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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Roanoke Rapids City Council

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City Council Chambers

Lloyd Andrews City Meeting Hall AGENDA

Call to Order Invocation

No additional detail provided

Adoption of Business Agenda (In accordance with the Roanoke Rapids City Council Rules Regulations, it is the duty of every member

present to vote on all matters coming before the Council unless there is a conflict of interest as determined by the Council or by law. Does any member have any known conflict of interest with respect to any matters before the Council this evening? If so, please identify and the remaining Council members will vote to consider the requested excuse.)
Tagged Passions:council, regulation, and business

Special Recognitions Police Department

4. Public Comment (Unscheduled)

Tagged Passions:public safety and recognition

Approval of April 3, 2018 City Council Meeting Minutes


No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:appointments

a) Reappointments to Canal Museum Advisory Committee

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:watershed

b) Reappointment to Roanoke Rapids Area Planning Board Board of


Tagged Passions:planning

Old Business

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:business

New Business

a) Consideration of Resolution Adopting a City-Authorized Wayfinding Signage System b) Consideration of NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) Basic Facts and Assurances 9. City Manager s Report 10. Finance Director s Report

Tagged Passions:administrator, manager, advertising, signage, parks, finance, recreation, and business

Departmental Reports

No additional detail provided

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Council Map


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