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City Council Agenda

CITY OF ROCHESTER City Council Agenda

Council/Board Chambers 151 4th Street SE

Tagged Passions:streets and council

Regular Adjourned Meeting April 16, 2018

07:00 PM



A.1. Open Comment Period



Tagged Passions:administrator


D.1. Youth Commission Delegates Report - National League of Cities Youth Program

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions, youth, and program


Tagged Passions:business

E.1. Approval of March 19 and April 2, 2018 Council Meeting Minutes Video as the Official Record

E.2. Skyway Connection Agreement to Allow Opening into Rosa Parks Building from Former Olmsted Bank (McGoon's) Building

Tagged Passions:Public Transit and parks

E.3. Joint Powers Agreement with MHFA for Administration of 2019 Housing Tax Credits

Tagged Passions:taxes, Taxes, and housing

E.4. Change Order 2 with Kraus-Anderson for US Customs/Terminal Building Project

Tagged Passions:ports

E.5. Grant Amendment with the State of Minnesota for Terminal Communications Project

Tagged Passions:Communications, communications, and grant

E.6. Agreement with Municode for Recodification and Hosting Services.

Tagged Passions:services

E.7. Special Events for April 16,2018

Tagged Passions:events

E.8. Licenses and Permits for April 16, 2018

Tagged Passions:license

E.9. Hiawatha Sno-Seekers Premise Permit for Willow Creek Golf Course

Tagged Passions:golf

E.10. On-Sale Intoxicating Liquor License and Sunday License for Taco JED

Tagged Passions:license, alcohol, and sale

City Council Agenda Monday, April 16, 2018 Page 2 of 4

E.11. Accounts Payable for April 16, 2018

E.12. City-Owner and Construction Observation Contracts Watermain Extension and Hydrant to Serve the Hoover Elementary School J5479

Tagged Passions:contract, education, and construction

E.13. City-Owner and Construction Observation Contracts Phase 1 Public Utility Improvements to Serve Alatus J5494

Tagged Passions:contract, Utility, utility, and construction

E.14. City-County Cooperative Agreement: CR 146 (20 St SE) from 3 Ave SE to 11 Ave SE (CSAH 1)

E.15. Award of Contract: Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation 20 St SE (CR 146) from 3 Ave SE to 11 Ave SE (CSAH 1), J7316

Tagged Passions:contract

E.16. Award of Contract: Demolition of Buildings and Restoration (Various Locations), J1031

Tagged Passions:demolition and contract

E.17. Revocable Permit - Awnings in 2nd Street SW Right of Way

Tagged Passions:streets

E.18. Award of Contract: 2018 Sidewalk Replacement Repair, J4703

Tagged Passions:contract, streets, and Pedestrian

E.19. Award of Contract: 2018 Pedestrian Ramps in Various Locations, J4707

Tagged Passions:contract and Pedestrian

E.20. Acceptance of Properties for Storm Water Management

Tagged Passions:Utility, utility, stormwater, and water

E.21. Purchase of FareBoxes

Tagged Passions:purchasing

E.22. MnDOT Grant for New Transit Service Expansion and Capital

Tagged Passions:expansion and grant

E.23. Third Street Ramp Parking Rates

Tagged Passions:streets, rates, and parking

E.24. Partial Release of Ownership Maintenance Agreement for Harvestview 3rd (Doc A-1176189)

E.25. Approval of Transit System Restructuring As Described in the Transit Development Plan

Tagged Passions:development and Development

E.26. Award of Contract: 2017 Sanitary Sewer Lining at Various Locations, J4341

Tagged Passions:contract, Utility, utility, and sewer

E.27. Award of Contract: 2017 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation at Various Locations, J4342

Tagged Passions:contract, Utility, utility, and sewer

E.28. Headsign-Farebox-AVL Single Login System and Run Block Integration for Rochester Public Transit

Tagged Passions:Public Transit

E.29. Professional Engineering Services: Spring Brook Valley Creek Corridor Master Planning Study, City Project J-6683

Tagged Passions:services, corridor, and planning


City Council Agenda Monday, April 16, 2018 Page 3 of 4

F.1. Advertise for Bids: Rehabilitation of 14 St NE from Broadway Ave N to 14 Ave NE., J7327

Tagged Passions:rfp, RFP, and advertising

F.2. Advertise for Bids: Rehabilitation of 19 St NW from Scott Rd NW to West TH 52 West Frontage Rd NW, J7328

Tagged Passions:rfp, RFP, advertising, and zoning

F.3. Advertise for Bids: Rehabilitation of 6 St SW from TH 52 East Frontage Rd to 4 Ave SW, J7329

Tagged Passions:rfp, RFP, advertising, and zoning


Tagged Passions:hearing

. Public Hearing Guidelines

Tagged Passions:hearing

G.1. Planning 2 Succeed: Rochester Comprehensive Plan 2040 Update

Tagged Passions:strategic and planning

G.2. Vacation petition R2017-008VAC by YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, to vacate a 30-foot-wide alley easement. The site is located on the north

side of the Rochester YMCA facility, on the west side of 1st Avenue SW, and approximately 250 feet south of 6th Street SW.
Tagged Passions:streets, easement, and facility

G.3. Ethical Practices Board Application Review

G.4. Assessment Hearing -- 4th Street SW from 1st Ave SW to 6th Ave SW, J7326

Tagged Passions:hearing and streets

G.5. Assessment Hearing -- Reconstruction of 7 Ave SW/NW from 2 St SW to 4 St NW, J7319

Tagged Passions:hearing

G.6. 2018 Transit Program of Projects

Tagged Passions:program

G.7. Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Interim Overlay District ( R2018-001TA).

Tagged Passions:development and Development

G.8. Incentive Development Preliminary Plan R2018-003CUP, to be known as the Eckert Multi-Family Building, by The Design Connection, to develop a

four unit multi-family building at 127 12th Street NW.
Tagged Passions:streets, development, Development, and incentive


Tagged Passions:council

H.1. Chapter 106B Dogs in Outdoor Food and Liquor Establishments

Tagged Passions:pets and alcohol


Tagged Passions:ordinance

I.1. I1: First Reading:

I.2. I2 - Second Reading: Annex 90.32 Acres Of Land

Tagged Passions:annexation

I.3. I3 - Second Reading: Amending Home Rule Charter Relating To Gender Neutrality

Tagged Passions:Tony Taylor Custom and gender


City Council Agenda Monday, April 16, 2018 Page 4 of 4


Tagged Passions:business


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