NY - Tompkins: Housing Committee

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Housing Committee


Housing Committee Monday, April 16, 2018 3:00 PM

Tagged Passions:housing

Legislature Chambers

MEMBERS: Martha Robertson, Chair; Michael Sigler, Vice Chair; Anna Kelles; Anne Koreman; Deborah Dawson

Inclusion through Diversity

Tagged Passions:diversity

1. Call to Order (3:00)

2. Public Comment (3:00)

3. Changes to Agenda (3:00)

4. Chair's Report (3:05)

5. Reports/Discussions/Presentations

a. Report/Discussion: Condominium Development - Jay Franklin, Director of Assessment

Tagged Passions:development and Development

(ID 7755) (3:10)

b. Report/Discussion: Research Update on Condominiums in New York State - Adam

Bronfin, Cornell University (ID 7749) (3:25)

Tagged Passions:university

c. Report/Discussion: Coordinated Assessment System Update Tierra LaBrada, Human Services Coalition (ID 7750) (3:40)

Tagged Passions:services

d. Report/Discussion: Deputy Commissioner's Report Megan McDonald (4:00)

6. Minutes Approval (4:30)

a. March 19, 2018

7. Committee Members' Reports (4:35)

8. Adjournment (4:45)

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