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Cultural Heritage Board

Cultural Heritage Board

City of Riverside 3900 Main St. Riverside, CA 92522

Planning Division (951) 826-5371 Agenda - Final Art Pick Council Chamber3:30 PMWednesday, April 18, 2018 MISSION STATEMENT The City of Riverside is committed to providing high quality municipal services to ensure a safe, inclusive, and livable community
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PLEASE NOTE: The scheduled hearing times are approximate. No item will be heard before its scheduled time but may be heard later in the meeting.

Oral communications from the audience relating to any of the agenda items are limited to three minutes, and you will be asked to state your name and city of residence.
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Cultural Heritage Board action on all items may be appealed to the City Council within ten calendar days after the decision. Contact the Planning Division for further information.

The City of Riverside wishes to make all of its public meetings accessible to the public. Upon request, this agenda will be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities, as required by 42 U.S.C. 12132 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Any person with a disability who requires a modification or accommodation in order to participate in a meeting should direct such request to the City's ADA Coordinator at (951) 826-5427 or TDD at (951) 826-5439 at least 72 hours before the meeting, if possible.
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Public Comments: This portion of the agenda will be limited to a cumulative total of 15 minutes, with individual speakers limited to a maximum time limit of 3 minutes. Further discussion of any matter beyond 15 minutes will be continued later in the agenda. If there is no one from the audience wishing to speak, the Board will move to the next order of business.

DISCUSSION CALENDAR This portion of the Cultural Heritage Board Agenda is for all matters where staff and Page 1 City of Riverside Printed on 4/6/2018
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April 18, 2018Cultural Heritage Board Agenda - Final

No additional detail provided

public participation is anticipated. Individual audience participation is limited to 3 minutes.

PLANNING CASE P18-0186: Continued from the March 21, 2018 meeting. Proposed Certificate of Appropriateness request by City of Riverside General Services Department, to construct a three-story, 42,000 square-foot new main library that would include the City Archive, a 100-seat community meeting room, and Friends of the Library bookstore, and demolish existing non-contributing bus terminals, former police sub-station, and related ancillary structures. The project is located at 3911 University Avenue/3775 Fairmount Boulevard, on the southern intersection of Mission Inn Avenue and Fairmount Blvd, in the DSP-RC-SP-CR Downtown Specific Plan Raincross District, Cultural Resources (Seventh Street Historic District) Overlay Zones, in Ward 1. It is recommended that the Cultural Heritage Board determine the proposal is categorically exempt from California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review pursuant to Sections 15331 (Historical Resource Restoration/Rehabilitation projects consistent with the Secretary of the Interior s Standards as applied to Historic Districts) and 15332 (In-Fill Development Projects) of the CEQA Guidelines. Contact Planner: Jennifer Mermilliod, Contract Historic Preservation Senior Planner, (951) 233-6897 or

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Ex 1 CHB 03-21-18 Report Exhibits 1-5 Ex 1 CHB 03-21-18 Report -Exhibits 6-8 Ex 2 CHB Minutes 3-21-18 Ex 3 Presentation Johnson-Favaro


Attachments: 3 Report from the Cultural Heritage Board 50th Anniversary Subcommittee


Exhibit 1 - Subcommittee Notes Attachments: MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS

Items for future agendas and updates from Historic Preservation staff and Cultural Heritage Board Members.

Page 2 City of Riverside Printed on 4/6/2018

Tagged Passions:historic and preservation

April 18, 2018Cultural Heritage Board Agenda - Final


The minutes of March 21, 2018 to be presented for approval.

MinutesAttachments: ADJOURNMENT

Adjournment to the Wednesday, May 16, 2018, meeting at 3:30 p.m. in the Art Pick Council Chamber.

* * * * * * * * * Art Pick Council Chamber
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