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County Commission

Monday, February 19, 2018

9:00 AM

Ashe County

150 Government Circle Jefferson, NC 28640

Commission Meeting Room

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

County Commission

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

Chairman William Sands Vice Chair Larry Rhodes Commissioner Jeff Rose

Commissioner Paula Perry Commissioner Todd McNeill

Meeting Agenda - Final

February 19, 2018County Commission Meeting Agenda - Final

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions


Tagged Passions:business

I. 9:00 AM - Meeting Called to Order at the Ashe County Courthouse

II. Pledge of Allegiance/Opening Prayer

Tagged Passions:religion

III. Approval of Minutes

February 5, 2018 Regular Session MinutesMIN 18-58

02-19-18 February 5, 2018 Regular Session MinutesAttachments:

February 5, 2018 Executive Session MinutesMIN 18-59

February 8, 2018 Special Session MinutesMIN 18-60

02-19-18 February 8, 2018 Special Session MinutesAttachments:

February 8, 2018 Executive Session MinutesMIN 18-61

IV. Adoption of Agenda

V. Public Comment

VI. Presentations

9:05 AM - Tax Administrator Chris Lambert - 1) Monthly Tax Report, 2) Approval of Dates for 2018 Board of Equalization Review, 3) Approval to

Advertise Tax Liens on Real Property in April 2018, 4) Approval of Policy on Sale of Surplus Property Obtained through Tax Foreclosure, and 5) Approval of Resolution on Minimal Tax Collection and Refund
Tagged Passions:taxes, property, administrator, Taxes, policy, advertising, surplus, and sale

PRES 18-148

02-19-18 Tax Administration Issues for ApprovalAttachments:

Tagged Passions:taxes and Taxes

9:15 AM - Chief Building Inspector Jeff Cornett - Departmental UpdatePRES 18-150

02-19-18 Building Inspections Departmental UpdateAttachments:

9:25 AM - Justin Rice, Field Director, Marsy's Law for NC - Proclamation in Support of Marsy's Law

Tagged Passions:recognition

PRES 18-151

02-19-18 Marsy's Law ProclamationAttachments:

9:40 AM - County Manager Sam Yearick - Sheriff's Office Position Changes and New Hire Approvals

Tagged Passions:administrator, public safety, and manager

PRES 18-152

02-19-18 Sheriff's Office Position Changes New Hire ApprovalsAttachments:

Tagged Passions:public safety


Page 2 Ashe County Printed on 2/14/2018

February 19, 2018County Commission Meeting Agenda - Final

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions


Resolution Setting a New Schedule of the Regular Meeting Time of the Ashe County Board of Commissioners

RES 18-10

02-19-18 Resolution Setting Meeting Time for Board of CommissionersAttachments:

Other Items for Consideration

Discussion Regarding Personnel Policy Amendments from October 2017; Sick Leave Policy; and Longevity Pay

Tagged Passions:personnel and policy

MISC 18-36

02-19-18 October 2017 Board Discussion on Personnel Policy Amendments

Tagged Passions:personnel and policy

02-19-18 Personnel Policy Proposed Change to Sick Leave Longevity Pay

Tagged Passions:personnel and policy


Discussion Regarding Payment of Legal Fees for County EmployeesMISC 18-37

Tagged Passions:legal

02-19-18 Invoice for Legal Expenses of County EmployeesAttachments:

Tagged Passions:legal

VII. Commissioner Comments

VIII. Announcements

IX. Executive Session

X. Adjournment

Citizens with disabilities requiring special needs to access the services or public meetings of Ashe County Government should contact the County

Manager's Office three days prior to the meeting by
Tagged Passions:administrator, manager, and services

calling (336) 846-5501.

Page 3 Ashe County Printed on 2/14/2018

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