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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Northampton Public Hearings

Northampton Public Hearings Thursday February 22, 2018

The Zoning Board of Appeals Zoning Administrator, Hearing Room, 210 Main St 4:00 PM Residential Finding, Alexandra Porter to enclose porch with non-conforming setback, 114 South Main St, Florence, Map ID 23B-69. Planning Board, Council Chambers, 212 Main St 7:00 PM Public Comment 7:00 PM Site Plan to add a duplex to existing 4-unit parcel, Santha Park Brooke Schnabel at 41/43 North Main St, Florence Map ID 17C-251.
Tagged Passions:administrator, property, parks, planning, and zoning

7:20 PM Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendments: A) Regulations for the sale and production of marijuana including:

Tagged Passions:ordinance, marijuana, sale, drugs, regulation, and zoning

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