CO - Colorado Springs: Liquor and Beer License Hearings

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Liquor and Beer License Hearings

Liquor and Beer License Hearings

Tagged Passions:hearing, license, and alcohol

City of Colorado Springs

Regular Meeting Agenda

Division 2 Municipal Court Building
Tagged Passions:legal and court

224 E. Kiowa Street Colorado Springs, CO

80903 Division 2, Municipal Court Building9:00 AMFriday, April 20, 2018 At said time and place, any persons and parties in interest may appear to be heard either for or against the approval of a specific license application item. Petitions, remonstrances, and any other reports or statements in writing regarding the item shall be filed with the City Clerk by twelve o clock noon on the Tuesday prior to the meeting date.

Tagged Passions:streets, legal, license, and court

Call to Order

No additional detail provided

Communications The City Clerk s Office to announce any items to be postponed, continued, or withdrawn.

3. Modification of the Premises

Tagged Passions:Communications and communications

3.A. Application of Horns Up, LLC d/b/a The Black Sheep for a Temporary Modification of Premises of the existing Tavern Liquor License at 2106 E. Platte Avenue.

M-711086B M-711086B - The Black Sheep.pdfAttachments:

Tagged Passions:license and alcohol

3.B. Application of L N Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a MK Wine Liquor for a Modification of Premises of the existing Retail Liquor Store at 5955 Constitution Avenue.

M-714759 M-714759 - MK Wine Liquor.pdfAttachments:

Tagged Passions:commercial and alcohol

New Application Hearings

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:hearing

4.A. Application of Liquor Land, LLC d/b/a The Liquor Store for a new Retail Liquor Store License at 7675 Dublin Boulevard.


Tagged Passions:streets, commercial, license, and alcohol

N-33126 - The Liquor Store.pdfAttachments:

Tagged Passions:commercial and alcohol

4.B. Application of Basil and Barley, LLC d/b/a Basil Barley Pizzeria Napoletana for a new Hotel and Restaurant Liquor License at 9278 Forest Bluffs View, 100.

N-33583 N-33583 - Basil Barley Pizzeria Napoletana.pdfAttachments: Page 1 City of Colorado Springs Printed on 4/12/2018 April 20, 2018Liquor and Beer License Hearings Regular Meeting Agenda

Tagged Passions:restaurants, hearing, license, hotel, and alcohol

4.C. Application of Villa Salon, Inc. d/b/a Villa Salon for a new Lodging and Entertainment Liquor License at 5627 Barnes Road, 120.

N-33548 N- 33548 - Villa Salon.pdfAttachments:

Tagged Passions:streets, license, and alcohol

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