCoondiionalUssewiillnotmaateralllendanggerrhe pu blliicc  heallhorr aettyy ocated where  proposed and developed accord ng  o  Staffffappprovaall ibased onn:: theplan aspropposed..Thhe propposeddmaajorrCUUPP ameendmmeentt iin keepingg wiihth C.Thatt heCoondiionalUssemeee ttalllequied  ondiionnsand  specciiatonssanddatheeCoompprrehenssveePllan and the Coompprehhenssve PlannPoollcy Brrdgee..Thee appllcantt iproppossng to opeen Toryy D.Thaatthe ocatonnandd haracce roffhe ConddiionalUsse  devveopeed  Paath Rooad addrresssng safety conceernssorremeergeency accordngg o heeplan aspropoo ed wiilbe n harmoonyywiih he area n  nwhiih  iito be ocated and  ngeneeallonnormiittwiih heepllan off  veehiclessand commmmuuniiy conneecttviy..y developmeenttofWaaxhaw andd  ienvvonnss..
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2/12/2018Requested Action Requested ActionReeaonaabllneesssnd Connssiinccyy  SSmeentt::  •• TheeMaajorCoondiionnaaUssePeermiiAmmeendmeenntt queesstt onnssiin ttwiih  Mo ottonn heeCoompprrheenssiiPlln  nd  uturrepllnningg oaalloffhee ownn off Waaxhaw,,  iiss  onnablleend n  heepubbllintteerreesstt  n  kkpinggw iih  hee  •• A  moottonn  orra  avvorrablle  ecoomm meenndaattonn offCUU‐‐006654466‐‐200177 assprressentted..   Orr‐‐ CompprrheenssiiPlln  nddCoompprrheenssiiPlln PolliiBrrdggee,nd  o rryPaah  Road wiilbeeopeened  o provvdee meerrgnccyy  aacccnd  ommmuunniittyy  •• A  moottonn  orrann unnfavvorrablle  ecoomm meenndaattonn offCUU‐‐ conneeccttiivviittyy..  000655466‐200177 ass pressenttedd..Orr•• TheeMaajorCoondiionnaaUssePeermiiAmmeendmeenntt queessttnoottonnssii sntt  nwiih heeCoompprrheenssiiPlln  nd  uturrepllnningg oaaloff hee o wnn off  Waaxhaw,,  nott  rronaabllendd n  heepublliintteerreess…((ssttaa tteonnngg))..soOrr•• TheeMaajorCoondiionnaaUssePeermiiAmmeendmeenntt queesstmeenndsshee  CompprrheenssiiPlln  ndd  ahaanggen  onddiionss  rulltn  hee  rquueesstt  meeeengg heedeevvoppmeenttneedssoff hee ommmuuniittyy …((eeplln  chaanggeen  incondiionnss))..
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2/12/2018Explanation of RequestSUBB‐0066634‐20117 s a eqquesttby appllcanttBryantt  Speencerron behaallofRHHH  nvestors,LLC,, ora  a

SUB-006634-2017 prellminary subddivsion plan on apprroxmaately 1

9.024  acres  TaxPaarcellD numbbeer0500840001 and  
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8200 Waxhaw Highway 0511100662A))occated offWaaxhaaw Highwwayy.

Thee  propposed subddivsion wiilcontain 117 single‐ammiiy  Preliminaryattachedddwwellnggunnis..sSubdivision PlanAerial Map Zoning MapSubject propertieswere rezoned fromCommercial) toNMX on June 27,purpose ofhedeveloping aresidentialneighborhood.
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2/12/2018Future Land Use Map Proposed Preliminary PlanPlanning Staff Analysis Planning Staff AnalysisDoowwnntowwnn Viissonn Pllan Trransspoorrattonn••NMMXX aand UNN ddeesgnaatonnss n heeD oowwnttownn Viison Pllan both ccaallorrff o ••Twwoo pointtsoffnggrreessnd eegrreesssprovvideddtownnhoousseeso theeproppossed subdiviison iissonssiisnttwiih thiisspllan.. ••CaarollnaaThhrred Trraai20--ooott eeameenttwiih 6--oootpaaved ttrraaiiorrffo••Seecconn 4.1.17.B deessccbeesNMMXX aand UNN aass:: poorronn off ttrraaiill“NeeiigghhbboorMiixxeeUsseNMMXX))::ThheNeeiigghhbbooMiixxeUsseDiissttrriicctt ••Coonnneeccviiy wiih ssttrreeubbonn weessttdeeoffproppeeryttyccoonnssiissttss ooff hmiixxeedd uussee bbuuiilldmmmooddaatt ee rreettaaiill,, ooffffiicceess,,ttwnnhhoouusseess ameennttss.. IItt hhaawoorrkk ooff sw iittwiiddee waallkkss,, ••Siidewaalkss aong Waaxxhaaw Hiighwwaay and on booth ssdeesoffntteeorr o aadsssstteeaaddyy ssttrreeeett ttrreeee ppllaannttiinngg aawaallkkss..””ddiinnggss sseett ••Allll ssttrreossss sseonss o bee rviiweed byy Waaxhaaw eengineeeengg dduurnggncconsstuccton doccumeenttprocceesssnd aarrnott n theeiirnaaldeesgnng“UrrbbaaNeeiigghhbboorrUN)):Thhiiss ddiissttrriicctt ccmiinnaatmeeddmiuumf pprreeddoo••Allll ngllee--miiy aatttheed buiidingsswiillbee rreeaoadeed and aall y ffdedddeennssiittyy rreessiiddeennttmaayy hhaawiiddee rraanngbbuuiillddiinngg ttyyppeess:: ssiinnggllee,,ssiiddeeyyaarrwnnhhoouusseess.. SSeettbbaacckkss aanndd llaannddsscwiitthhnngg aarree••Drrivewaayssoffffhee aalysswiillbee aatt ll18 ffeeeettccuurrbbss aawaallkkss dmeeddim--ssiizzeedd bblloocckkss..””
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2/12/2018Planning Staff Analysis Planning Staff AnalysisReecreaton SpaaceReequiiemeenttss OtheerReequiiemennttss••A minimuum oof2%% recreatton space or0.38 acress iiequiiede •Ellevatonnss::orr he proposed 19.024 acress.. ••Elevattonsshoow ffonttoadeedgaaaggesbuutappllcantt••65%% recreatonn paaceorr1.23 acress iproposed – overrheeh agreed o compply wiih UDDO aand uniitwiilbee earroaadedminimuum aamouunttequiied.. and aley fed..••Finalelevattonssequuied to meeetallllandardssoffRessdenttalDeessgn Standard ssn theUDDOO Seecton 21.6.3..Planning Staff Analysis Planning Staff AnalysisOtheerReequiiemeenttss OtheerReequiiemennttss••Elevatonns– 5 UnniiTownnhoouseBuuiiding •Ellevatonns– 4 UnniiAttached Buuiding
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2/12/2018Planning StaffPlanning Staff AnalysisRecommendationOtheerReequiemmenttss••Plantng Sttrp::p••Exacttengineerrng speciicatonnsoffalllleettcossss •Stafffecommmeenddsappprovaloffheepropoosed ubbdiviioniioSUUB--0066334-2017 based on agreed upon channgesso maakesectonsswiilbe revieweedbyy Waaxhaww engineerrng durrngn the plan and eevaatonsscomppla nttwiih he UDDO pprorr o hehheeconsstuctton documeentproccessss..••Appplcanttagreed o reviie ubddviison plansprrorrotto BOOCC publlcheearng,,conss iency wiih theUDDOOBoard offCommmiissoneerrmeeetng to show a minimuum 55 requiiemeenttsCoompprehenssvePlan Poolcy Brrdge DoocumeenttFuutureLaand Use Maap dessgnatonn,and theDoownntownnoootplanttng sstpssn compplanccewiih the UDOO.. Viison Plan..Thhiia generallubdiviison eqquesstand atherefore,no conddiionsscan beplaceddon the approvall..Requested ActionMoottono•• A mootton orra avorabbe  ecommmeenddaton offSUB‐0006634‐‐20117 aspresentedd.. Orr‐‐O•• A mootton orran unfavorable  ecommmeendaaton offSUB‐‐0066634‐20117 aspresentedd..
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