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Board Of Commissioners

AgendaTown of MooresvilleBoard of CommissionersApril 16, 2018Monday — 6:00 p.m.Mooresville Town Hall

MOOR eofeesvlMiles Atkins — MayorGary WestCommissioner-At-LargeEddie DinglerCommissionerLisa QuallsCommissioner- Ward 1- Ward IVDavid W.Stephen P.Bobby ComptonCommissioner-At-LargeThurman HoustonCommissioner — Ward IIBarbara WhittingtonCommissioner — Ward 111Treme — Town ManagerGambill — Town AttorneyAgendaTown of MooresvilleBoard of CommissionersApril 16, 20186:00 p.m. — Mooresville Town Hall. Call to OrderInvocationPledge of Allegiance
Tagged Passions:legal,boards and commissions,pets,manager

2.Proclamation recognizing the Mooresville Art Guild's 40th Anniversary. (page 3)

Tagged Passions:recognition,arts

3.Proclamation recognizing the month of April as Library Appreciation Month.(page 4)

Tagged Passions:recognition,library

4.Adjustments to the Agenda.

5.Consent AgendaConsider a budget amendment and accept with appreciation a donation from thea.Moores

ville Artist Guild in the amount Of $35,000 to begin the improvements at thedepot warehouse. (page 5-6)b.Consider approving a "Fifth Amendment TO Water Tower Lease Agreement"between Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless and the Town of Mooresville.This amendment involves a reduction in the total number of antennas on theChurch Street water tank but keeps the rent the same. This change will provide theTown with additional Space on the catwalk for any new carriers in the future.(pages 7-11)Consider a request from the Deputy Manager to apply for the Bloomberge.Philanthropies' Public Art Challenge grant in an amount not to exceedThe Public Art Challenge encourages Mayors to collaborate with artists to developinnovative public art projects that address critical issues in their communities. NoTown match is required.
Tagged Passions:streets,budget,Utility,arts,grant,water,alcohol,Donation,church,Cell tower,hotel,Telecommunications,pets,wireless,restaurants,leasing,manager

d. Consider a contract with Professional Property Services Inc. in the amount offor the Dye Creek Gr

eenway Right-of-Way Acquisition. This project is forconsulting services for right-of-way acquisition along section 1 of the Dye CreekGreenway along with appraisals and easement staking if needed.Consider a contract with Gresham Smith & Partners for the North South Parkwaye.Sub Area Study in the amount of This project is for evaluatingalternative North-South routes from the City of Charlotte to Iredell County forconsideration by Iredell County, participating Towns, TCC and CRTPO.(pages 12-16)
Tagged Passions:transportation,information technology,arts,property,contract,parks,Public Transit,Capital Spending,easement,services

f. Consider awarding a two-year contract to Clarion Associates LLC in an amount notto exceed SIOO,OO

O by June 30, 2018 and in an amount not to exceed SIOO,OOO byJune 30, 2019 subject to availability of funding for the tasks associated withpreparing an updated Comprehensive Plan.
Tagged Passions:funding,contract,strategic

g. Consider an addition to the minutes naming the following as party to the economicdevelopment agre

ement approved by the Town Board on March 19, 2018.Project Control — Corvid Technologies LLC
Tagged Passions:arts,development

h. Consider a budget amendment in the amount of $16,718 for an insurancereimbursement received for a

damaged police vehicle due to an uninsured motorist.(page 17)
Tagged Passions:public safety,budget,insurance

i. Consider a budget amendment in the amount of S14,800 for an insurancereimbursement received for a

damaged police vehicle. (page 18)
Tagged Passions:public safety,budget,insurance

j. Consider awarding a contract to Serpentix Conveyor Corporation of Westminster,Colorado in the amo

unt of $53,600 to refurbish and rebuild the Serpentix SludgeConveyor associated with the AshbrOok Belt Press at the Wastewater TreatmentPlant. (page 19)
Tagged Passions:Utility,sewer,water,contract,plant

k. Consider declaring Power Turf Renovation of Waddell, Arizona "Sole-Source" forthe P TO-60 Sport T

urf Resurfacing Machine. This is based on a bid dated 3/28/18in the amount of SII,995. No other vendor produces a piece Of equipmentcomparable, therefore, competitive bids could not be obtained. (pages 20-21)
Tagged Passions:streets,RFP,information technology,equipment,military,pets

l. Consider Amendment 1 to the North Carolina Department Of Natural and CulturalResources and the To

wn of Mooresville grant contract for the $70,000 grant for thepergola retrofit at the library. Amendments include changing the completion datefrom May 2018 to October 31, 2018 and changes to Attachment B. (pages 22-24)
Tagged Passions:arts,library,grant,alcohol,contract

6. Financial Summary ReportTown of Mooresville40th Anniversary ProclamationMooresville Artist GuildW

HEREAS, in 1955 six artists gathered at the War Memorial to paint andexchange ideas and in 1966 the Mooresville Artist Guild was horn; andWHEREAS, the Mooresville Artist Guild is celebrating their 40th anniversary Ofbeing in the historic Mooresville Depot in downtown Mooresville; andWHEREAS, the Mooresville Artist Guild is dedicated to being an advocate forthe artist and to serve as an artistic and cultural resource for the community; andWHEREAS, their projects include the 40th anniversary of SpringFest, theirannual spring art show, the NC Open Plein Air Event which brought in artists fromthe entire state of North Carolina, the Arts at the Mill and the 150th AnniversaryExhibition of the American Watercolor Society which included artwork fromnationally and internationally-known artists; andWHEREAS, their vision is to educate the public in the appreciation of all artforms, display exceptional exhibits for everyone to view, offer the opportunities to learnand be creative and be an ever-present hub for artists of all ages.
Tagged Passions:Utility,recognition,arts,water,historic,drugs,downtown,strategic,finance,military,vocational education,pets,restaurants,events

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Mayor and Board ofCommissioners of the Town of Mooresville d

o hereby extend their sincerecongratulations and best wishes for many more years of service to the Mooresvillecommunity.This 16th day of April, 2018.Miles AtkinsMayorThurman HoustonMayor Pro Tem
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions



u allsCommissionerEddie DinglerCommissionerBarbara WhittingtonCommissionerBobby CCommiss nerGa westC

ommissionerCoum of MooresviCeProclamationLibrary Appreciation Month — April 2018WHEREAS, libraries are the heart of their communities, campuses and schools;andWHEREAS, public libraries, school libraries, college and university libraries, aswell as all other types of libraries are essential to providing opportunities to improveour quality of lifefor today and tomorrow, andWHEREAS, by engaging library users in a wealth of print, media and digitalcollections, libraries provide access to resources for building knowledge and life-longlearning; andWHEREAS, libraries bring together community members to enrich and shapethe community and address local issues; andWHEREAS, with the many opportunities to engage with our libraries, April is aperfect time to visit our library and see how they are helping every person in ourcommunity succeed in reaching their full potential.
Tagged Passions:recognition,arts,boards and commissions,library,alcohol,education,university,pets,restaurants

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Mayor and Board ofCommissioners of the Town of Mooresville d

o hereby proclaim April 2018 as LibraryAppreciation Month and encourage all citizens to visit their local library to takeadvantage of the resources available.This the 16th day of April 2018.Miles AtkinsMayorThurman HoustonMayor Pro Tem
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions,library

Q ailsCommissionerEddie DinglerCommissionerBarbara itiingtonCommissionerobby mp nCommission er

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions


G WestCommissionerJournal #Town of MooresvilleBudget AmendmentApril 16, 2018LibraryConsider a budget

amendment to accept funds from the Mooresville Artist Guild for life safetyimprovements to 103 W _ Center Ave, the train depot's warehouse.Date:Department:Purpose:Revenue:Fund
Tagged Passions:funding,budget,arts,boards and commissions,library

1001640-3703Ex nse:Fund

10640000-5545AccountMiscellaneous RevenueTotalAccountBldgs. Structures & ImprovementsTotal

B a lanced?Date approved by Board Of Commissioners:Current Budgets

Tagged Passions:budget,boards and commissions


5,000Current Budgets

Tagged Passions:budget



Tagged Passions:budget



Tagged Passions:budget



YESChange toBudget

Tagged Passions:budget


35,000Change toBudget

Tagged Passions:budget




27 March 2018Mooresville Town Board% Janet popeMooresville Town Hall

413 North Main St.Mooresville, NC 28115Dear Sirs/Madam,Mooresville Arts

Tagged Passions:arts,drugs,disability

103 W. Center AvenueMooresville NC 28115Phone 704.663.6661Email: mooresviIleartsNC@gmail.comMooresvi

lle Artist Guild is pleased to provide the Town of Mooresville with a check for $35,000.00 tobegin the life safety improvements to our location at 103 W. Center Ave, the train depot's warehouse.Our understanding is that there will also be a partial matching of these funds in the amount of$10,000.00 by the Mooresville Library.We anticipate with this funding that the project will be implemented as soon as possible and these fundswill meet the expected estimates for the project.Respectfully,Jeannine TieriTreasurer/Vice PresidentMooresville Artist Guild
Tagged Passions:funding,Utility,electric,arts,library,alcohol,Treasurer,pets,Capital Spending,leasing

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