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Municipal Planning Board



Tagged Passions:planning

AGENDA JUNE 19 , 2018


WELCOME We are glad you have joined us for today s meeting. The Municipal Planning Board (MPB) is an advisory board to City Council comprised of

citizen members who voluntarily and without compensation devote their time and talents to a variety of zoning and land development issues in the community. All MPB recommendations are subject to final action by City Council. We anticipate the minutes of today s meeting will be presented at the City Council meeting on JULY 23, 2018 for approval of recommended actions. Any person desiring to appeal a recommended action of the Board should observe the notice regarding appeals below. CAUTION: Untimely filing by any appellant shall result in an automatic denial of the appeal.
Tagged Passions:development, compensation, zoning, planning, and Development

GENERAL RULES OF ORDER The Board is pleased to hear all non-repetitive comments. However, since a general time limit of five (5) minutes is allotted

to the proponents/opponents of an issue, large groups are asked to name a spokesperson. If you wish to appear before the Board, please fill out an Appearance Request/Lobbyist Registration Form and give it to the Recording Secretary. When the Chairperson recognizes you, state your name and address and speak directly into the microphone. ROBERT S RULES OF ORDER govern the conduct of the meeting. Persons with disabilities needing assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the MPB Recording Secretary at (407) 246-3365 at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.
Tagged Passions:recognition

LOCAL PLANNING AGENCY When acting on items identified with the letters GMP, the Board is acting in its capacity as the local planning agency,

pursuant to and in accordance with Section 163.3174, Florida Statutes.
Tagged Passions:planning

APPEALS Items identified with * are Legislative matters (policy setting actions) and are to be conducted according to standard public hearing

procedures. Appeals of * items must be filed with the City Clerk s office before 5:00 P.M., MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018 to schedule an appearance before City Council on MONDAY, JULY 23, 2018 in accordance with Chapter 2, Article XXIV, of the City Code.
Tagged Passions:council, hearing, policy, and procedure

Items identified with ** are quasi-judicial matters (implementing actions) and are to be conducted subject to the Florida Supreme Court ruling in

Board of County Commissioners of Brevard County v. Snyder. The Board s decision must be supported by competent substantial evidence. Persons dissatisfied with a board recommendation in such matters may be entitled to a de novo (new) hearing before an independent Hearing Officer in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 2, Article XXXII, of the City Code. A request for a new hearing (appeal) with respect to a ** item must be filed with the Municipal Planning Board Recording Secretary by 5:00 P.M., TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2018. There is a 250 non-refundable fee for this appeal. The MPB Recording Secretary is located in the City Planning Division on the sixth floor of City Hall.
Tagged Passions:hearing, legal, court, and planning

Any person who desires to appeal any decision at this meeting will need a record of the proceedings and for this purpose may need to ensure that a

verbatim record of the proceedings is made that includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is made. Thank you for participating in your government and making Orlando truly The City Beautiful.



City Council Chambers

1st Floor, City Hall

One City Commons

400 South Orange Avenue


8:30 a.m.

Members Present

Karen Anderson, Chairperson

Mark Suarez, Vice- Chairperson

Timothy Baker

Bakari Burns

Jonathan Huels

Morgan Lea

Claudia Ray

Jill Rose

Picton Warlow

Non-voting OCPS Representative (Jamie DiLuzio Boerger)

Tagged Passions:voting

Revised 6/15/2018

Page 2 of 5 June 19, 2018 Municipal Planning Board Agenda

Tagged Passions:planning


Determination of a Quorum

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Consideration of May 15, 2018 Minutes


In accordance with Section 286.0114, Florida Statutes, any member of the public can be heard on any matter before the board today. If the item is

listed on the consent agenda, you may ask that the item be pulled and placed on the regular agenda. You may then speak on that item when discussed on the regular agenda. Please fill out a speaker request form and hand it to the Board secretary.


Reminder to the Municipal Planning Board members that Financial Disclosure Forms are due to be filed by July 1,

Tagged Passions:planning and finance




Tagged Passions:streets and annexation

Applicant/Owner: Mark Kinchla

Location: 4340 Rixey St., south of Rixey St., west of Jamajo Blvd., north of Hargrave St. and east

of Lake Baldwin Ln. ( 0.278 acres)

District: 3

Project Planner: Michelle Beamon Robinson (407-246-3145, michelle.robinson@cityoforlando.net)

A) ANX2018-10002* Annex subject property for the development of two single-family units.

Tagged Passions:property, annexation, development, and Development

B) GMP2018-10000* Growth Management Plan amendment to Residential Low Intensity (RES-Low).

Tagged Passions:growth

C) ZON2018-10000** Initial zoning of R-2A.

Tagged Passions:zoning

Recommended Action: Approval of the requests, subject to the conditions in the staff report.


Tagged Passions:facility

Applicant/Owner: Marie M. Polydor and Arioste Polydor

Location: 4504 Crimson Ct., south of Crimson Ct., west of South Lake Orlando Pkwy., and east of

Rose of Sharon Dr. (+0.32 acres).

District: 3

Project Planner: TeNeika Neasman (407-246-4257, teneika.neasman@cityoforlando.net)

Page 3 of 5 June 19, 2018 Municipal Planning Board Agenda

Tagged Passions:planning

CUP2018-10008** Conditional Use Permit request for a residential care facility (RCF) for 6 persons within 1,000 ft. of an established residential

care facility.
Tagged Passions:facility

Recommended Action: Approval of the request, subject to the conditions in the staff report.


Tagged Passions:alcohol and sale

Applicant: Rick Kowalczyk III SNDB LLC

Owner: Albino Teixeira and Virginia Teixeira

Location: 2401 E. South St., on the northeast corner of S. Bumby Ave. and E. South St. (+0.32


District: 4

Project Planner: Chris DeLoatche (407-246-3624, chris.deloatche@cityoforlando.net)

CUP2018-10009** Conditional Use Permit request to allow a new bar within 1,000 feet of a church.

Tagged Passions:church

Recommended Action: Approval of the request, subject to the conditions in the staff report.


Applicant: City of Oralndo

Owner: N/A

Location: Citywide

District: All

Project Planner: Shannan Stegman (407-246-2861, shannan.stegman@cityoforlando.net)

LDC2018-10009* Amend Chapter 58 of the Land Development Code (Zoning Districts and Uses),

Tagged Passions:development, zoning, and Development

simplifying and clarifying regulations and reorganizing allowable use tables to make more user friendly.

Tagged Passions:regulation

Recommended Action: Approval of the request.


Tagged Passions:commercial

Applicant: Wayne Dunkelberger Baker Barrios

Owner: WSSA Orlando LLC

Location: 500 N. Orange Ave., south of W. Concord St., west of N. Orange Ave., east of N. Garland

Ave., and north of W. Amelia St. (+2.26 acres).

District: 5

Project Planner: TeNeika Neasman (407-246-4257, teneika.neasman@cityoforlando.net)

Page 4 of 5 June 19, 2018 Municipal Planning Board Agenda

Tagged Passions:planning

MPL2017-00026** Master Plan request for the substantial improvement of an existing 116,650 sq. ft. building, including new retail uses and hardscape

with and without the addition of a new 420 space parking garage.
Tagged Passions:parking

Recommended Action: Approval of the request, subject to the conditions in the staff report and addendum.


Applicant: Sarah Maier Dewberry Engineers, Inc.

Owner: Carlsbad Orlando LLC

Location: 13131 Wewahootee Rd., south of SR 528 and east of SR 417 (+2,558.2 acres).

District: 1

Project Planner: Micha lle Petion (407-246-3837, michaelle.petion@cityoforlando.net)

ZON2018-10002** Planned Development Amendment to shift the land use categories of the PD, and to

Tagged Passions:development and Development

address signage and additional development standards.

Tagged Passions:signage, development, advertising, and Development

Recommended Action: Approval of the request, subject to the conditions in the staff report.


Tagged Passions:restaurants

Applicant: Brooks Stickler, P.E. Kimley-Horn

Owner: James D. Chute

Location: 1526 E. Colonial Dr. and 634 N. Fern Creek, south of E. Colonial Dr., west of N. Fern

Creek Ave., north of Hillcrest St., and east of Shine Ave. (+0.61 acres).

District: 4

Project Planner: Katy Magruder (407-246-3355, kathleen.magruder@cityoforlando.net)

ZON2018-10008** Request to rezone the subject property to Planned Development to allow for the

Tagged Passions:property, development, zoning, and Development

construction of a new Starbucks with a drive-through.

Tagged Passions:restaurants and construction

Recommended Action: Approval of the request, subject to the conditions in the staff report.



Tagged Passions:zoning

Applicant: Andy Katzman Rare Builders

Owner: Mary O. Taylor; Karl Hittinger, Broker Transact Realty

Location: 612 Sheridan Blvd., on the south side of Sheridan Blvd., between Eastin Ave. and Latta

Ln. in College Park (+0.34 acres).

Tagged Passions:parks and university

Page 5 of 5 June 19, 2018 Municipal Planning Board Agenda

Tagged Passions:planning

District: 3

Project Planner: Jim Burnett (407-246-3609, james.burnett@cityoforlando.net)

SUB2018-10027 Revert to Plat request to replace an existing 1,500 sq. ft. house on two platted/conjoined

Tagged Passions:zoning

lots with two new homes, each to be on a 50 ft. wide by 150 ft. deep lot in the R-1/T zoning district (where the minimum lot requirements are 55 ft.

width by 110 ft. depth, minimum 6,000 sq. ft. in area).
Tagged Passions:zoning

Recommended Action: Denial of the applicant s request and approval of the staff- preferred option, per the conditions in the staff report.


Tagged Passions:business



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