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Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and planning

*Please note that this notice is only for Planning Commission agenda items requiring a public hearing, such as rezoning requests and Zoning Code text amendments. Agenda items which do not require a public hearing, such as Sketch Plans and Impact Assessments, will appear on the complete Planning Commission meeting agenda. The complete agenda will be published online on or before Friday, April 13, 2018.

Public Hearing Item 1: R-10-18 Request: Rezone two parcels from AB, Areawide Business District, to AB-2, Areawide Business-2 District. Also request to remove both parcels from the Hungryneck Boulevard-Venning Road Overlay District (HNB-VR-OD).

Tagged Passions:hearing, property, boards and commissions, planning, zoning, and business

Location: 1124 and 1126 Venning Road

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:streets

Parcel ID (TMS No.):

558-00-00-192 and 558-00-00-052

Tagged Passions:property

Type of Request: Rezone

Public Hearing: Required; To be held by Planning Commission Total Acreage: Approximately 0.99 acres Plat Recording Info: Book W, Page 145 Application Link: Staff Report Link: To be added on or before Friday, April 13th Action to be Taken: Planning Commission recommends approval or denial of the request. This recommendation is forwarded to the Planning Development Committee and Town Council.
Tagged Passions:hearing, boards and commissions, council, development, planning, zoning, and Development

TOOLBOX Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map

Land Development Regulations Online Document Library Projects and Applications Map Use Table Zoning Code (PDF) Zoning Map (interactive) NOTE: Items in blue are hyperlinks to additional information. Some documents are large and may take a few moments to load.
Tagged Passions:development, strategic, library, regulation, zoning, and Development

Planning Commission Public Hearing Items Notice

Public Hearing Item 2: Text Amendment Request: Proposal to amend the following sections of Chapter 156 of the Mount Pleasant Code of Ordinances pertaining to the attendance provisions for all Board and Commission members: Planning Commission section 156.400; Board of Zoning Appeals section 156.410; Design Review Board section 156.420; Historical Commission section 156.440; Construction Board of Adjustments section 156.003; Old Village Historic District Commission section 156.430; and Cultural Arts and Pride Commission section 32.32
Tagged Passions:hearing, arts, boards and commissions, ordinance, historical, construction, historic, planning, and zoning

Type of Request: Zoning Code Text Amendment

Public Hearing: Required; To be held by Planning Commission Draft Text Link: To be added on or before Friday, April 13th Action to be Taken:
Tagged Passions:hearing, boards and commissions, planning, and zoning

Planning Commission recommends approval, approval with modifications, or denial of the proposal. This recommendation is forwarded to the Planning Development Committee and Town Council.

Title VI Notice: The Town of Mount Pleasant fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities. Town meetings are conducted in accessible locations, materials can be provided in accessible formats, and provided in languages other than English. If you would like accessibility or language accommodation, please contact the Title VI Coordinator one week in
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions, council, development, civil rights, program, planning, regulation, Development, and materials

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