MA - Northampton: Forbes Library Trustees Agenda

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Forbes Library Trustees Agenda

Russell W. Carrier

No additional detail provided

Marjorie R. Hess

No additional detail provided

Elaine M. Reall

No additional detail provided

Katy E. Wight

Joseph Twarog


NORTHAMPTON, MA 01060 DIRECTOR Lisa Downing ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Molly Moss SECRETARY Elizabeth Sheirer TREASURER Cheri Buckhout Trustees Agenda Thursday, February 22, 2018, 3:00 PM Coolidge Museum

Tagged Passions:Treasurer and TREASURER

Bills and Warrants 2. Public Comment 3. Secretary s Report of January 16 4. Treasurer s Report 5. Department Report - Facility and Technology Reports, Jason Petcen 6. Administrative Report 7. Friends of Forbes 8. Next Meetings

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:Treasurer, public safety, TREASURER, Technology, technology, and facility

Trustees: Tuesday, March 27 at 4 PM b. Friends of Forbes Meeting: Wednesday, March 7 at 6:30 PM c. Coolidge Museum Advisory Board, March 5 and June 4 at 4 PM

No additional detail provided

Communications a. Survival Center b. Community Foundation c. MBLC State Aid Notification d. Thank You Note from Mari Ada Crosbi

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:Communications, disability, and communications

Financial Report a. FY19 Budget

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:budget, financial report, and finance

Action Items a. Smith Collaboration (Lisa Downing) b. Unattended Child Policy (Lisa Downing) c. Document Retention Policy Committee (Lisa Downing) d. Landscaping and Grounds Meeting (Lisa Downing) e. 125th Anniversary Committee (Lisa Downing)

Tagged Passions:policy

Informational Items a. HVAC Project Update (Lisa Downing) b. LED Conversion Project (Lisa Downing) c. Trustees Award (Lisa Downing) d. Legislative Breakfast (Lisa Downing) e. Community Engagement (Lisa Downing) f. Reports on workshops/meetings/activities

Labor Relations Meeting (Lisa Downing) ii. Fundraising Meeting (Lisa Downing)

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:fundraising

Staff Meeting (Lisa Downing) iv. CCPLM Structural Review Committee (Lisa Downing)

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