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Wayzata City Council Meeting Agenda


1 Public Meeting 3

a. Open Local Board of Appeal Equalization Meeting

b. Hear Appeal(s)

c. Adjourn or Continue Meeting to May 1, 2018


1 Call to Order

2 Pledge of Allegiance

3 Roll Call

4 Approve Agenda

5 Public Forum - 15 Minutes (3 min/person)

a. Volunteer Committee Update Lynn McCarthy

Tagged Passions:volunteer

6 New Agenda Items (3 min/councilmember) - 1. Councilmember suggest item to add; 2. Must be seconded by another Councilmember; 3. Determine staff

resources, scheduling timeframe; 4. Discuss vote to add to future agenda


7 Consent Agenda 49














8 Public Hearing

Tagged Passions:hearing

a. PUBLIC HEARING AND CONSIDER APPROVAL of Resolution No. 19-2018 Vacating Sanitary Sewer Easement at 1330 Wayzata Blvd E Thomson 222

Tagged Passions:hearing, Utility, easement, utility, and sewer

9 New Business

Tagged Passions:business


10 City Manager's Report and Discussion Items

Tagged Passions:administrator and manager

11 Public Forum (as necessary)

12 Adjournment

Meeting Rules of Conduct: Turn in white card for public forum and blue card for agenda item Give name and address Indicate if representing a group

Limit remarks to 3 minutes

Upcoming Meetings:

Approval of Resolution No. 20-2018 to Accepting Donation from Cargill

Tagged Passions:Donation and donation

WAYZATA CITY COUNCIL MEETING AGENDA Wayzata City Hall Community Room, 600 Rice Street

Tagged Passions:streets

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Approval of Municipal Licenses

Tagged Passions:license

7:00 PM (or immediately following) - CITY COUNCIL MEETING


Approval of City Council Workshop Meeting Minutes of April 3, 2018 and City Council Regular Meeting Minutes of April 3, 2018

Tagged Passions:council

Approval of Check Register

Planning Commission - May 7 21, 2018

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and planning

Police Activity Report

Tagged Passions:public safety

Building Activity Report

Accept Mediacom Quarterly Customer Service Report

Approval of Resolutions 21-2018 and 22-2018 in Support of Grant Applications to Hennepin County and the Met Council for Clean Up of 253 Lake St

Tagged Passions:council and grant

Approval of Second Amendment to Sprint s Site Lease/Agreement

Tagged Passions:leasing, Telecommunications, and telecommunications

Approval of Verizon Antenna Monopole Agreement

Tagged Passions:Telecommunications and telecommunications

City Council - May 1 15, 2018

Tagged Passions:council

Approval of Second Reading of Ord 779 Amending the Official Zoning Map to Rezone Properties at 259, 269, 275 Lake St E 339 Barry Ave S to PUD

Tagged Passions:zoning

Approval of Resolution No. 18-2018 Re-Approving the Final Plat for Harrington Gates at 309 and 341 Ramsey Rd

Tagged Passions:zoning

Approval of Award of Quote to Keys Well Drilling Company for Rehabilitation of Well 4

Members of the City Council and some staff members may gather at the Wayzata Bar and Grill immediately after the meeting for a purely social event.

All members of the public are welcome.04-17-2018 CC MEETING PACKET
Tagged Passions:restaurants, council, and events

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04-17-2018 CC MEETING PACKET Page 2 of 230

MEETING DATE: April 17, 2018 AGENDA ITEM: 1b TITLE: Local Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting PROPOSED MOTION: N/A PREPARED BY: Jeffrey Dahl,

City Manager REVIEWED BY: N/A
Tagged Passions:administrator and manager

ACTIONS REQUESTED: The Mayor should open the meeting and hear appeals in the following order:

1. Property owners who have met with the City Assessor but were unable to come to a mutual agreement on the estimated market value of their

Tagged Passions:property and market

2. Property owners presenting their cases in advance of the meeting by letter or email; and 3. Property owners who have come directly to the Board

without advance notice or without
Tagged Passions:property

contacting the City Assessor prior to the meeting.

For appeals in which the City s Assessors were not made aware of prior to the meeting, staff recommends hearing the appeal and then continuing the

meeting to May 1, 2018 in order to review and make recommendation.
Tagged Passions:hearing

The City Council may adjourn the meeting only if all appeals have been resolved.

Tagged Passions:council

BACKGROUND: At its March 20 Workshop, the City Council received a general update from the City s contracted commercial Assessor (Hennepin County) and

the City s contracted residential Assessor (Southwest Assessing) regarding 2018 property valuations.
Tagged Passions:contract, property, commercial, and council

Property owners received valuation notices at the end of March and have been directed to contact the City s Assessors if they have questions or want

to appeal their property value. Attached is an updated report from Rolf Erickson of Southwest Assessing and a detailed description of the City s appeal process as stated in the March 2018 Portal.
Tagged Passions:property

As of Thursday, April 12 at 7:00 am, the City has received one residential appeal and no commercial appeals.

Tagged Passions:commercial


1. Local Board of Appeal and Equalization Update from Rolf Erickson, dated April 11, 2018 2. 2018 Value Information from Rolf Erickson 3. March 2018


City of Wayzata Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting

Agenda Report

04-17-2018 CC MEETING PACKET Page 3 of 230

TO: Jeff Dahl, Wayzata City Manager Wayzata Mayor and City Councilmembers

Tagged Passions:administrator and manager

FROM: Rolf Erickson, Wayzata City Assessor-Residential Parcels

Tagged Passions:property

DATE: April 11, 2018

RE: January 2, 2018 Assessment, Local Board of Review

The call volume in response to the valuation notices mailed for the current assessment has been very light. As of this date only one person has

informed the Assessor's Office that they wish to have their property presented to the Wayzata Board of Equalization. Their letter and my recommendation are attached for your consideration.
Tagged Passions:property

As we have previously agreed, any applicants who contact the Assessor s Office after this memo has been delivered or who attend the meeting on April

17th without prior notice will be able to present their information to you at that meeting. After all information is presented, you will need to set a date and time to reconvene the meeting. My office will then prepare information and a recommendation for each property and deliver it to City Manager Jeff Dahl prior to the reconvene meeting so that you may have time to consider the information. Anyone who contacts the Assessor s Office after the April 17th meeting and wishes to dispute their value or classification will be placed on the Local Board Roll with no action. They may then appeal to the County Board of Equalization. (The application must be made by May 16, 2018.) Once the Local Board of Equalization has adjourned, the only appeal for the 2018 assessment year/2019 tax year is the Minnesota Tax Court. Final date to petition the Tax Court for this assessment is April 30, 2019.
Tagged Passions:taxes, property, administrator, legal, manager, Taxes, and court

Included with this memo, in a separate attachment, is a book of the arm s length single family home residential sales used for the 2018 assessment.

Other materials will be provided as needed with the recommendations for any applicants properties.
Tagged Passions:sale and materials

04-17-2018 CC MEETING PACKET Page 4 of 230

Property Information

Tagged Passions:property

Name: Audrey Miller Represented by Julia Kallenberg

Address: 615 Waycliffe Dr. N

PID : 05-117-22-21-0022 Land Size: Ground Floor Area: 1,905 SF Total Above Ground Area: 1,905 SF

Comment: Use: Residential Townhouse


Original Value 2018 Incorrect Change

Assessor Recommendation

Council Action

Tagged Passions:council

Land. 239,000

208,000 239,000

Building 457,000

457,000 457,000


696,000 665,000 696,000

Comments: This property was changed incorrectly in conjunction with the review of a neighboring property, originally for purposes of equalization. If

the incorrect change had been found prior to the 10 day period before the Local Board of Equalization, the City Assessor would have been able to correct this value directly. Because a City Assessor is not allowed to change any values in the 10 calendar days preceding a Local Board of Equalization, the property must be presented to the Local Board for correction. A change to the original value of the property is requested.
Tagged Passions:property

Following this recommendation is the owner's letter requesting that this incorrect valuation be corrected. .

04-17-2018 CC MEETING PACKET Page 5 of 230

04-17-2018 CC MEETING PACKET Page 6 of 230

04-17-2018 CC MEETING PACKET Page 7 of 230

City of Wayzata

Single Family Home Sales Considered for

Tagged Passions:sale

The January 2, 2018 Assessment

Lake Minnetonka Report (Henn Co Assessor) 1

How the Assessor Estimates our Value 2-3

How to Appeal Your Value and Classification 4-5

Median Home Sales (Board of Realtors) 6-10

Tagged Passions:sale

Off Lake Sales 11-33

Tagged Passions:sale

Gleason Lake Sale 34

Tagged Passions:sale

Lake Minnetonka Lake Access Sales 35-36

Tagged Passions:sale

Lake Minnetonka Lakeshore Sales 37-39

Tagged Passions:sale

04-17-2018 CC MEETING PACKET Page 8 of 230

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Sa le s

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Sa le R at io

Ti m e A dj S al e R at io

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25 7

1 ,8 07

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1 ,9 26

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4. 6

5 84

,4 93

,0 00

8 3

,2 04

,0 00

3 ,4 00

,0 00

97 .0

95 .4

Ex ce ls io r

37 1

,3 96

,0 00

1 ,4 89

,0 00

6. 7

6 2, 52

1, 00

0 2

2 ,2 00

,0 00

2 ,2 00

,0 00

98 .6

96 .1

G re en

w oo

d 16

4 1

,2 87

,0 00

1 ,2 89

,5 00

1. 5

2 39

,8 89

,6 00

3 1

,5 27

,5 05

1 ,3 90

,0 15

97 .5

95 .6

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a 13

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,9 00

1 ,0 73

,5 00

4. 8

1 69

,1 98

,2 00

5 1

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,8 00

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