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James D. Couch, General Manager

Catherine OConnor, Surrogate General Manager Frances Kersey, Secretary Wiley Williams, Deputy Municipal Counselor

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200 N. Walker 3rd Floor Council Chamber


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The Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust (OCEDT) generally meets on a monthly basis in the Council Chamber at City Hall unless prior notice of a change is posted. If Council or another City Trust is in session, the OCEDT meeting will be held in the Executive Conference room (same floor). To confirm meeting dates, call (405) 297 2260.

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It is the policy of the City to ensure that communications with participants and members of the public with disabilities are as effective as communications with others. Anyone with a disability who requires an accommodation, a modification of policies or procedures, or an auxiliary aid or server in order to participate in this meeting should contact the ADA department coordinator at 297-2506 or TDD 297-2020 as soon as possible but not later than 48 hours (not including weekends or holidays) before the scheduled meeting. The department will give primary consideration to the choice of auxiliary aid or service requested by the individual with disability. If you need an alternate format of the agenda or any information provided at said meeting, please contact the ADA department coordinator listed above 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.

Addressing the Trust Citizens may address the Trust during public hearings on any matter on the agenda, but all comments must be relevant to items on the agenda. Citizens may also address the Trust on individual concerns at the end of the agenda when the Chairman asks if there are any comments by citizens. Comments should concern OCEDT matters. Please fill out a Request to be Heard form located outside of Chambers and return this form to economic development staff. PLEASE LIMIT YOUR COMMENTS TO 3 MINUTES. If you know in advance that you wish to address the Trust, you may call 297 2260 and provide your name and the subject about which you wish to speak. Trust Actions Official action can be taken only on items that appear on the agenda. The Trust may dispose of business on the agenda by adopting, approving, ratifying, denying, deferring or continuing resolutions, plans and specifications, addenda, amendments and contracts. Other actions may also be taken. When more information is needed to act on an item, the Trust may refer items to the General Manager or Legal Counsel. The Trust may also refer items to committees of the Trust, to a board or commission, or to independent consultants for additional study.
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Under certain circumstances, items are stricken from the agenda entirely or no action of any kind is taken.

Television Coverage Parking Trust meetings are covered live on Cox Cable Channel20 Free parking is available at the Sheridan-Walker Parking Garage (501 West Sheridan). The OCEDT staff must validate parking tickets at the Trust meeting. For more information about the Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust, call 297-2260, or visit the staff at 200 N. Walker, Suite 302, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Agenda
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Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 2:00 PM
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Third Floor

Municipal Building

200 North Walker

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Call to Order

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Approve Minutes of the March 20, 2018 Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust Meeting

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Ratify OCEDT Claims

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Items for Individual Consideration

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Joint Economic Development Agreement with The City of Oklahoma City and Costco Wholesale Corp., to support the development of a Costco Wholesale store in the area east of North Western Avenue and the Kilpatrick Turnpike, not to exceed 3,000,000. (GEN-ED)

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Memorandum of Agreement between the Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust ( quot;OCEDT quot;), Independent School District No. I-89 of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma ( quot;I-89 quot;) and The City of Oklahoma City ( quot;The City quot;) to provide TIF assistance for the Oklahoma City I-89 2015 Capital and 2017 Capital and Planning Projects, locations of 615 N. Classen Boulevard, the operations center located at I-35 and NE 23rd Street, and other various locations throughout the school district, in an amount not to exceed 15,000,000 (TIF)

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Oklahoma City Economic Development Foundation FY 2017/2018 3rd Quarter Report. (GOLT)(GEN-ED)

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General Manager Reports

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Comments from Staff, Trustees and Citizens

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