NY - New Castle: Environmental Review Board

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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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  • 08/03/19 at 7:38 am Location Map Town Office: 200 S Greeley Ave, Chappaqua
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Environmental Review Board


Conference Room C AGENDA 1. Sunshine Children s Home Appeal by Manocherian of Tree Permit Issued by Envi- ronmental Coordinator, Appeal claiming Town Environmental Coordinator had no au- thority to issue permit Discussion and Determination by Environmental Review Board
Tagged Passions:trees and environment

Town Hall Proposed Recreation Improvements including Basketball Court, Play- ground Expansion, New Parking areas, and proposed mitigation measures Review of proposed Site Plans, decision on Wetland Permit.

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Tagged Passions:legal, expansion, parking, recreation, and court

Balter Residence, 80 Orchard Road, Mount Kisco Proposed Dredging of Existing Pond Project review, Steve Marino, Wetlands Consultant, Tim Miller Associates.

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Tagged Passions:streets and services

Other Items:

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