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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Montgomery County Council

Montgomery County Council COMMITTEE AGENDA Council Hearing Room, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, Maryland 20850

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Main (240)777-7900 FAX (240)777-7989 MD Relay 711 or (800)201-7165

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The Committee Agenda is subject to change any time after printing or during the meeting. Please contact the Council Office or visit our website to

obtain daily updates.
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Planning, Housing Economic Development (PHED) Health Human Services (HHS) Government Operations Fiscal Policy (GO)

Tagged Passions:policy, services, development, health, planning, Development, housing, and economic development

Nancy Floreen, Chair George Leventhal Hans Riemer

George Leventhal, Chair Roger Berliner Craig Rice

Nancy Navarro, Chair Sidney Katz Hans Riemer, Lead for Digital Government

Education (ED) Public Safety (PS) Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy Environment (T E)

Tagged Passions:education, public safety, energy, Conservation, environment, and transportation

Craig Rice, Chair Marc Elrich Nancy Navarro

Marc Elrich, Chair Tom Hucker Sidney Katz, Lead for Behavioral Health in Justice System

Tagged Passions:health

Roger Berliner, Chair Nancy Floreen Tom Hucker, Lead for Environment

Tagged Passions:Conservation and environment

Committee meetings are televised live on County Cable Montgomery or streaming live at

Videos are archived and available on-demand 24 hours after the meeting concludes.
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PHED/PS 9:30 AM - 7CHR Apr 16

FY19 Operating Budget

Tagged Passions:budget

(1) Park Police (Farag)

Tagged Passions:public safety and parks

Analyst Packet

PHED 10:00 AM - 7CHR Apr 16

FY19 Operating Budget

Tagged Passions:budget

(1) NDA: Housing Opportunities Commission ((McMillan)

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and housing

Analyst Packet

(2) Department of Housing and Community Affairs (McMillan)

Tagged Passions:housing

Analyst Packet

(3) Recreation (Yao)

Tagged Passions:recreation

Analyst Packet

If you need services to participate in any Council activity, please contact us as far in advance as possible: 240-777-7900 (MD Relay - Dial 711 or

800-201-7165) Email: This document is available in alternative formats upon request.
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