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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Canton School Committee

Febmary 15, 2018Canton School CommitteeCanton, MACanton High SchoolDistance Learning Lab

Tagged Passions:distance learning,education

900 Washington StreetCanton, MA 02021

Tagged Passions:streets


1 2 2018

TOWN CLERK6:30 PM Exec Session7:00 PM open SessionThe Canton Public Schools strives to develop stude

nts who are competent and creativethinkers, curious and confident learners, and compassionate cüizens.Call to Order
Tagged Passions:education,pets,restaurants,students

B. Executive Session The School Committee will be in Executive Session to discuss issuesrelated to c

ontractual matters.Public Comments Chairman, Michael Loughran will open the floor for comments from
Tagged Passions:contract,education,restaurants

C.the public.

Tagged Passions:restaurants

D.Student Member Report Tony Harris will be providing the Student Member Report.

E.Superintendent's Report Dr. Fischer-Mueller will provide an update a variety Ofmatters going on th

roughout the district.
Tagged Passions:superintendent

F. New Business

Tagged Passions:business,Public Transit

1. Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Awalds Jennifer Henderson willrecognize the Boston Globe

Art and Writing Award tecipients.
Tagged Passions:recognition,arts,Capital Spending

2. 2018-2019 School Year District Calendar - Dr. Fischer-Mueller will present thedraft 2018-2019 Dis

trict Calendar to the School Committee and request a vote ofapproval.
Tagged Passions:education,union

3. School Choice - The School Committee will vote on Canton Public Schools as aSchool Choice communi

Tagged Passions:school choice,education,restaurants

4. Disposal - Mr. Barry Nectow will request a vote for disposal of surplustechnology.

Tagged Passions:Technology,surplus

5. Ouarterl.y - Barry Nectot.v will present the quarterly budget report.

Tagged Passions:budget,arts

6. EYI 8 Budget Update — Dr. Fischer-Mueller and Mr. Barry Nectow will presentinformation regarding

the F Y 18 budget at this time.
Tagged Passions:budget

G.Old Business

Tagged Passions:business,Public Transit

l. F Y 19 Budget - Dr. Fischer-Mueller and Mr. Barry Nectow will continue F Y 19Budget discussion.

Tagged Passions:budget

H. Business Manager's Report Barry Nectowwill present the Business Manager'sRepo It.Routine Matters

Tagged Passions:business,Public Transit,manager

l. Approve Minutes dated February l, 2018

2. Appmve Bill Schedule dated Febluary 22, 2018. Sub-Committee Reports. TEC - Dr. Jennifer Fischer-M

uellerCPC - John Bonnanzio
Tagged Passions:ports


3.BRC - Reuki Schutt

4.Wellness - Meg Gannon

5.Finance - Reuki Schutt/Meg Gannon

Tagged Passions:finance

6.policy - Kristin Mirliani

Tagged Passions:policy

7.PRHC - John Bonnanzio


L.Future Business — Next School Committee Meeting will be held Thursday, Match l,

Tagged Passions:business,education,Public Transit

2018 at 7:00 PM.Other Business

Tagged Passions:business,Public Transit

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