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Issues discussed this meeting include:

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Town Council Meeting





6.Of Surnmerville Council MeetingSummerville Municipal ComplexThursday, June 14, 2018 - 6:00 p.m.

Tagged Passions:capital spending and Capital Spending

AGENDAInvocation and Pledge Of Allegiance: Councilmember Kima Garten-SchmidtPresentations:

Tagged Passions:pets, council, and arts

a. Proclamatbn for Natk)nal Garden WeekPublic CommentApproval Of Minutes Of previous Meetings

Tagged Passions:restaurants

a. Town Council Meeting, May 10, 2018Approval Of Council Committee Reports

Tagged Passions:ports

a. Parks and Recreation Committee Report. Monday, June I I , 2018

Tagged Passions:parks and recreation

b. and Development Committee Report. Monday. June 11, 2018

Tagged Passions:development and Development

c. Public Safety Cornrnittee Report. Monday. Monday, June 11, 2018

Tagged Passions:restaurants and public safety

d. Puuz Works Cormmittee Report, Monday. Monday, June 11, 2018

e. Finanæ Committee Report. tv'onday. Monday, June 11, 2018petitions

Tagged Passions:pets

a. Petithn by Bryan Thomas and Madelin Miriam Schwitzke to annex Dorchester County TMS# 144-16-02-00

3 (approximately O. 70 acres) located at 104 King Charles Circle, currently zoned R-1Singh-Farnily Residential in Dorchester County and will be zoned R-2 Single-Family Residentialupon annexation into the Town of Summerville's municipal limits (Council District 5). (PlanningCommission heki a public hearing and made a recommendation for approval at their meeting onMay 21.2018)
Tagged Passions:capital spending, restaurants, Capital Spending, pets, vocational education, zoning, hearing, council, boards and commissions, recognition, annexation, and planning

b. Pettion by Town Of Summerville to annex a portion of N. Maple Street right-of-way, known asTract

2A and a portbn of Bear Island Road right-of-way, known as tract Bl Tract 1 , (By title only)
Tagged Passions:pets, streets, and annexation

7. Bills and Resolutions

a. Second and final reading of the petition by Edward Joseph Kirsch and Brittany Lynn Kirsch toannex

Dorchester County TMS# 145-09-02-006 (approximately O. 78 acres) located at 102 KingCharles Court. currently zoned R-1 Single-Family Residential in Dorchester County and will bezoned R-2 Single-Family Residential upon annexation into the Town of Summerville's municipallimits.
Tagged Passions:capital spending, Capital Spending, pets, vocational education, zoning, court, legal, and annexation

b. Second and final reading of an ordinance to rezone portion Of TMS# 144-00-00-080. GreenwaveBoulev

ard. approxirnately 2.0 acres, and Owned by Commissioner of Public Works for the TownOf Sumrnervale frorn Public to B-3, General Business.
Tagged Passions:public works, restaurants, Public Works, zoning, Public Transit, business, boards and commissions, ordinance, and streets

c. Second and final reading Of an odnance to rezone TMS# 136-07-02-004, 1225 Central Avenue,approxir

nately 1.58 acres, and Owned by Tracy M. Page from R-1 , Single-family Residential to B-2, Business Center.Town Agenda — Jurr 14, 2018page 2
Tagged Passions:zoning, Public Transit, and business

d. Second and final reading Of an ordinance to rezone TMS# 130-15-01-007, 701 W. 5t1 NorthStreet. ap

proximately 0.452 acres, and owned by Catherine A, Strickland from R-2, Single-familyResidential to B-2. Neighborhood Business Center.
Tagged Passions:neighborhood, pets, zoning, Public Transit, business, ordinance, and streets

e. Second and final reading Of an Ordinance to rezone TMS# 130-15-05-001, 801 N. PalmettoStreet. app

roximately 227 acres, and owned by Samuel Hiott, Helen Hiott, and Mary Coker fromPLJD. Planned Development District to R-2. Single-family Residential.
Tagged Passions:development, soft drinks, zoning, Development, ordinance, and streets

f. Second and final reading of an ordinance to approve a quit-claim deed to transfer two portions of

unimproved road of way adjacent to Conifer Drive in Limehouse Plantation Subdivision toCalatlantic Group. Inc.
Tagged Passions:subdivision, plant, strategic, ordinance, and streets

8. Introduction Of Bills and Resolutions — WA

9. Miscellaneousb.

C.d.e.g.h.j.Council Policy Book — Approval Of current Coundl policiesMunicipal State Highway project

agreementBuikiing Offcial Town Code Enforcement OfficerConsideratbn Of contract for tourism management with the Summerville Chamber Of CommerceConsideration of contract for the purchase of the Bend on the AshleySuvzrgreen Solutions financial
Tagged Passions:capital spending, Capital Spending, codes enforcement, policy, finance, tourism, contract, council, and purchasing

i. Approval to issue a purchase order to Super Green Solutions in the amount Of $33,698.00for lighti

ng upgrades to Old Town Hall and the annex building. Funds to come frombudgeted building and grounds.of citizen committee membersCDBG Annual Action PlanRewlutbn to Reprimand or CensureMayors Remarks
Tagged Passions:purchasing, budget, funding, cdbg, and annexation

10. Executive Session — Legal, contractual and personnel mattersa.b.c.d.e.Receive legal advice conce

rning property annexed by the Town of SummervilleTMS #180-00-00-018 and TMS #180-OO-OO-042.Contrætual matters solid waste seMces of Waste Pro and Carolina WasteContrætual matters regarding Evergreen Classification and Compensation StudyContractual and personnel matters regarding the Town Administrator positionPersmnel matters regarding t'e appointment of citizen committee rnernbers
Tagged Passions:Utility, appointments, pets, compensation, college prep, natural gas, contract, administrator, personnel, property, solid waste, electric, legal, utility, and annexation

II. Other Business — Action to Taken by Council Related to Executive Sessbn

Tagged Passions:Public Transit, business, and council

12. Adjoumzo


Tagged Passions:parks, arts, and recreation



DATE:Beth Messervy, Town ClerkColin Martin, Town AdministratorRuss Cornette, Public Works DirectorDo

yle Best, Parks & Recreation ManagerJune 13, 2018Parks & Recreation Committee MinutesThe Parks & Recreation Committee met on Monday, June II, 2018 in the 2nd Floor TrainingRoom of the Town Hall Annex Building All members of council were present Members ofthe press were duly notified and present Committee Chairman Bob Jackson called themeeting to order at 5:30PM.1) National Guard ArmoryMr. Best provided committee members with an update on the NationalGuard Armory project. Hood Construction has mobilized to the site anddemolition subcontractor is currently on site working to remove the brickfacade and interior walls. Demolition will continue for several moreweeks. NO action was taken2) Hutchinson SquareMr. Best provided committee members with an update on the HutchinsonSquare project. Wildwood Contractors. Inc. mobilized on May 29.2018and began demolition within the square that will continue for severalmore weeks. Mr. Brown asked about the construction timeline. Mr. Bestinformed committee members that project duration was anticipated tolast until February 2019. Ms. Garten-Schmidt asked about signagearound the square. Mr. Best stated that staff would evaluate signage andany improvements that could be made. Two merchants from Little Maincommented on continuing informational meetings with the merchants,trash cans around the square, and the continuation of Third Thursday.Mr. Best stated that staff would look at all 2 of 2With no other business to discuss, Ms. Garten-Schmidt made a motion (seconded by Mr.Brown) to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 5:44PM.Sincerely,Doyle BestManager, Parks & RecreationTown of SummervilleMailing: 200 South Main Street Summerville, SC 29483Physical: 515 West Boundary Street I Summerville, SC 29483Office: (843)851-5211 1 Fax: (843)851-5214
Tagged Passions:public works, taxes, capital spending, TIF, signage, advertising, manager, restaurants, Capital Spending, Public Works, Public Transit, demolition, parks, military, construction, contract, administrator, EMS, business, council, training, arts, streets, recreation, annexation, and Taxes


Tagged Passions:development, Development, and planning

5:30 PMTOWN HALL - Training Room

Tagged Passions:training

200 S. Main Street, Summerville, SCThe Planning and Development Committee of Town Council met on Jun

e 1 1 , 2018 at 5:30 PM. The meeting was heldin the Training Room of Town Hall, 200 S. Main Street, Summerville, SC. Committee present includedChristine Czamik, Council District 2, Bill McIntosh, Chairman, Council District 4; and Bob Jackson, Council District
Tagged Passions:development, Development, council, training, streets, and planning

6. present included Jessi Shuler, AICP, Director of Planning and other Town staff.The meeting was ca

lled to order immediately following the Parks and Recreation Committee at 5:45 PM by Mr.Ms. Shuler introduced the Ftition by Bryan lhorms and Madelin Miriam Schwitzke to anrrx Dorchester County TMS# 144-16-02-003 O. 70 acres) JCEated at IN King Charles Circle. currently zoned R- I Single-Family Residential inDorchester County and Will be zonal R-2 Single-Familv Residential upon anrrxation into the Town Of Summerville ' smunicipal limits. She stated that Planning Commission held a public hearing and made a recomrnendation for amroval attheir nreting cmMay 21, 2018. Mr. Jackson made a motion to n»ve the annexation forward to Council for first reading,and Ms. Curnü the TIE nxxion passedMs_ Shuler intrcxhEcd the petition bv the Town of Surnmerville to anrEX a porticm OfN. Maple Street right-of-way. known asTract 2A and a portion Of Bear Road known (By title only). She stated that the PlanningCommission had not yet had a public hearing this item, so the public hearing would be held at the July Planning ComrnissionMr. Jacksm madc a rmytion to annexation forward to full Council first reading, and Ms. Cza-nik rnadethe second- TIE rmtionMs. Shuler inmrnrd tie Committee that the letters to the pnverty omwrs and resi'm_s on Holiday Drive in Weathers-tone hadbeen mailed Out, and were submitted to staff She stated that it would most likely be on their fordiscussion in July.Following no additional business or discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 5:48 PM on a motion by Mr. Jacksonand rcorxl by Ms. Czamik.Respectfflly submitted,Jessi Shuler, AICPDirector of PlanningJune 12, 2018
Tagged Passions:capital spending, holiday, restaurants, Capital Spending, pets, zoning, Public Transit, parks, hearing, business, council, boards and commissions, streets, recreation, annexation, and planning

PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE REPORTJune 11, 2018The council met on Monday, June 11, 2018 in the Training

Room of the Annex Buildingfollowing the Parks and Recreation Committee, and the Planning and DevelopmentCommittee, which began at 5:30pm. Present were committee membersAaron Brown, Walter Bailey and Bill McIntosh. Also present were Mayor Wiley Johnson,Town Administrator Colin Martin, Town Clerk Beth Messervy and Town Attorney G.W.Parker. Other staff members, members of the press and members of the public were dulynotified and also present.Chairman Brown called the Public Safety Committee meeting to order at 5:49 prn.There was no report for the Fire & Rescue Department.Deputy Chief Frank Nigro presented the monthly report from the Police Department.Mr. Brown asked if the approval of the pay increase on July 1, 2018 has had an effect on theDepartment's employment status. Chief Nigro stated that it has slowed down the numberof people leaving the Department. as well as increased the quality of applicants for newMr. McIntosh made a seconded by Mr. Bailey, to adjourn the meeting. The motioncarried, and the meeting adjourned at 5:51 pm.Respectfully submitted,Ella C. KnoxMayorWiley JohnscmCouncil Members:Bob Jackson, Mayor Pro-TemWalter BaileyAaron BroChri Stine CzamikKima Garten-SchmidtWilliam McIntosh
Tagged Passions:taxes, development, TIF, restaurants, parks, administrator, Development, council, training, employment, arts, legal, recreation, annexation, public safety, Taxes, and planning

4Town AdministratorColin L MartinTown ClerkBeth MesservyTown A ttorneyG.W. ParkerCoton of Summerbill

Tagged Passions:parks, administrator, and arts

MINUTES — PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE MEETINGJune 11, 2018The meeting was called to order at 5:52pm by Co

mmittee Chairperson Kima Garten-Schmidt.In attendance were Committee members Christine Czarnik, Walter Bailey and Kima Garten-Schmidt. Also in attendance were Director of Public Works Russ Cornette, Town Attorney
Tagged Passions:Public Works, restaurants, public works, arts, and legal

G. W. Parker, Town Administrator Colin Martin, and Town Clerk Beth Messervy.Russ Comette gave an upd

ate on the public works projects:
Tagged Passions:Public Works, restaurants, public works, parks, administrator, and arts






2017 Sidewalk Project: Construction documents have been prepared for the sidewalkproject along Hicko

ry Street, West 2nd South Street and South Laurel Street, as well asthe sidewalk project along Springview Lane and Bentons Lodge Road in Oakbrook. Staffis preparing the construction bid package to bid in July for an August approval bycouncil.Marymeade Drive Extension. The contractor has begun the work and completed theclearing and installation Of erosion control, drainage work, and base material. Finegrading, paving, sidewalk, and conduit installation remain before completion. Thecontractor has six months to complete the project but an early completion is expectedbarring no weather or unforeseen delays occur.State Road Resurfacing. This project will resurface North Hickory Street, EastRichardson Avenue and rebuild the intersection of East Richardson Avenue andMagnolia Street. The project will bid June 28 and will be brought to the July financecommittee meeting for the approval of a purchase order.Bear Island Road. Right-of-way acquisition is ongoing on the last two prop«ties. Staffreceived the 401 Water Quality Certification on Friday, Novernber 3, 2017. The ArmyCorps of Engineers will soon complete their review for 404 permitting and the permit isexpected this summer. Staff has accepted proposals from interested finns forConstruction Engineering Inspection services March 22, 2018. Those packages are beingreviewed and will bc brought to the finance committee to approve a Purchase Order laterin the summer.Maple Street . In September, council approved a purchase order for Michael BakerInternational to begin right-of-way acquisition for Maple Street. Right of way agents willbegin contacting property owners for acquisition soon. A utility coordination meetingwas held in May and the wetland permit is being submitted this week.Arbor Oaks Drainage. Staff applied for a state Rural Infrastructure Authority Grant tofund the improvements recommended by the Drainage study for Arbor Oaks.
Tagged Passions:Utility, taxes, RFP, Gun Control, gun control, TIF, services, pets, hotel, grading, Pedestrian, military, finance, construction, contract, alcohol, council, water, grant, rural, property, rfp, recognition, utility, purchasing, streets, stormwater, and Taxes

200 South Main street, Summerville, SC 29483-6000 • 843.871.6000, Fax: 843.871.6954www.SummervilleSC

Tagged Passions:streets

7.Unfortunately, the Town was not selected to receive the grant. Staff has prepared an RFPto purchas

e the materials to implement the improvernents to be paid out of theStormwater Fund Balance.Mast Arms. The contractor is scheduled to mobilize to begin installing the concretefoundations around June 13. The foundations are 6' diameter and 18 deep. The poles arescheduled for delivery the week Of July 9. The project should be completed by the end ofMs. Garten-Schmidt asked for any public comments. A gentleman inquired about the status ofthe Berlin G. Myers Parkway Extension. Mr. Cornette reported that the extension is still underreview, the permit has been sent to the Army Corps Of Engineers and that SCDOT will host apublic comment session later this summer.
Tagged Passions:Utility, RFP, pole, restaurants, parks, military, materials, contract, alcohol, water, grant, arts, rfp, utility, purchasing, transportation, and stormwater

A gentleman asked about the timeline for construction in the Arbor Oaks Drainage Project. Mr.Cornett

e reported that is could start in late fall if they can get it approved and financed.Mr. Cornette gave a presentation from the SCDOT on the safety of Dorchester Road betweenLadson and Trolley. The history of crashes was shown, as well as the proposed solution to makethis a safer corridor. Ms. Garten-Schmidt and Mr. Jackson expressed their concerns with theproposed concrete medians, asking for staff to see if any landscaping could be added. Concemswere also raised about timing of lights and additional turn lanes. Mr. Cornette will ask for aresolution on Thursday night to move ahead with the project.Mr. Cornette opened up the topic of the status ofthe Waste Pro ser,'iee. Mr. Cornette met withCarolina Waste to see if they could Start operations on July l, 2018 instead Of August l, 2018.He will have an answer for the Thursday Council meeting. Mr. Brown stated that Waste Prowould not give any cans to new houses. Mr. Cornette will give rQrtcd addresses to CarolinaWaste for distribution of their cans.There were several public comments about the lack of service by Waste Pro. Ms.Czamik stated that Waste Pro needs to redirect their resources to the catch-up effort instead ofdoing their regular routes. Mayor Johnson asked if the Town has any plan to help Waste Procatch up. Mr. Cornette reported that the Town is not equipped to handle trash pickup. Ms.Garten-Schmidt asked if Waste Pro could cease recycling pickup and only focus on trash. Mr.Comette will ask if this can happen.Mr. Bailey made a motion, seconded by Ms. Czamik, to adjourn the meeting. The motioncarried, and the meeting adjourned at 6:20pm.Respectfully submitted,Messervy,Clerk
Tagged Passions:restaurants, pets, recycling, Public Transit, finance, construction, history, corridor, EMS, arts, fire departments and districts, streets, transportation, and stormwater

200 South Main street, Summerville, SC 29483-6000 • 843.871.6000, Fax: 843.871.6954wwwSummerViIleSC.

Tagged Passions:streets


FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORTJune 11, 2018The Finance Committee met on Monday, June 11, 2018 in Council C

hambers immediatelyfollowing the Parks and Recreation Committee, the Planning and Development Committee, thePublic Safety Committee, and the Public Works Committee meetings which began at 5:30 p.m.Present were Mayor Johnson, Councilmembers Aaron Brown, Christine Czarnik, Walter Bailey,Kima Garten-Schmidt, Bob Jackson and Bill McIntosh. Also present were Town AdministratorColin Martin, Town Clerk Beth Messervy and Town Attorney G. W. Parker. Other staff members,members ofthc press and members of the public were duly notified and also present.
Tagged Passions:TIF, Public Works, restaurants, parks, finance, administrator, Development, arts, legal, recreation, public safety, Taxes, and planning

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