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The Legislature of Rockland County

Rockland County 2018 Budget A Citizens Guide

A Special Report From The Rockland County Legislature
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Douglas J. Jobson, Dist. 1 JobsonD@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5753 Michael M. Grant, Dist. 2 GrantM@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5751
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Jay Hood, Jr., Dist. 3 HoodJ@co.rockland.ny.us

(845) 638-5751

Itamar Yeger, Dist. 4 YegerI@.rockland.ny.us

(845) 638-5754

Lon M. Hofstein, Dist. 5 Minority Leader

HosteiL@co.rockland.ny.us 845) 638-5751 Christopher J. Carey, Dist. 9 CareyC@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5754 Aron B. Wieder, Dist. 13 WiederA@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5754 Alden H. Wolfe, Dist. 6 Deputy Majority Leader

WolfeA@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5754

Philip Soskin, Dist. 7 SoskinP@co.rockland.ny.us

(845) 638-5753

Toney L. Earl, Dist. 8 Chairman

No additional detail provided

EarlT@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5269

Aney Paul, Dist. 14 Majority Leader

PaulA@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5753

Nancy Low-Hogan, Dist. 17 Vice Chairwoman

Lowhogan@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5751

Vincent D. Tyer, Dist. 16 Deputy Minority Leader

TyerV@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5753

Patrick J. Moroney, Dist. 15 MoroneyP@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5754 Harriet D. Cornell, Dist. 10 CornellH@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5753

Laurie Santulli, Dist. 11 SantullL@co.rockland.ny.us

(845) 638-5751 Charles J. Falciglia, Dist. 12 FalciglC@co.rockland.ny.us (845) 638-5751 The Legislature of Rockland County

TONEY L. EARL JAY HOOD JR. Chairman Chairman Rockland County Legislature Budget Finance Committee

Dear Rockland Neighbor, As Chairs of the Rockland County Legislature and its Budget Finance Committee, we are pleased to bring you the Rockland County 2018 Budget: A Citizens' Guide. This reader-friendly report explains the budget so all residents can see exactly how their tax dollars are put to work, and the tremendous value that County government adds to everyday life. We are particularly proud to note that after years of hard work and careful management, Rockland County has turned a significant fiscal corner and not only eliminated the deficit, but produced an impressive 6.3 million surplus

Tagged Passions:taxes, budget, Taxes, surplus, and finance

During the last decade, the Legislature has worked to reinvent County government, and by making tough decisions that we knew would benefit taxpayers in the long run, we reduced our total workforce by well over 40 and drastically reduced our fiscal stress score - with boosted credit ratings just one of the major payoffs.

With a County property tax rate that remains far less than half of the state average, our government has learned to do more with less while still preserving the services you count on and that continue to demonstrate the incredible value of County government each day, including consumer protection, health, public transportation, and county parks, facilities, and infrastructure. This Citizens' Guide provides information necessary to be informed and increases transparency in County budgeting by detailing the revenues and expenditures of County government, state mandates and social service programs, and by providing operational information, a snapshot of County services and key actions taken by the Legislature over the last decade to make government work better, smarter, and harder for you.

Tagged Passions:parks, services, transportation, health, property, taxes, budget, Taxes, program, property tax, and workforce

We hope you take the time to review this Citizens' Guide, and should you have any questions or comments, feel free to call us at (845) 638-5100.

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Very truly yours,

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TONEY L. EARL JAY HOOD JR. Chairman of the Legislature Chairman, Budget Finance Committee

WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM There are 16 categories of revenue in the 2018 Adopted Rockland County Budget, which has a net revenue total of 685.3 million. Source: 2018 Adopted Rockland County Budget Sales Tax 28.39 Interfund Revenues 20.08 Real Property Tax 17.54 State Revenue 10.95 Departmental Income 8.81 Federal Revenue 7.69 Tax Related 1.92 Miscellaneous 1.59 Residential Energy 1.32 Mortgage Tax 0.76 Motor Vehicle Use Tax 0.25 Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax 0.22 Licenses Permits 0.17

Tagged Passions:property, taxes, budget, license, Taxes, hotel, energy, finance, sale, and property tax

Fines Forfeitures 0.16 Use of Money

Property 0.08 Property Sales 0.07 REVENUES
Tagged Passions:property and sale

Sales Tax 198,000,000 28.39 Interfund Revenues 140,049,985 20.08 Real Property Taxes 122,355,000 17.54 State Revenue 76,357,330 10.95 Departmental Income 61,448,335 8.81 Federal Revenue 53,662,995 7.69 Tax Related Items 13,400,000 1.92 Miscellaneous 11,057,865 1.59 Residential Energy Tax 9,200,000 1.32 County Mortgage Tax 5,276,380 0.76

Motor Vehicle Use Tax 1,760,000 0.25 Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax 1,500,000 0.22 Licenses Permits 1,214,000 0.17 Fines Forfeitures 1,144,470 0.16 Use of Money Property 562,000 0.08 Property Sales 477,620 0.07 TOTAL: 697,465,980 100 LESS: Total Contribution Subsidies To Other Funds: 12,176,00 Net Revenue Total: 685,289,980
Tagged Passions:property, taxes, license, Taxes, hotel, energy, funding, sale, and property tax

2018 LOCAL TAXATION SOURCES Here s a look at the local tax sources in the 2018 budget:

Sales Tax 58.56 Real Property taxes 36.19 Residential Energy 2.72 County Mortgage Tax 1.56 Motor Vehicle Tax 0.52
Tagged Passions:property, taxes, budget, Taxes, energy, sale, and property tax

Hotel/Motel Tax 0.44

LOCAL TAX SOURCES Source: 2018 Adopted Rockland County Budget Local Taxation Sources By The Numbers Sales Tax 198,000,000 58.56
Tagged Passions:taxes, budget, Taxes, hotel, and sale

Real Property Taxes 122,355,000 36.19 Residential Energy Tax 9,200,000 2.72 County Mortgage Tax 5,276,380 1.56 Motor Vehicle Use Tax 1,760,000 0.52 Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax 1,500,000 0.44

A LOOK AT THE REAL PROPERTY TAX LEVY SINCE 2007 Source: 2018 Adopted Rockland County Budget Real Property Tax Levy A look at the real property tax levy since 2007:
Tagged Passions:property, taxes, budget, Taxes, hotel, energy, and property tax

Budget Real Property Change Percent Year Taxes Change

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:property, taxes, budget, and Taxes


40,000,000 60,000,000 80,000,000 100,000,000 120,000,000 140,000,000 2018 Real Property Tax Levy The county property tax levy increased by 1.9 percent in 2018
Tagged Passions:property, taxes, Taxes, and property tax

WHERE THE MONEY GOES There are nine categories of expenses in the 2018 Adopted Rockland County Budget, which has a net expense total of 685.3 million.

Source: 2018 Adopted Rockland County Budget WHERE THE MONEY GOES

Tagged Passions:budget

Undistributed 183,787,275 26.35 Economic Assistance Opportunity 166,159,005 23.82 General Government 85,298,710 12.23 Public Safety 81,769,030 11.72 Education 53,985,985 7.74 Health Services 51,687,850 7.41 Transportation 45,533,105 6.53 Home Community Services 29,081,625 4.17 Culture Recreation 163,395 0.02

Undistributed 26.35 Economic Assistance Opportunity 23.82 General Government 12.23 Public Safety 11.72 Education 7.74
Tagged Passions:services, transportation, health, public safety, education, and recreation

Health Services 7.41 Transportation

6.53 Home Community Services 4.17 Culture Recreation 0.02 EXPENSES
Tagged Passions:services, transportation, health, and recreation

WHAT ARE STATE MANDATED PROGRAMS? State mandates are laws and regulations that require the county to provide specific services and programs with little or no state financial support. About 19.19 percent of total county spending is state mandated. In 2018, such spending in Rockland County will increase by 3 percent. A LOOK AT THE LARGEST STATE MANDATED SOCIAL SERVICES PROGRAMS FOR 2018 (TOTAL COST IS 133.35 MILLION):

Source: 2018 Adopted Rockland County Budget LARGEST UNFUNDED STATE MANDATED SOCIAL SERVICE PROGRAMS Medicaid 66,300,000 49.72 Education, Pre K (ages 3 5) 27,060,500 20.29 Children's services 9,500,000 7.12 Day Care 8,000,000 6.00 Education, Early Intervention (ages 0 2) 7,629,500 5.72 Family Assistance 7,600,000 5.70 Safety Net Program 5,200,000 3.90 Juvenile Delinquent Care 1,000,000 0.75 Services for Recipients 725,000 0.54 Home Energy Assistance 200,000 0.15 Medical Assistance 100,000 0.07 Emergency Aid for Adults 40,000 0.03 Total 133,355,000 100 Medicaid 49.72

Tagged Passions:health insurance, services, budget, education, Child Care, social services, energy, finance, emergency, regulation, and program

Education, Pre K (ages 3 5)

20.29 Children's Services 7.12
Tagged Passions:services and education

Day Care 6

Early Intervention (ages 0 2) 5.72 Family Assistance 5.7 Safety Net Program 3.90 Juvenile Delinquent Care 0.75 Services for Recipients 0.54

Tagged Passions:services, Child Care, and program

Home Energy Assistance 0.15

Medical Assistance 0.07 Emergency Aid for Adults 0.03 LARGEST UNFUNDED STATE MANDATED SOCIAL SERVICES PROGRAMS
Tagged Passions:services, social services, energy, emergency, and program


20,000,000 30,000,000 40,000,000 50,000,000 60,000,000 70,000,000 Medicaid Education, Pre K (Ages 3 5) Children's Services Day Care Early Intervention (Ages 0 2) Family Assistance Safety Net Juvenile Deliquent Care Services for Recipients Home Energy Medical Assistance Emergency Aid Adults NY STATE MANDATED SOCIAL SERVICES PROGRAMS: A THREE YEAR LOOK ROCKLAND COUNTY'S COSTS FOR 12 SOCIAL SERVICES PROGRAMS SINCE 2016 Rockland County Government Provides Good Value For Taxpayers 15.17 7.37 3.05 2.29 0.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 16.00 Cortland State Average Rockland County Saratoga County 2018 County Tax Rates In 2018, the average county property tax rate in New York state is 7.37 per 1,000 of assessed value. Rockland's rate is 3.05. Cortland County has the higest rate at 15.17 while Saratoga County has the lowest rate at 2.29.
Tagged Passions:health insurance, services, property, taxes, education, Taxes, Child Care, rates, social services, energy, emergency, program, and property tax

Source: New York State Association of Counties Note: Albany, Columbia, Nassau, Putnam, Schenectady, Seneca, Suffolk Westchester Counties did not provide 2018 information to NYSAC.

ROCKLAND COUNTY: GOOD VALUE FOR TAXPAYERS A Sample Of The Many Programs And Services Provided By Rockland County Pap Tests, Pelvic Breast Exams for Women in Childbearing Years Breastfeeding Support for New Mothers Early Intervention (ages 0-2) to Help Children Attain Milestones Expected for Their Age Pre-K (ages 3-5) to Help Prepare Children to Succeed in School Youth Programs, Including Employment Environmental Conservation Opportunities

Tagged Passions:services, education, youth, employment, environment, program, and Conservation

Veterans Services, Including Assistance with V.A. Forms, Discount Programs

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:services, veterans, and program

Social Services, Including Food Stamps, Medicaid, Heating Energy, Support for

Children, Adults Families Mental Health Assistance, Including Out-Patient Clinic Oversight of In- Patient Unit Day Camp, Public Swimming Pool Restaurant Inspections Mosquito Control Program to Fight West Nile Virus
Tagged Passions:health insurance, restaurants, services, health, mental health, insect, social services, energy, and program

Consumer Protection to Ensure Contractors

No additional detail provided

Are Licensed to Protect Against Frauds Scams

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:license

Voter Registration and Polling Place Information

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:voting and election

Voter Registration and Polling Place Information

Criminal Investigations Prosecutions, Including the Fight Against Heroin, White-Collar Crimes Domestic Abuse. Maintenance of Jail Rockland County Police Academy Bomb Squad, Arson Investigation Unit Mounted River Patrols Training for Volunteer Firefighters Maintenance of the Crucial 911 System Legal Defense For Those

Tagged Passions:watershed, legal, public safety, domestic violence, volunteer, voting, training, jail, 911, election, fire departments and districts, and crime

Who Cannot Otherwise Afford It

No additional detail provided

Public Transportation Services, Including the Transport Of Rockland

(TOR), Tappan Zee Express (TZx) TRIPS Paratransit Buses; Information About

Tagged Passions:Public Transit, services, and transportation

Traveling Outside Rockland Via Bus, Ferry, Train; Info

on Area Airports. County Road Maintenance (Paving, Salting Sanding), Bridge Improved Drainage Construction Maintenance Along County- Designated Streams
Tagged Passions:Public Transit, streets, ferry, FERRY, travel, stormwater, airport, and construction

Review of Site Plans, Subdivisions Zone Changes; Mapping Local

Demographics Data Collection. County Parks in Woodlands Along Hudson River; Water Quality Protection, Farmland Protection Stop DWI Program Access to Land Court Records, Passport Applications, Information About Pistol Licenses Business Certificates Services for Senior Citizens Their Families, Including Health Insurance Counseling, Home Energy Assistance, Free Minor Home Repairs, Caregiver Respite Taxi Vouchers EMPLOYEE ROSTER DROPS STEADILY SINCE 2007 While Rockland County s population has increased by more than 10.35 percent since 2007, from about 296,500 residents in 2007 to more than 328,850 residents in 2018, the number of employees on the county s workforce roster has dropped by more than 42.4 percent during the same period. Sources: 2018 Adopted Rockland County Budget, Latest U.S. Census Bureau Statistics
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1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 Number Of Employees On County Roster Budget Year FISCAL STRESS Fiscal stress is determined by the New York State Comptroller's Office based on a 100 point system that evaluates 23 financial and environmental indicators, including year end fund balances, operating deficits/surpluses, cash position, population, poverty levels, property values, employment and sales tax revenue. The lower the score, the less stress. WHY ROCKLAND S STRESS SCORE IMPROVED Rockland s stress score improved because the county improved its overall fund balance and cash on hand while also reducing its operating deficits and short term borrowing. The improvements were largely driven by the sale of about 96 million in long term deficit financing notes to help pay down the county s then 125.6 million accumulated deficit. The sale netted an additional premium of 11.7 million above the 96 million. Source: New York State Comptroller s Office HERE IS ROCKLAND S STATUS:
Tagged Passions:property, taxes, budget, Taxes, poverty, surplus, finance, employment, environment, and sale

Source: New York State Comptroller s Office (Information as of 8/2018). Note: A 2017 Stress Score is expected in Fall, 2018.

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No additional detail provided


60 70 80 90 100 Fiscal Stress Score Rockland's fiscal stress rating is listed as inconclusive for 2016. The County was considered to be moderately stressed, at 51.9 points, in 2015, down from a high of

86.7 points, when it was the most stressed in the state.

Legislature Works To Reduce The Deficit, Build A 6.3 Million Surplus Rockland County worked to eliminate its budget deficit from a high of about 138 million as of Dec. 31, 2013. By the end of 2017, the deficit had been eliminated and the county recorded a budget surplus of 6.3 million The Rockland County Legislature voted to approve borrowing 96 million to quickly pay down a large portion of the deficit, with the 2014 sale netting an additional premium of about 11 million above the 96 million, helping to further pay down the deficit. The 96 million is debt that must be paid off by 2023. The Rockland County Legislature also worked to reduce the deficit by setting aside 5 million in the 2015 budget and 1 million in the 2016 budget. The Legislature also set aside 1 million per year in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 budgets for tax overlay, which was continued in 2017 and 2018. The term refers to money that is set aside to cover uncollectable property taxes.

Tagged Passions:property, taxes, budget, Taxes, surplus, sale, and property tax


40,000,000 60,000,000 80,000,000 100,000,000 120,000,000 140,000,000 160,000,000 REDUCING THE DEFICIT, BUILDING A SURPLUS
Tagged Passions:surplus

2014 *Deficit Bond: 96 million

Bond Premium: 11,117,082 *Tax Overlay: 1 million
Tagged Passions:taxes, Taxes, and bond

2016 *Deficit Reduction: 1 million

*Tax Overlay: 1 million

No additional detail provided

Tagged Passions:taxes and Taxes

2015 *Deficit Reduction: 5 million

*Tax Overlay: 1 million Savings: 7,794,885

Year End Fund Balance (Deficit): 29,910,383 Year End Fund Balance (Deficit): 16,115,498 Year End Fund Balance (Deficit): 4,032,449

Tagged Passions:taxes and Taxes

2013: Rockland County s deficit stood at a high of 138,114,028. How it was reduced:

No additional detail provided

*Deficit Bond, Deficit Reduction Funding Tax Overlay Funds were budgeted by the Rockland County Legislature Sources for this page: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 2018 Adopted County Budgets; 2017 Independent County Audit.

SURPLUS 6.3 MILLION 2017: Deficit Eliminated and Budget Surplus of 6.3 Million recorded. Year End Fund Balance (Surplus): 6.3 Million

Tagged Passions:taxes, budget, audit, Taxes, surplus, funding, and bond

LEGISLATURE TAKES ACTION The Rockland County Legislature continually takes action to improve Rockland s finances. Here are some of the significant actions taken since 2008:

Approved participation in three early retirement incentive programs to reduce the number of county employees (2008, 2009 and 2010). Passed the Truth in Budgeting requirement (2010) to ensure that salaries for elected officials and those appointed for a fixed term conform to the budget adopted for the fiscal year. Passed an annual Multiyear Financial Plan requirement (2011) to give a truer picture of the county s financial situation and to avoid sudden tax increases or dramatic budget cuts.

Tagged Passions:taxes, budget, Taxes, appointments, retirement, finance, seniors, incentive, and program

Passed the Rockland County Deficit Reduction Act (2012) to require a plan to reduce the county s deficit over time by setting aside dedicated funds.

Tagged Passions:funding

Adopted the Rockland County Mandate and Taxation Information Act and the Rockland County Taxation Transparency Act (2012) to provide details about the County Budget in the annual tax mailers sent to property owners. The information is to include a breakdown of unfunded state mandates, a summary of revenues and expenses, among other details.

Tagged Passions:property, taxes, budget, and Taxes

Adopted the Rockland County Financial Stabilization Act (2013) to establish a guide for the management of fiscal resources that exceed annual budget revenues, based on standards set by the Government Finance Officers Association.

Tagged Passions:budget and finance

Passed the Rockland County Public Employee Rehiring Disclosure Act (2013) to prohibit the rehiring of county workers who have left, separated or retired and accepted incentives or compensation for unused fringe benefits.

Amended the Rockland County Deficit Reduction Act (2014) to require 4 million to be set aside annually and used for deficit reduction until the deficit s elimination. Adopted a local law requiring the public dissemination of all changes made to the County Executive's proposed budget (2015). Source: Rockland County Administrative Code Minutes of the Rockland County Legislature Rockland County Legislature

Tagged Passions:compensation, budget, retirement, and incentive

New Hempstead Road, New City NY 10956 Laurence O. Toole, Clerk to the Legislature

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Tagged Passions:streets

Mary Widmer, Deputy Clerk

Visit: Rockland County Legislature Call: 845 638 5100

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Email: legclerk@co.rockland.ny.us Follow us Facebook Twitter YouTube

View the 2018 Adopted Rockland County Budget Online Our Meeting Schedule: The full Legislature meets at 7 p.m. on the first third Tuesday of the month. The Public Safety, Multi Services, Planning Public Works, and Budget Finance Committees meet the second and fourth Tuesdays, starting at 6 p.m. Special Committees meet throughout the year.
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Please visit our website for agendas and to confirm meeting dates times.

Rockland County 2018 Budget A Citizens Guide Produced By Laura Incalcaterra, Legislature s Communications Director Nicole Doliner, Legislature s Fiscal Analyst Contact: incalcal@co.rockland.ny.us or (845) 638 5184 Updated: 08/18
Tagged Passions:budget, Communications, and communications

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