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Regular Meeting

April 18, 2018 City of Ventura Page 1 Design Review Committee


Brian Brodersen, Chair David Ferrin, Vice-Chair Albert Antelman, Member Tyson Cline, Member Fiona Dunne, Member

Jeffrey Lambert, Community Development Director Dave Ward, Planning Manager Scott Kolwitz, Principal Planner

Tagged Passions:manager, development, planning, Development, and community development

Julie Stuva, Recording Secretary

REGULAR MEETING WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 2018 - 6:00 P.M. COMMUNITY MEETING ROOM, 501 POLI STREET The public has the opportunity to address the Committee on any item appearing on the agenda. Persons wishing to address the Committee should fill out a Speaker Form. If you wish to comment on an item and do not want to speak before the Committee, you may complete the Comment portion of the form. This form is located on the table inside the Council Chambers door. The Chairperson will acknowledge comments for the record. The Design Review Committee has adopted Protocols for how their meetings are run. These Protocols are available at

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Pursuant to the Rules of Procedures, the Design Review Committee has adopted a five minutes limit on speaker presentations. The Committee may adjust the time limit if deemed appropriate. A final decision reached by the Committee may be appealed to the City Council by filing required forms and paying the necessary fee to the City Clerk within ten calendar days after the action date.

ROLL CALL PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS Public Communications is the time set-aside during the Committee meetings for members of the public to address the Committee on planning related business other than scheduled agenda items. Persons wishing to address the Committee during the Public Communications period of the meeting should fill out a speaker form prior to the Committee reaching this point on the agenda.
Tagged Passions:council, Communications, communications, planning, procedure, and business

AGENDA MANAGEMENT The DRC shall be provided a brief overview of the agenda, and the DRC Chair may entertain any requests to continue items and/or to rearrange the order of items appearing on this agenda. Applicants and interested parties are advised that 6:00 PM is the potential starting time for all hearing items.

Written Rebuttal Submissions Written Day of Hearing Submissions PowerPoint Presentations Submittal Date Time Page Limitation (Single-sided equivalent)
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pages maximum, including exhibits

No additional detail provided

pages maximum, including exhibits

pages maximum, including exhibits

Number of copies to be submitted

copies 20 copies 10 copies

No additional detail provided

April 18, 2018 City of Ventura Page 2 Design Review Committee

CONSENT ITEM 1. Approval of the Joint DRC/HPC December 6, 2017, Joint DRC/HPC December

14, 2017, Joint DRC/PC December 20, 2017, Joint DRC/PC January 17, 2018, DRC February 7, 2018, and Joint DRC/PC February 21, 2018 Meeting Minutes.


PROJ-9801 PROJ-9801 Formal Design Review of a new Auto Center

Freeway Sign approximately 82 feet high, with double-face, full color light- emitting diode (LED) screen areas of approximately 20 feet high, and 60 feet wide, to be located on vacant City land at the northern edge of Leland Street, bounded on the north by Southern Pacific Railroad, and on the East by Ventura County Flood Control Moon Ditch, in the northwest portion of the 67.2-acre Auto Center Specific Plan Area; Scott Hampton, YESCO Signs, LLC, applicant; zoned CPD. Case Nos.: DRC-11-17-42718 RECOMMENDED QUASI-JUDICIAL ACTION Approve, subject to conditions. California Environmental Quality Act The Addendum is consistent with CEQA Guidelines Section 15162 and 15164.

Tagged Passions:streets, flooding, environment, transportation, and zoning

Staff: Barbara Burkhart, Contract Planner

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:contract

PROJ-10694 Formal Design Review and Planned Development Permit to

construct a new three-story, 8,539-square foot office building with 26 new parking spaces, 3 bicycle parking spaces, a protected play yard and trash enclosure on an approximately 1.0 acre site that is partially developed with an existing two-story, 6,569 square foot office building with 21 existing parking spaces located at 4880 Market Street; Star of CA, applicant; MPD zone. RECOMMENDED QUASI-JUDICIAL ACTION Approve, subject to condition.
Tagged Passions:streets, development, Bicycles, bicycles, parking, market, and Development

April 18, 2018 City of Ventura Page 3 Design Review Committee

California Environmental Quality Act The project is categorically Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines Section 15303 (c) New Construction or Conversion of Small Structures.
Tagged Passions:construction and environment

Case Planner: Elizabeth Richardson, Senior Planner


PROJ-11717 Conceptual Design Review for a new 4 story, 60,361 square

foot, mixed-use building with 77 mixed use units, 3,184 square feet of retail space, 8,130 square feet of common area, a roof top deck with a swimming pool and 138 new parking spaces in a subterranean garage on a 27,500 square foot site located at 701 East Santa Clara Street, John Kollesavich, applicant; T5.1 Zone. Case No.: CDRC-8-17-41620 RECOMMENDED ACTION Continue to a date certain of May 2, 2018. California Environmental Quality Act Not required for this action.
Tagged Passions:streets, commercial, parking, and environment

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