City Council Meeting

The briefing for the City Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 will be held at 6:30

pmin the Council Chambers.Agenda for the City Council Meeting on Tuesday,April 17, 2018 at 7:15 pm in the Council Chambersis as follows:Public Input
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MO-9Mayors appropriation of Seventy seven thousand three hundred twenty and 56/100 dollars($77,320.5

6) to the following attached named Police and Fire Salary Accounts in accordance withthe recently signed memorandum of agreement bem•een the City of Chicopcc and the Local 401,International Brotherhood of Police Officers from available mnds in the Human Resources SpecialAccount for Employee Salary Reviews.Mayors appropriation ofTwenty five thousand and 00/100 dollars ($25,000.00) to the followingnamed account: School Special Revenue Account for Chicopee TV Public Access from availablefunds in the Receipts Reserved for Appropriation Peg Access Related Expenditures AccountMayors appropriation of Seventeen thousand two hundred forty and 00/100 dollars ($17,240.00)to the following named account: Human Resources Expense Account for Education Training fromavailable funds in the Undesignated Fund Balance "Free Cash" AccountMayors appropriation of Sixteen thousand and 00/100 dollars ($16,000.00) to the following namedaccount: D.P.W. Sanitation Special Account for Hazardous Waste Collection from available funds inthe Undesignated Pund Balance •Free Cash" Account and will be reimbursed to the City from WasteMayors appropriation of Eight thousand six hundred thirteen and 00/100 dollars ($8,613.00) to thefollowing named account: MIS Special Account Software Upgrades from available funds in theUndesignated Fund Balance *Free Cash" Account.Ordered that the City Council accept the attached list of donations in the amount of Onethousand five hundred eighty eight and 00/100 dollars ($1,588.00) to the ChicopeeCouncil on Aging. Said donations are for the New Building Fund and are accepted inaccordance with M.G.L Chapter 44 Section 53kOrdered that the City Council accept the attached list of donations in the amount of Onehundred fifty and 00/100 dollars ($150.00) to the Chicopee Council on Aging Saiddonations will be used for the Rivermills Reminder Newsletter and are accepted inaccordance with M.G.L Chapter 44 Section 53A-Ordered that the City Council accept the attached list of donations in the amount of Onehundred thirgr and 00/100 dollars ($130.00) to the Chicopee Council on Aging. Saiddonations are to be used for senior programs and are accepted in accordance with M.G.LChapter 44 Section 53A.To the City Council:You are hereby notified that have this day appointed. Michael O'Neill, 26 Savory Drive, Chicopee,Massachusetts as Director of Golfto serve in such office expiring on the of February, 2019. Towhich appointment I ask the confirmation of your honorable council.*Re-Appointment
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21-22ORDERED THAT the undeveloped portion ofRoy Street beginning east of Meadow Streetand continuing

east to the railroad right-of-way and constituting approximately 0.26acres, be abandoned to the abutters.VieauBE IT ORDERED THAT the DPW install a "Dead End" sign on Alvord Avenue.Krampits
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A proposed ordinance. adding to Chapter 260, Handicap Parking — 71-73 Maple Street,Handicap Parking.

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A NEW Special Permit application under Section 275-61 C (3) of the Municipal ZoningOrdinance for the

purpose of serving food and alcoholic beverages also entertai nmentLocation: 258 Exchange Street, Chicopee, MA 01013. Applied for by: Tyron Zaitshik. 70Burnside Terrace, Springfield, MA 01118.An application for a NEW Gas Storage permit for Chicopee Golf Course. Applied for by:Jean J. Croteau, 17 Springfield Street, Chicopee, MA
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onNo rthwood Custom Boat CoversDebbie's Do's
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105 Tolpa Circle

22 Lord Terrace Nordi

122 Old Lyman Road

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96 Lapa Farm Road

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12 Kane Drive

79-81 Street

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766 A Memorial Drive

1880 Memorial Drive


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