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Wake Forest Board Of Commissioners Meeting Agenda

Wake Forest Boardof CommissionersMeeting AgendaApril 17, 2018 at 7:00 PMAll items listed are for dis

cussion and possible action.NoticeIn accordance with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA),the Town of Wake Forest willnot discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basisof disability in its services, programs, or activities. For individuals with impaired hearing, specialequipment is available for use during meetings in the Town Hallboard chambers. Anyone who requiresan auxiliary aid or service for effective communication, or a modification of policies or procedures toparticipate in a program, service, or activity of Town of Wake Forest should contact the office of ADACoordinator Mickey Rochelle at 919-435-9455 or or Town Clerk DeedaHarris at 919-435-9413 or as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hoursbefore the scheduled event.Cable & Online Broadcast of Boardof Commissioners MeetingsAllBoard of Commissioners meetings are broadcast live on Spectrum Cable Wake Forest TV 10(WFTV 10) beginning at 7 p.m. Meetings are also aired online on the Town of Wake Forest website Archived meeting videos are also provided and available for one year afterthe originalair date.Meeting AgendasThe Board of Commissioners meeting agenda is available to be viewed and downloaded by noon on the Thursday prior to the thirdTuesday of each month. Citizens may request copies of the agenda or submit questions concerningagenda items by calling the Town Clerk’s office at 919-435-9413. Citizens may also receive a copy ofeach month’s agenda via emailby enrolling in the free E-Notifier subscription service. For moreinformation visit HearingsWhen an agenda item is denoted as a Public Hearing, persons attending shallbe permitted to addressthe Board of Commissioners regarding the item under consideration with those speaking in favor firstand those against speaking second. Proponents and opponents shalleach be given five minutes of timeto speak and may choose to allow one speaker to utilize the time. In the event either proponent(s) oropponent(s) have not designated a speaker to represent the view, each speaker willbe allowed fiveminutes each to express his/her comments, ideas, concerns, expressions, and desires. No commentswillbe allowed on agenda items.Public CommentAnyone wishing to address the Board of Commissioners concerning an issue or topic that is not apublic hearing item or an agenda item during the time of the Public Comment should contact TownClerk Deeda Harris by 3 p.m. the day of the meeting. Mayor Jones willrecognize you during the PublicComment period and give you 3-5 minutes to speak. Thank you for your cooperation.Wake Forest Board ofCommissionersApril17, 2018Page 2Call to OrderPledge of Allegiance
Tagged Passions:Taxes,streets,recognition,arts,boards and commissions,procedure,EMS,alcohol,drugs,hearing,program,equipment,Cell tower,union,disability,Title I,hotel,pets,Capital Spending,restaurants,services,events,TIF

1. Approval of Agenda

2. Approval of Minutes2.A. ApprovalofMinutes for Meetings held March6 (Work Sessionand PlanningBo

ardMeeting) and March20, 2018 (Regular Board ofCommissioners Meeting).
Tagged Passions:planning,boards and commissions

3. Presentations3.A. Proclamations RecognizingParticipants inthe Statewide Athletic Committee (SW

AC)BasketballTournament - 2018 State ChampionsGirls’ 10-and-under teamand Boys’ 18-and-under team.3.B. DowntownImprovements, Phase 3 – ConceptualDesignPlanPresentation.3.C. ProclamationRecognizingArbor Day- April21, 2018.3.D. ProclamationRecognizingMay2018 as BuildingSafetyMonth.3.E. ProclamationRecognizingMay2018 at "Lupus Awareness Month".3.F. ProclamationRecognizingMay3 as "NationalDayofPrayer".3.G. ProclamationRecognizingPeace Officers' MemorialDayand NationalPolice Week(May13-19, 2017).3.H. ProclamationRecognizing“SpecialOlympics Law Enforcement TorchRunDay- May12, 2018”.Wake Forest Board ofCommissionersApril17, 2018Page 33.I. ProclamationRecognizingNationalPublic Works Week (May20-26, 2018).3.J. ProclamationRecognizingMen's HealthWeek June 11-17, 2018.3.K. ProclamationRecognizingthe MonthofMayas PhysicalFitness and Active LifestyleMonthinthe TownofWake Forest.3.L. PresentationofCALEA certificate ofaccreditation.
Tagged Passions:Taxes,public safety,recognition,arts,boards and commissions,health,downtown,athletics,Public Works,vocational education,pets,Capital Spending,restaurants,accreditation,religion,TIF

4. Public hearings / Public Comment4.A. Public Hearingto receive public comment onthe financingof

propertylocated at 353SouthWhite Street.Public Hearing353 S White St financing_summary.docx4.B. Public Hearingto receive public comment onthe Proposed Bond Orders Authorizing$600,000 GreenwayImprovement Bonds and $230,000 Street and Sidewalk Bonds.4.C. Public Comment:Ifanyone would like to address the Board ofCommissioners onanitemother thana public hearingitemduringthe time ofpublic comment, please signupwiththe TownClerk prior to the meeting. Eachspeaker is asked to limit comments to 5minutes. Please provide the clerk withcopies ofanyhandouts youhave for the Board.Althoughthe Board is interested inhearingyour concerns, speakers should not expectBoard actionor deliberationonsubject matter brought up duringthe Public Commentsegment. Topics requiringfurther investigationwillbe referred to the appropriate TownStaffand maybe scheduled for a future agenda. Thank youfor your considerationoftheBoard ofCommissioners, staffand other speakers.Gobbler'sRun.pdf4.D. Public hearingona petitionrequestingcontiguous annexationsubmitted byHenryL. Hilland Francine Aurelia Ford-Hillfor propertylocated at 707 Forestville Rd., beingWakeCountyTaxPIN:1840-41-8571.HILL_ANNEX_LEGAL.docxHILL_ANNEX_MAP.pdf041718 BOC Agenda Summary.docxForestville Road HillPropertyAnnexationOrdinance 041718.docx
Tagged Passions:Taxes,annexation,funding,streets,legal,ordinance,electric,bond,property,boards and commissions,hearing,parks,Pedestrian,vocational education,pets,restaurants,leasing

5. Consent AgendaWake Forest Board ofCommissionersApril17, 2018Page 4(A Consent Agenda is a group

of items passed with a single motion and vote. Thesematters are of a generally routine nature. No debate is allowable on any item included onthe Consent Agenda. If a Commissioner or any citizen of Wake Forest or its ETJ wantsseparate consideration of any item, it may be removed from the Consent Agenda byrequest.)5.A. Approvalofrevisions to the TownOfWake Forest's SpecialEvent Policy.5.B. Approvalofa MemorandumofUnderstandingbetweenthe TownofWake Forest andthe Wake Forest Farmer's Market.5.C. Acceptance ofa petitionfor contiguous annexationsubmitted byWF Hospitalityforpropertylocated at 0 Wake UnionChurchRd., beingWake CountyTaxPIN
Tagged Passions:Taxes,annexation,property,boards and commissions,market,healthcare,EMS,agriculture,hospital,strategic,church,union,policy,vocational education,pets,events

1831-40-9924.5.D. Acceptance ofa petitionfor contiguous annexationsubmitted byDeborahH. Flynnforprop

ertylocated at 2221 Averette Rd., 2217 Averette Rd. and 1718 Oak GroveChurchRd., beingWake CountyTaxPINs:1851-91-1358, 1851-91-3051 and
Tagged Passions:Taxes,annexation,property,church,vocational education,pets

1851-81-9808.5.E. Acceptance ofa petitionrequestingcontiguous annexationsubmitted byHoldenMasonI, LL

C and HoldenMasonII, LLC for propertylocated at US 1 Hwy., beingFranklinCountyTaxPINs:1842-35-7153 and 1842-45-9091.5.F. ApprovalofResolutionAuthorizingInstallment Purchase Agreement (propertyacquisition- 353 S White Street).5.G. ApprovalofMemorandumofUnderstanding:Bike SharingServices betweenthe TownofWake Forest and LimeBikeBOC_Summary_Sheet-LimeBike Dockless Bikeshare.docxBOC Resolution- LimeBike Dockless Bikeshare.docxWake Forest Board ofCommissionersApril17, 2018Page 5Wake Forest - LimeBike MOU.docx
Tagged Passions:Taxes,annexation,streets,purchasing,property,boards and commissions,Bicycles,alcohol,vocational education,boating,pets,services

6. Legislative Items

Tagged Passions:EMS,GIS

7. Planning Items7.A. Considerationof ApprovalofCASE RZ-18-07, Bridges & Pace Property:Requestfil

ed byDonna Rollins Pace and SarahGlover Bridges to rezone approximately4.88acres located at 12737, 12739 and 12753 Wake UnionChurchRd. fromConditionalUse Neighborhood Business (CU NB) to ResidentialMixed Use ConditionalDistrict(RMX CD), beingWake CountyTaxPINs 1831-86-8329, 1831-86-9237.7.B. Considerationof ApprovalofCASE RZ-17-06, Townhomes onMain:Request filed by
Tagged Passions:planning,Taxes,property,business,EMS,church,union,Public Transit,grocery,zoning,vocational education,pets,neighborhood

11 Investments, LLC to rezone approximately4.54 acres located at 1047 N. MainSt.fromRuralHoldingDist

rict (RD) to ResidentialMixed Use ConditionalDistrict (RMXCD), beingWake CountyTaxPIN 1841-78-7056.7.C. Considerationof ApprovalofCASE RZ-18-08, 218 S. MainSt.:Request filed byAlhambra Holdings, LLC to rezone approximately0.37 acres located at 218 S. MainSt.fromGeneralResidential-3 (GR-3) to ResidentialMixed Use ConditionalDistrict (RMXCD), beingWake CountyTaxPIN 1841-41-2317.
Tagged Passions:Taxes,rural,investment,grocery,zoning,vocational education,pets

8. Administration and Financial Items

Tagged Passions:EMS,finance

9. Public Services Items

Tagged Passions:EMS,Public Works,restaurants,services

10. Parks and Recreation Items

Tagged Passions:recreation,EMS,parks

11. Public Safety Items

Tagged Passions:public safety,EMS,restaurants

12. Other Business

Tagged Passions:business,Public Transit

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