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Budget and Finance Committee

Budget and Finance Committee

Tagged Passions:budget and finance


Meeting Agenda - Final

435 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. 18101

Tagged Passions:streets

Council Chambers5:00 PMWednesday, April 18, 2018

Tagged Passions:council

Roll Call: Chairperson Guridy, Hendricks, Mota

Bill 12 Amending the 2018 General Fund, the 2018 Risk Fund, the 2018 Solid Waste Fund and the 2018 Stormwater Fund by appropriating funds from the

un-appropriated balances for the rollover of encumbrances for the prior year commitments.
Tagged Passions:Utility, risk, funding, utility, stormwater, and solid waste

Bill 12 PO Rollover 2017 to 2018Attachments:

Bill 14 Amending the 2018 General Fund Budget by transferring Five Hundred Twenty-One Thousand Seven Hundred Twelve ( 521,712) Dollars from the

Unappropriated Balance. Three Hundred Sixty-Four Thousand Four Hundred Twenty-Eight (364,428) Dollars from various accounts within the General Fund and Seventy-Five Thousand ( 75,000) from the Solid Waste Fund to provide Nine Hundred Sixty-One Thousand One Hundred Forty ( 961,140) Dollars for the services provided by an outside vendor for the Malware remediation.
Tagged Passions:budget, services, Utility, utility, and solid waste

Bill 14 Malware FundingAttachments:

April Meeting - Finance Reports

Tagged Passions:finance

FEB 2018 MO RPTAttachments:

Update: 5 Year Plan


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