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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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City Commission

City Commission

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

City of Oregon City

Meeting Agenda

625 Center Street Oregon City, OR 97045

Tagged Passions:streets


Dan Holladay, Mayor Renate Mengelberg, Commission President

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

Brian Shaw, Nancy Ide, Frank O'Donnell

Commission Chambers5:30 PMTuesday, June 12, 2018

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

Work Session

1. Convene Work Session and Roll Call

2. Future Agenda Items The Commission s adopted goals and available staff resources shall be considered when recommending future agenda items. The

Commission may add an item to a future agenda with consensus of the Commission.
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

3. Discussion Items

3a. 18-279 Downtown Oregon City Association Update Presentation by Carol Pauli and Jonathan Stone Sponsors: City Manager Tony Konkol

Tagged Passions:administrator, manager, and downtown

Staff Report

MOU with Main Street Board

Tagged Passions:streets


3b. 18-281 Metro Regional Transportation Plan Update

Tagged Passions:transportation and Public Transit

Sponsors: Public Works Director John Lewis Staff Report

Tagged Passions:public works and Public Works

2018 Work Plan At-A-Glance

OC Project List Update April 2018

DRAFT 2018 RTP Project Locations


3c. 18-250 Marijuana Business Update

Tagged Passions:marijuana, business, and drugs

Sponsors: Finance Director Wyatt Parno Staff Report

Tagged Passions:finance


Municipal Code 3.06 - Tax on Recreational Marijuana Sales

Tagged Passions:taxes, Taxes, marijuana, drugs, recreation, and sale

Municipal Code 17.54.110 - Marijuana Businesses

Tagged Passions:marijuana, business, and drugs


3d. PC 18-080 Policy Direction: Creation of a Hearings Officer to Process Appeals of Land Use Decisions Sponsors: Community Development Director

Laura Terway
Tagged Passions:hearing, policy, development, community development, and Development

City of Oregon City Printed on 6/6/2018Page 1 of 2

June 12, 2018City Commission Meeting Agenda

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

Staff ReportAttachments:

4. City Manager's Report

Tagged Passions:administrator and manager

5. Adjournment ________________________________________________________________

Agenda Posted at City Hall, Pioneer Community Center, Library, City Web site. Video Streaming Broadcasts: The meeting is streamed live on Internet on

the Oregon City s Web site at www.orcity.org and available on demand following the meeting. The meeting can be viewed live on Willamette Falls Television on channel 28 for Oregon City area residents. The meetings are also rebroadcast on WFMC. Please contact WFMC at 503-650-0275 for a programming schedule.
Tagged Passions:community center and library

City Hall is wheelchair accessible with entry ramps and handicapped parking located on the east side of the building. Hearing devices may be

requested from the City Recorder prior to the meeting. Disabled individuals requiring other assistance must make their request known 48 hours preceding the meeting by contacting the City Recorder s Office at 503-657-0891.
Tagged Passions:disability, hearing, and parking

City of Oregon City Printed on 6/6/2018Page 2 of 2

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