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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Development Review Committee Members

Development Review Committee

Tagged Passions:development and Development


TO: Development Review Committee Members

Tagged Passions:development and Development

FROM: Lucia Panica, Chief Planner

SUBJECT: April 18, 2018 Development Review Committee

Tagged Passions:development and Development

The April 18, 2018 DRC meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. in Room 112, 1565 First Street

Tagged Passions:streets

The following items will be discussed:

(Note: Development Review Committee meetings are open to the public. However, participation is limited to committee members, unless a committee

member requests information of an applicant [Reference: Zoning Code, Section III-603]. Opportunities for citizen comment on proposed developments are provided through the Neighborhood Workshops, by scheduling appointments with individual City Staff, or by speaking or submitting written comments at public hearings before the Planning Board or City Commission.)
Tagged Passions:hearing, boards and commissions, appointments, development, planning, Development, zoning, and neighborhood

Notice of Meeting

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Tagged Passions:development and Development


18-SP-10, 18-ROA-01 (New Submittal) Airport Hotel Phase 2 (965 University Pkwy 995 Airport Circle): Applicant requests Rezone Ordinance Amendment and

Site Plan approval to amend Rezone Ordinance No. 07-4767. The zone district of Intensive Commercial District (ICD) is proposed to stay the same. The applicant is proposing a five-story hotel with 136 guest units at 965 University Parkway. (Prior Site Plan 17-SP-13 allowed only 92 guest units at 965 University Parkway.) The applicant is also requesting approval for a four-story hotel with 64 guest units at 995 Airport Circle. (Dan Greenberg, Planner)
Tagged Passions:university, commercial, ordinance, hotel, airport, and zoning

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18-SP-11, 18-CU-02 (New Submittal) Lido Beach Redevelopment (400 Ben Franklin Drive): Applicant requests Site Plan and Major Conditional Use approval

to renovate existing structures and pool area, as well as add a 200-seat outdoor dining area, three playgrounds, a splashpad and an outdoor tiki bar on a wood deck. The subject parcel totals approximately 2.4 acres and is located in the Government (G) zone, adjacent to Lido Beach. The applicant has entered into a lease agreement with the City of Sarasota. (Dan Greenberg, Planner)
Tagged Passions:leasing, property, beach, and parks

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Pending Building Permits and Projects Under Construction

Tagged Passions:construction

Notice to Public

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