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West Hartford Clean Energy Commission

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West Hartford Clean Energy Commission

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions, clean energy, energy, and environment

June 11, 2018 7:00 PM

Rm 422

1. Roll Call 7PM

Member Present Alternates Present

Catherine Diviney Robert Palmer

Chris Nelson Dave Mello

Joe Campanella James Capella

Bernie Pelletier

Max DuBuisson

Total (3 needed for quorum)

Additional Attendees

2. Approval of Minutes

a. April 16, 2018

b. May 16, 2018

3. Communications/Administration

Tagged Passions:Communications and communications

a. Catherine apologizes for not attending ACL surgery is Tues morning.

4. Business

Tagged Passions:business

a. Celebrate West Hartford recap

b. Fracking Waste Ban update

Tagged Passions:fracking and FRACKING

c. Sustainable CT update June 14, 1 PM Strengthening Your Sustainable CT

Application: Lessons Learned from Pre-Application Reviews, anyone can register at

www.sustainablect.org (Catherine will attend, feedback will be provide on preliminary

applications after this webinar, then committee will meet again to discuss additional

actions to be submitted for Aug 24)

c. Multi-town energy task force initiative June 20, 12-2 PM in Bloomfield.

Tagged Passions:energy

d. 2018 Special Events Reports

Tagged Passions:events

Chamber of Commerce Education seminar this group would work with

Tagged Passions:education

Chamber of Commerce to arrange an education seminar, including vendors

Tagged Passions:education

or speakers, for a specific type of business (restaurants, convenience, pick

Tagged Passions:restaurants and business

one). There was an idea to make this regional work with additional towns/Chambers. Joe Campanella, James Capella

Solar Promotion this group would develop and launch another (residential?)

solar promotion campaign. Could take a variety of forms: email, online,

letters, banners, Town newsletters, Partners: EnergySage/GO Solar CT,

Posigen, community TV spots, etc. Dan Tavelli, Aaron Hills, Bernie


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Recycling / Food Waste There seemed to be a lot of interest in this area.

Tagged Passions:recycling

Not sure what the specific topic/campaign would be .you decide. Katherine

Bruns, Chris Nelson

Community TV spots This group would pull together a series of slides

(static display), pre-made videos (e.g., EnergizeCT, YouTube,) and/or host

some local interviews/speakers on a variety of topics to be aired on

Community TV or the gov t channel. Brought to you by WH Clean Energy

Tagged Passions:clean energy, energy, and environment

Commission. Topics could range from Solar, Electric Vehicles, Windows/Doors, Insulation, Food Waste, Town efforts, etc. Dave Mello, Joe

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions, Electric Vehicles, and electric

Campanella, Matt Macunas, Bernie Pelletier

EV car show to be held in conjunction with Drive Electric day Matt Macunas,

Tagged Passions:electric

Max DuBuisson, James Capella

e. Heat pump letter Bernie and Catherine will finalize

f. 100PercentCT Project Energy Plan Bernie and Catherine will work on this

Tagged Passions:energy

together over next month in light of Matt Hart s desire to focus more broadly on

Carbon Footprint/GHG Emissions

g. POCD WH-CEC may need to be proactive (given Matt s take that this is an update,

not overhaul)

5. Adjournment

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