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Board of Selectmen

BOARD OF SELECTMEN Edward H. Dlott Meeting Room

AGENDA April 17, 2018

5:30 PM

Open Session Begins at 7:15 PM

Litigation a. Massachusetts Opioid Litigation Attorneys (MOLA) b. 42 West Central Street Settlement Agreement c. Appeal of Navy Yard Field/Mechanic

Tagged Passions:streets, legal, military, opioid abuse, and settlement

Real Property a. CRT Abutters License Agreement b. Sawin House c. 22 Pleasant Street d. Appeal of Navy Yard Field/Mechanic Street

Tagged Passions:streets, property, license, and military

Negotiations with Nonunion Personnel: Town Administrator Contract Update Approve Executive Session Meeting Minutes

Tagged Passions:contract, personnel, and administrator


1. James White, Director of Public Health: Recipient of MetroWest Health Foundation Deborah Blumer Community Health Leadership Award

Tagged Passions:health

2. Camp Arrowhead Residential Program 3. MBTA Station Public Meeting 4. Water Main/Hydrant Flushing 5. Housing Subcommittee Two-Part Workshop

Tagged Passions:Utility, Public Transit, program, utility, housing, and water


6. Council on Aging Director: VIBRANT (Visually Impaired and Blind Recipients Accessing New Techology) Program

Tagged Passions:council and program



Tagged Passions:appointments

7. Public Hearing: Dedication of the Square at Marion Mansfield Street

Tagged Passions:streets and hearing

8. Prevention Outreach Program Manager a. Approve Acceptance of Donation to Opioid Task Force from the Natick Elks, Represented by Richard Butch

Tagged Passions:manager, opioid abuse, Donation, donation, and program

Donavan b. Approve use of Town Common, Contingent Upon Recreation Parks Commission Approval, for Opioid Task Force Community Awareness Event Art

Tagged Passions:arts, boards and commissions, opioid abuse, recreation, parks, and events

9. Kristin Gentili, NPS: Request for a One Day Alcohol License 10. Red Mango: Application for a Common Victualler's License 11. United Auto:

Application to Amend a Class II License 12. Family Promise: Request for Waiver of Trash and Recycle
Tagged Passions:license, alcohol, and transportation

Policy to Allow for Pick Up at a Commercial Building 13. Council on Aging Director: Approve MOU with the Friends of

Tagged Passions:commercial, policy, and council

the Natick Senior Center for the Lincoln Cafe

Tagged Passions:restaurants


14. South Main Street Decision 15. William Chase Arena Rates 16. Marijuana Update 17. Director of Public Works

Tagged Passions:streets, Public Works, rates, marijuana, drugs, and public works

a. Complete Streets Grant Application b. Five-Year Roadway Improvement Plan Update c. Storm Water Management Oversight Committee

Tagged Passions:streets, Utility, grant, utility, stormwater, and water

18. Board of Selectmen Meeting Dates 19. Office Hours Schedule - April 2018-March 2019 20. Appoint Town Counsel: Murphy, Hesse, Toomey, Lehane

Tagged Passions:appointments


21. West Natick Fire Station Update 22. Camp Arrowhead Update

Tagged Passions:fire departments and districts


23. Approve Parade Permit Banner Request for Rotary Club of Natick-15th Annual Tour de Natick Bike Ride-6/17/18

Tagged Passions:Bicycles and bicycles

24. Approve Banner Request: Natick Youth Football Cheerleading 5/28-6/3/18

Tagged Passions:youth

25. Approve Request for One-Day Entertainment Permit: Natick Elks

26. Vote to Renew 2018 Billiards, Junk Dealer, Taxi Cab/Livery Licenses

Tagged Passions:license and ride sharing and hailing

27. Vote to Renew Flammable Storage Registrations 28. Approve Meeting Minutes

29. Application for a Change in Corporate Name for Bob Holly's, LLC d/b/a Zaftigs




Tagged Passions:administrator


Correspondence 4/17/18

ITEM TITLE: James White, Director of Public Health: Recipient of MetroWest Health Foundation Deborah Blumer Community Health Leadership Award

Tagged Passions:health


ATTACHMENTS: Description Upload Date Type MWHF Press Release 4/11/2018 Cover Memo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Martin Cohen March 29, 2018 508-879-7625, ext.204

MetroWest Health Foundation Honors Needham Board of Health and Natick s James White, Jr.

Tagged Passions:health

Framingham, MA The MetroWest Health Foundation presented its 2018 Deborah Blumer Community Health Leadership Award to the Needham Board of Health and

Natick s Director of Public Health, James White, Jr.
Tagged Passions:health

The Needham Board of Health was chosen for its decision in 2005 to set the minimum age for tobacco purchases in the town at age 21. As the first

public health agency in the country to go to Tobacco 21, Needham set a standard that is now being replicated in cities and states across the country thereby reducing teen tobacco use rates.
Tagged Passions:purchasing, rates, Age 21, tobacco, and health

James (Jim) White, Jr. is being honored for his leadership in launching the MetroWest Tobacco Control Program - a nine-town consortium that has

helped align tobacco regulations and control measures across multiple jurisdiction. Through Jim' work, the MetroWest area leads the state in communities adopting 21 as the minimum purchase age for tobacco products.
Tagged Passions:purchasing, tobacco, program, and regulation

The Deborah Blumer Community Health Leadership Award is named for the late State Representative Deborah Blumer, who served as the founding chairwoman

of the foundation s board of trustees.
Tagged Passions:health

About the MetroWest Health Foundation: The MetroWest Health Foundation is a catalyst for a healthy MetroWest, providing more than 5 million in annual

financial support for preventative and responsive health programs. Through its work on issues such as adolescent health, healthy aging and access to care, the foundation seeks to develop and support programs that have a positive impact on the health of the 25 communities in the MetroWest area of Massachusetts. To date, the foundation has provided more than 56 million in financial support that helps residents and their families lead healthier lives.
Tagged Passions:health, program, and finance

ITEM TITLE: Camp Arrowhead Residential Program ITEM SUMMARY:

Tagged Passions:program

ATTACHMENTS: Description Upload Date Type Memo-B. Chenard 4/12/2018 Cover Memo

Town Administrators Office

Tagged Passions:administrator

To: Board of Selectmen

From: William Chenard, Acting Town Administrator

Tagged Passions:administrator

Date: 4/12/2018

Re: Camp Arrowhead Residential

This memo outlines our recommendation for continuing the Camp Arrowhead residential program (Big RES). We will be continuing the overnight program

again this year with the following recommendations;
Tagged Passions:program

1. Develop SOP's (I am reviewing a draft). I have asked a handful of prior staff and experts to review them. I will be reviewing and editing them

prior to dissemination.

2. All staff and volunteers will complete a training program that consists of the following;

Tagged Passions:volunteer, training, and program

o Camp Policy and Procedures o M.G.L Ch. 51A Mandatory Reporter Training o Medication Administration Plan o CPR/First Aid including Epipen o Red

Cross Lifeguard Certification (Lifeguards only) o Waterfront Familiarization and Hazards Identification (Lifeguards) o Safety Care Crisis Prevention o Fire Drill and Emergency Procedures
Tagged Passions:policy, beach, training, emergency, and procedure

3. Junior Counselors will age 16 and up. We may accept a limited number of volunteers below age 16.

Tagged Passions:volunteer

4. Counselors/Staff who have a Bachelors Degree in a related field, or are enrolled in a Bachelors program, or have experience will be given hiring

Tagged Passions:program

5. Program Participants will be limited to those who are 16 or older. Prior participants who are not 16 will be considered.

Tagged Passions:program

6. Adding some staff to cover breaks and cabin checks. 7. Performance Evaluation Procedures for staff

Tagged Passions:performance and procedure

We will be returning to Lions Pride Camp in New Durham, NH. The camp will run seven (7) days. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this

possible; especially PATH for their generous donation to help defray the costs.
Tagged Passions:Donation and donation


Tagged Passions:Public Transit

ATTACHMENTS: Description Upload Date Type Meeting Announcement 4/11/2018 Cover Memo

Patricia O'Neil

Fwd: 5/23 MBTA station public meeting announcement 1 message

Tagged Passions:Public Transit

Amy Mistrot Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 7:50 AM To: Patricia O'Neil , Donna Donovan ,

Bill Chenard

Please see below for an announcement on Monday.

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Josh Ostroff Date: Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 5:42 AM Subject: 5/23 MBTA station

public meeting announcement To:
Tagged Passions:Public Transit

Here you go - and thanks.

On Wednesday, May 23 at 7PM at the Morse Institute Library, the MBTA will hold the first public meeting for the Natick Center MBTA Station

Accessibility Improvement Project. This meeting will include a presentation on the new station prior to submission of the 30 design in June. The MBTA and AECOM, the project design firm, will present, answer questions and take public comment. Materials will be available for viewing after 6pm in the Lebowitz Room on the lower level. A formal announcement from the MBTA will be available in the coming weeks, including contact information for individuals who need accessibility accommodations for this meeting. This meeting will also be televised on Natick Pegasus.
Tagged Passions:Public Transit, library, and materials


Josh Ostroff Chair, Cochituate Rail Trail Advisory Committee and Transportation Advisory Committee Town of Natick 508 654-3330

Tagged Passions:trails and transportation

ITEM TITLE: Water Main/Hydrant Flushing ITEM SUMMARY:

Tagged Passions:Utility, utility, and water

ATTACHMENTS: Description Upload Date Type Water Main/Hydrant Flushing 4/11/2018 Cover Memo

Tagged Passions:Utility, utility, and water


Tagged Passions:Public Works and public works

Beginning April 23rd 2018, the Department of Public Works Water Division will be begin the annual Spring Water Main and Hydrant Flushing Program

throughout Town. This work will be conducted Sunday through Thursday nights during the months of April, May and June. The Department appreciates your patience with this necessary maintenance activity. Water main flushing improves water quality, ensures proper fire hydrant operation, and prolongs the life of the Town s water infrastructure. We attempt to schedule and conduct flushing in a manner that minimizes customer disruptions. However the flushing may cause some discoloration/sediment in your water. If this occurs please run your cold water faucet (preferably tub or outside spigot) until the water runs clear.
Tagged Passions:Utility, Public Works, program, utility, public works, and water

Please check the Town of Natick, Public Works Water/Sewer website at for timely updates and locations.

If you have any questions, contact the Natick Water Division at 508- 647-6557.
Tagged Passions:Utility, Public Works, utility, public works, sewer, and water

ITEM TITLE: Housing Subcommittee Two-Part Workshop ITEM SUMMARY:

Tagged Passions:housing

ATTACHMENTS: Description Upload Date Type Workshop/Staying Put Guide 4/11/2018 Cover Memo

Patricia O'Neil

Fwd: Housing Subcommittee Two-Part Workshop 2 messages

Tagged Passions:housing


Our 2 part workshop will be Thursdays, May 17 and 24, from 6 8 pm. It is titled, Home Sweet Home or Is It? The workshop is free and sandwiches and

beverages will be served.

The presenter, architect Deborah Pierce, is an expert and her published book has won praise from the Christopher Reeve Foundation as well as noted

architect, Michael Graves.
Tagged Passions:graves and body art

The attached file was developed some time ago and illustrates the kind of assessment people will do on their current homes. We d love to attract some

empty nesters thinking of renovating their kitchens, baths, etc. so that they might incorporate changes they may need later.


by Fiorente Media with Deborah Pierce, AIA, CAPS

Tagged Passions:body art

A Guide to Aging in Place


How fortunate we are to be able to live longer We have made great strides in disease prevention and treatment. Our reward is a longer, more vital

life. Given a choice, most of us would want to stay right in our own homes as we age close to family, friends, and a familiar community.

However, living longer presents us with new challenges. We may not want to admit it to ourselves, but our bodies will change as we age. After age 60,

1 out of every 8 men and 1 out of every 12 women report arthritis in at least one knee. One out of 6 older adults have some type of vision impairment. One out of 4 have impaired hearing.
Tagged Passions:hearing and strategic

These are not life-threatening conditions, yet they present challenges that older adults need to confront each day. More concerning, if older adults

do not adapt their living environment to the needs of their changing bodies, they are more likely to have accidents. A sudden fall may jeopardize the high quality-of-life most people desire for their years in retirement. Falls account for 80 of disability (excluding
Tagged Passions:disability, retirement, Conservation, environment, and seniors

Enjoying Your Home for Many Years to Come

automobile crashes), and the home is where these falls are likely to happen.

Tagged Passions:transportation

Fortunately, there is a solution. With a little planning, you can adapt your home for your needs. You should start with an assessment of how well

your home can be adapted to your changing needs. To help you make this assessment, we have partnered with architect Deborah Pierce, AIA, CAPS, Principal of Pierce Lamb Architects and author of The Accessible Home from Taunton Press.
Tagged Passions:body art and planning

Deborah is a renowned expert in the specialized field of Universal Design. She has worked with us at Fiorente Media to put together this very

practical guide to help you evaluate your home for your changing needs. In the following pages, Deborah has broken down the home into different functional areas and listed key adaptations for each area. You will be able to calculate a score for each functional area in your home and then prioritize areas that may need to be adapted.

At Fiorente Media, we are using the power of media to improve your health and the health of your loved ones. If this guide helps you anticipate and

plan changes to your home that reduce the risk of injury and improve the quality of your life as you age, then we will have fulfilled our mission.
Tagged Passions:risk and health

To your good health and happiness,

Tagged Passions:health

Craig S. Ross, PhD, MBA Founder, Fiorente Media, Inc. Kathy Tarantola Photography

Janis Herman, Designer (New York, NY)

2 3


Tagged Passions:health

Our physical health is inextricably tied to Place. So it s no surprise that so many injuries occur in the home. Slippery floors and raised thresholds

make falls unavoidable, as do showers without grab- bars and stairs without handrails. High bathroom humidity levels foster mildew growth and a host of breathing problems. Most people see a doctor when injury and illness occur. But with a house-call from an accessibility expert, you can avoid the pain, expense, and inconvenience of medical treatment.
Tagged Passions:health and growth

When Fiorente Media asked me to collaborate on this Resource Guide I was delighted. There is a natural affinity between health care and design

Tagged Passions:health

professions. Architects need a clear prognosis for the processes of both aging and healing to proscribe appropriate environments. We all need homes

that are safe, comfortable, and user-friendly in other words, accessible.
Tagged Passions:Conservation and environment

The World Health Organization defines Disability as a mis-match between a person and the environment. In the right setting, then, disabilities

actually disappear. One may still use a walker, cane, or wheelchair, but if he/she can get around the house, there is only Ability.
Tagged Passions:disability, health, Conservation, and environment

The US Census predicts that, by year 2035, there will be more people over-65 than under-15 in this country. The impact of this

prediction is staggering This means fewer caregivers for a larger elderly population. Prolonging independence is not an option it s a necessity

There s no time like the present to begin planning for an age-friendly home After many years in one place, though, change can be daunting. We hear

about remodeling projects run amuck endless construction and runaway budgets. We wonder if the effort and disruption is justified. The answer is a resounding yes Renovation increases property value, accessible homes widen the pool of prospective buyers, and a happier you is priceless.
Tagged Passions:budget, property, construction, and planning

Around the country, homeowners are taking a second look at the building that houses so many memories. Some choose to downsize, move closer to family,

or enter a senior living facility. But many are taking the plunge into renovation projects.
Tagged Passions:facility

The design process begins with an inventory of your home. For a week, keep

a list of what you like, what s a problem, what s broken, and what could be improved upon. Having a clear description of your needs puts you squarely

on track to getting them met. The next step is to seek out solutions. That s where this Resource Guide comes in. In reading through the pages that follow and doing the exercises, you ll develop a prioritized list of the activity centers that could use some improvement. With a clear set of goals, you ll be ready to put your project in motion and find the helpers who can make your dreams a reality. Relax and embrace the challenge of transforming your home. You ll be rewarded with a home that reflects who you are and all you can be. Enjoy

Architect Deborah Pierce, AIA, CAPS Principal Pierce Lamb Architects, Newton, MA

Tagged Passions:body art

4 5

Today s homes were built for another era growing young families of baby-boomers. The places that sheltered children no longer work for the adults

they ve become.

Tagged Passions:social media law

Arriving Home

Working and Caretaking

Bathing and Toileting

Project Planning and Cost

Tagged Passions:planning

Preparing Meals and Cleaning Up

Final Words

Living and Sleeping

Resource Guide







16 12 20






The Accessible Home, Taunton Press

ARRIVING HOME Take a moment to stand in front of your home and try to imagine yourself as an older adult walking through the door. Imagine you have

more difficulty moving, you are using a walker, your eyesight is poor. Your hands are stiff and your grip weak. How will these changes in your body affect the experience of arriving home? Consider these questions.
Tagged Passions:poverty

What is the lay of the land? Do you have a wide, gently sloping path to your door? How many steps are there and are they well-lit? Is there a sturdy


Take a close look at stairs leading up to the house. The steps should be evenly spaced with treads that are at least 11 inches deep and risers no

more than 7.5 inches high. The handrail should be a comfortable height and solidly anchored.

Picture your approach to the house in bad weather. Is there a shelter at your front door to protect you and a friend or helper from the elements?

Does the front door have a levered latch instead of a doorknob?

When you step into your home, do you have a transition space for sitting down to take off boots, hang up a coat, and stow a walker? Is there a

convenient place to put down packages, keys or a purse? Is the floor space clear without mail dropping through a slot or loose rugs?

Use the table on the next page to score how easy it may be to approach and access your home as you age. You will be able to use this score as part of

an overall assessment of your home as a place to stay as you age and your needs change.

Your home is your sanctuary. It s a great feeling to arrive home.

A gently- sloped pathway complements the stairs in this Bungalow.

An accessible entry doesn t need to be complicated: a level walkway and landing, a roof, a view, and lighting. Kathy Tarantola Photography John

Gordon Architect (Bucksport, ME)

Kathy Tarantola Photography B.H. Bocook Architects (Palo Alto, CA)


Keyless entry systems make it easier to gain access to your home.

8 9

Parking or drop-off area is flat, with minimum slope for drainage, near entry to home.

Tagged Passions:parking and stormwater

Pathway to home is well-lit, has level surfaces, with 3 low steps or fewer.

Landing is large enough for a few people, covered with a canopy or roof.

Door is easy-to-use, has lever-type hardware. Mailbox rather than door slot to keep floor areas clear.

Mudroom/foyer with a shelf (for keys, handbag) or bench, window/sidelight


Tagged Passions:parking

Not at all like my home

Somewhat like my home

A lot like my homeARRIVING HOME SCORE








Add 1 point if your home has any of the following:

Subtract 1 point for any of the following:



Tagged Passions:penalty



+ + =

x2 x3



Zero steps from public way to interior of home Handrails at both sides of each ramp or stairs Elevator or lift, either to enter or within home

Peephole in door, no window in or beside door. Address not visible from public way

Better make changes before an accident


Include upgrades in long-range planning

Tagged Passions:planning

Doing well upgrades are optional rather

than urgent


4-7 13-168-12

10 11

Scoring Table copyright Fiorente Media, Inc. 2017, All Rights Reserved


BATHING AND SHOWERING Think about replacing your bathtub with a zero-threshold shower stall with solidly anchored grab bars. Add a shelf to move

shampoo and other items off the floor. Install a handheld shower-head with a separate temperature mixing valve. Add a shower chair or bench. Two things to consider about tub conversions: (a) older adults find it difficult to get in and out of a low tub and (b) walk in tubs with a raised seat are an option, but you may feel cold waiting for the tub to fill or drain before you can open the door.

TOILETING Toilets should be 18 inches from the wall accessible from the front and side. Consider a tankless toilet, which saves space and can be set

to the perfect height for you. If not using a tankless toilet, purchase a comfort height toilet 17-19 inches high. A washlet or bidet is very
Tagged Passions:purchasing

convenient for hygiene. Have storage near toilet for wipes, extra toilet paper, catheters or other medical products.

HAND WASHING/DENTAL HYGIENE Consider a wall-hung sink and set at a height where the sink can be used comfortably from a sitting position. The sink

should be shallow and the sink rim should be low-profile. Countertop edges should be rounded without any sharp corners. Use a lever-type faucet mounted to the side rather than the back of the sink. The mirror should be usable from a seated position.

SAFETY Make sure you have good lighting. Porcelain or smaller tiles and larger grout lines make for a better slip-resistant surface. Resilient

flooring may be cheaper than tile and can be made of non-slip materials.
Tagged Passions:materials

The bathroom is the most dangerous room for older adults. Consider these adaptations to avoid an embarrassing visit from your local paramedics.

A well-designed bathroom with transfer space beside toilet

A design accommodating two sinks at different heights Karen Tarantola, Photography Rom Architecture Studio and Studio Pacifica, Architects (Seattle,


Kathy Tarantola Photography Architect: Burks Toma Architects and Min/Day, Joint Venture (Berkeley, CA)

HUD Fair Housing Act Design Manual

Tagged Passions:housing

Massachusetts Architectural Access Board

Transferring from wheelchair to toilet

Using a sink from a wheelchair

Visit for a video tour of an adapted bathroom. 12 13

Easy entry/exit at tub/shower areas, grab- bars, hand-shower, thermostatic mixing valve.

Comfort-height toilet, space for assisted use, flush-valve and paper dispenser within reach.

Comfort height sink with space for personal care items, lever-type faucets.

Dedicated areas for medicines, health and hygiene products, first aid, dental and hair care products, toilet paper.

Tagged Passions:health

Mirror, medicine cabinet, robe hooks, toilet paper dispenser all within seated reach, grab bars, easy-to-use shower enclosure.


Not at all like my home

Somewhat like my home









Add 1 point if your home has any of the following:

Subtract 1 point for any of the following:



Tagged Passions:penalty



+ + =

x2 x3



Bidet or self-washing toilet Space under sink for seated use

Non-slip, non-trip flooring

Tub-only, no shower Plumbing controls requiring a twisting/gripping motion

Better make changes before an accident


Include upgrades in long-range planning

Tagged Passions:planning

Doing well upgrades are optional rather

than urgent


4-7 13-168-12

14 15

Scoring Table copyright Fiorente Media, Inc. 2017, All Rights Reserved


LAYOUT Your kitchen layout should feature a U-shaped or L-shaped configuration with a work island or peninsula. There should be room for two people

to work comfortably together in the space. All work and storage areas should minimize bending and stretching motions.

COUNTERS AND WORK SURFACES Counters should be set at different heights to facilitate working while standing or sitting. A total of 6 feet of counter

space is a comfortable minimum, with special attention to space near the sink and cooktop. Plan space for coffee-makers, toasters, and other small appliances.

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