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Board Of County Commissioners



Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

7:00 PM -THE TECH CENTER Monday, September 17, 2018

A. CALLTOORDERInvocation/Pledge to the Flag

Tagged Passions:pets



1. September 4, 2018 Regular Meeting Minutes

2. Releases/Refunds

Tagged Passions:leasing and funding

3. Consideration for Late Applications for Elderly or Disabled Exclusion

Tagged Passions:pets, disability, and seniors

4. Monthly Report Of Taxes Collected

Tagged Passions:Taxes


Tagged Passions:restaurants


1. Michael Rhodes; Personnel Update

Tagged Passions:personnel

2. Mike Barnette; Housing Update

Tagged Passions:housing

3. Mike Barnette; Fair Housing Assessment

Tagged Passions:housing

4. Mike Barnette; 2018 CDBG-NR Applicant Solicitation

Tagged Passions:solicitation and cdbg


Tagged Passions:manager and administrator

1. Farrior & Sons; Change Order #2

2. Proclamation; Senior Center Month

Tagged Passions:recognition

3. Proclamation; Opioid Use Awareness Week

Tagged Passions:opioid abuse and recognition

4. Personnel Policy; Update

Tagged Passions:policy and personnel

5. Resolution; EMS Satellite Facility

Tagged Passions:college prep, EMS, and facility


Tagged Passions:legal and recognition


Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and recognition

1. ADJOURNCommissionersænrtie Heath • ChairmmJames T. Shackleford Vice CharmanJerry JonesSusan Blitz

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions


A PlaceTo Grow.The way Live.From: Kyle J. DeHaven, County ManagerRe: Consent AgendaDate: September 1

7th, 2018The Consent Agenda for the September 17, 2018 meeting consists of the following items:1.) September 4, 2018 Regular Meeting Minutes2.) Releases/Refunds3.) Report of taxes Collected4.) Consideration for late application for Elderly or Disabled ExclusionAction Recommended;Motion to accept the Consent AgendaBoard Action is NeededCountyKyle J.Finance Office
Tagged Passions:manager, leasing, pets, disability, finance, administrator, EMS, recognition, seniors, funding, and Taxes

J. Price

229 Kingold Blvd., suite D snow NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 • FAX (252) 747-3884The mission or &eene C

oemty is to profess/aetf*dcl
Tagged Passions:snow


COUNTY OF GREENEThe Greene County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, Septembe

r 4,
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

2018 at 7:00 pm in the Tech Center. Present for the meeting: Chairman Bennie Heath, ViceChairman Jam

es T. Shackleford, Commissioners Jerry Jones, Susan Blizzard and AntonioBlow, County Attorney Borden Parker, County Manager Kyle DeHaven, and Deputy ClerkKathy Mooring.
Tagged Passions:manager, parks, administrator, boards and commissions, and legal

A. Call to OrderChairman Bennie Heath called the meeting to order and asked all present to rise asCo

mmissioner Jerry Jones gave the invocation and led the Pledge to the Flag.
Tagged Passions:pets and boards and commissions

B. Approval of the AgendaChairman Heath asked to move Item F4 to Fl and move Fl to F2, etc.On motion

by Commissioner Jones and second by Commissioner Blow, the Board votedunanimously to approve the Agenda with the moving of F4 to Fl.
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

C. Consent AgendaChairman Heath asked for a motion to approve the Consent Agenda.-August 20, 2018 Re

gular Meeting Minutes-Releases/Refunds-Consideration for Late Application for Present Use Value-Monthly Report of Taxes CollectedChairman Heath stated he wanted it noted on the public comments section of the August 20,
Tagged Passions:leasing, restaurants, pets, funding, and Taxes

2018 minutes that he ELsked Mr. Tyson and Ms. Muhammed to conclude their presentation asthey had gon

e over their allotted time. This was corrected in the minutes of August 20, 2018.On motion by Commissioner Blow and seconded by Commissioner Jones the Board votedunanimously to approve the Consent Agenda with the moving ofC4 to F5.Refund: (TAX & TAG)Andrew James Garris, Jr.Maricruz Facio AvalosReleases: Ad Valorem TaxSheronda Uzzell
Tagged Passions:leasing, ad valorem, boards and commissions, Information Technology, and Taxes



S9.60Valencia StarkeyMaricruz Facio

Tagged Passions:Information Technology

A valosRobert Lymans13D2


S40.67Gma Hetzel HawkinsLinwood Earl




Tagged Passions:restaurants

1. Ms. Laura Exum, 116 W. Greene St, Snow Hill. Ms. Exum expressed her concerns about thepublic comm

ents section ofthe August 20, 2018 meeting and the related article in The StandardLaconic writeup.
Tagged Passions:restaurants, snow, and arts

2. Jeff Carmen, Snow Hill. Mr. Carment expressed his thanks for the rewrite Of the Resolutionin supp

ort Of the local farmers.
Tagged Passions:snow and agriculture

3. Fred Mitchell, Walstonburg. Mr. Mitchell •,vaived his turn to speak when he was called.

4. Chuck Stokes, 8414 Hwy 903, Ayden. Mr. Stokes spoke on behalf ofall the local farmers andtheir co

ncerns regarding the farming resolution.
Tagged Passions:agriculture

5. Natasha Sutton, 827 Strickland Rd, Walstonburg. Ms. Sutton spoke about concerns that shehad been

contacted on regarding personnel and county departments.
Tagged Passions:personnel and arts


1. Chairman Heath recognized the Walstonburg Fire Department for getting their fire ratinglowered, C

hairman Heath noted that is quite ajob to attain and congratulated them on all theirhabd work.
Tagged Passions:arts, fire departments and districts, and recognition

2. Allen Thomas; GTP Update. Mr. Thomas ofthe Global Trans Park gave a presentationupdating the Boar

d of Commissioners, and the public, on all the GTP has been doing and whattheir immediate plans are.
Tagged Passions:restaurants, parks, and boards and commissions

3. Eve Honeycutt, Cooperative Extension. Ms. Honeycutt gave a presentation on the AnimalWaste Manage

ment in Greene County. Ms. Iloneycutt went over statistics and how we comparewith other area counties. She was available for questions from the Board.

4. Shelby Winstead; Servline. Ms. Winstead of Sun Belt Insurance Group gave a presentation tothe Boa

rd on a product recommended to the County Manager by the Public Works director. Theway this insurance program works is there will be a small participation charge that will be placedon the water customer's bill, and in the circumstance they have a leak, they can file a claim andtheir bill is paid to the provider. The Town of Snow Hill utili-æs this service and the TownManager has endorsed this product.
Tagged Passions:manager, restaurants, Capital Spending, public works, snow, insurance, program, administrator, water, commercial, arts, recognition, and Utility


Tagged Passions:manager and administrator

I. Mr. DeHaven first presented the Resolution supporting farmers. Ihis resolution was on theprevious

meeting agenda and was tabled till now.On motion by Commissioner Blow and second by Commissioner Jones the Board votedunanimously to approve this Resolution supporting Farmers.
Tagged Passions:agriculture and boards and commissions

2. Mr. DeHaven next presented a request to reappoint 6 of their board members. The membersare Bobby

Glossip, Dr. Ivey Smith, Michael Rhodes, Doug Stocks, Debbie Mooring and NormanOn motion by Commissioner Jones and second by Commissioner Shackleford the Board votedunanimously to approve this reappointment. This was discussed and reappointment requests willno longer be accepted, all positions will be advertised to allow citizens to apply for the open seat.
Tagged Passions:advertising, appointments, and boards and commissions

3. Mr. DeHaven next presented a Proclamation Declaring September Pediatric CancerAwareness Month.On

motion by Commissioner Jones and seconded by Commissioner Blow the Board votedunanimously to approve this Proclamation.
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions and recognition

4. Mr. DeHaven next presented proposals for the EMS Satellite Facility. Tw•o me-qualifiedbidders sub

mitted their proposals. Barco Building Systems, Inc. bid $410,499.08 and TriangleCoastal LLC bid $462,775. Mr. DeHaven stated both bids came in higher than anticipated andcan be value engineered to better meet the County's cost expectations.On motion by Commissioner Jones and second by Commissioner Shackleford the Board votedunanimously to have the County Manager along with help of Rich Moore of McDavid to workwith Barco to lower cost and then bring back to the Board for
Tagged Passions:STEM, manager, Capital Spending, college prep, administrator, alcohol, EMS, facility, boards and commissions, and rfp

H. County Attorneys Report and RecommendationsNothing

Tagged Passions:legal and recognition

I. Commissioner's Report and RecommendationsChairman Heath stated in response to Natasha Sutton's co

ncerns about Hookerton EMS that theyhave a truck at this time and are up and running. Commissioner Blizzard reminded all of theWalstonburg BBQ on September 16th from 11:30 to 1:30 and also the BBQ for paws onSeptember 21st and 22nd. Commissioner Blizzard stated she has received an email from the ClerkofCourt about security in the Justice Center. She then brought a motion to have the CountyManager secure the Justice Center as soon as possible. Commissioner Jones asked SheriffLemmie Smith to work with Mr. DeHaven to advise what it is needed. Commissioner Blowseconded this motion. The board voted unanimously to get the needed security in the Justice
Tagged Passions:manager, court, EMS, security, boards and commissions, legal, recognition, transportation, and public safety

J. ADJOURNOn motion by Commissioner Blow and second by Commissioner Blizzard the Board votedunanimou

sly to adjourn this meeting.Bennie Heath, ChairmanAttest:Kyle J. DeHaven, Clerk to the BoardBecky R. SuttonTax Administrator
Tagged Passions:administrator, boards and commissions, and Taxes


A PlaceTo Grow-The Way"lö Live.September 11, 2018To: Mr. Kyle DeHaven, Greene County' ManagerGreene

County Board of CommissionersFrom: Becky R. SuttonGreene County Tax AdministratorTax Office Issues:Consideration of Late Application fg Elderly Disabled Exclusion
Tagged Passions:manager, pets, disability, administrator, boards and commissions, seniors, and Taxes

229 Kingdd Blvd.P.o. sOX 482snow Hill, NC 28580

Tagged Passions:snow

(252) 747-3615

FAX (252) 747-5067The assessor has no authority to approve a late application for the Elderly or Dis

abledExclusion. However, GS 105-282.1(a1) states "upon a showing of good cause by theapplicant for failure to make a timely application, an application for exemption or exclusionfiled after the date of the listing period may be approved by the Board of Commissioners". Ifapproved, the application is for the current year and is not retroactive. Due to informationon the application being confidential, a copy of the application is not attached.Attached is a letter from a taxpayer requesting your consideration of her late application.The applicant and parcel meet the eligibility requirements. Consideration of this lateapplication would be appreciated and is recommended since the Board has previouslyconsidered other late applications.Elderly/Disabled ExclusionMary Dawson Parcel - 0400140
Tagged Passions:pets, disability, union, boards and commissions, property, recognition, seniors, and Taxes

AUG 30 2018


DATE:Greene County Board of Commissioners

Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

MARY DAWSONJune 5.2018Request for acceptance of late application for property tax relieffor the 2018

tax year on tax property 0400140.Please accept my late application for property tax relief. My reason for filinguntimely is, I was not aware that I would be eligible for the elderly/disabledexclusion until I talked with the tax offce today.Thank you,
Tagged Passions:gun control, property tax, leasing, pets, disability, property, seniors, and Taxes

MIMary DaBecky R. SuttonTax Administrator

Tagged Passions:administrator and Taxes


A Place-ro Grow.TheWhy-1ö Live.

229 yongold Blvd.P.o. Box 482snow Hill, NC 28580

Tagged Passions:snow

(252) 747-3615

FAX (252) 747-5067Date: September 6, 2018To: Greene County Board of CommissionersFrom: Becky R. Sutt

on - Tax Administratorsubject: GS 105-350 (7)MonthlyAll levyReport Of amount colEected on each years taxes and arnount remaininguncolkcted - Wections posted as of August 31 , 2018Year
Tagged Passions:gun control, administrator, boards and commissions, and Taxes











2018TotalMTO Levy added for 2018




FY 2018-2019Couections YTDAdj.s













560,703.00y" Zvy8.781.254ß4






SAmount RemairungUncolkcted

Tagged Passions:gun control












$ 7,704,542.68Collectedgg.73%









S 1060903.97

(548.93) S












1.10536ænnie Heath - Chairmalmes T. Shackleford — Vice ChairrnanJerry jonesSusan Blizzard


A Place-ro Grow.TheWay"1ö Live.Cotr-lty Ma rBgerXyle J. DeHavenDavid j. PriceWHEREAS, the Greenc Cou

nty Board of Commissioners hereby establishes and sets aside a special time for thepurpose Of receiving such comments and suggestions in addition to public hearings
Tagged Passions:restaurants, hearing, and boards and commissions

NOW, THEREFORE; BE IT RESOLVED that all comments and suggestions addressed to the Greene County Boar

d ofCommissioners during the Public Comment Period shall be subject to the following Public Comment Policy:
Tagged Passions:restaurants, policy, and boards and commissions



3.policy purpose

Tagged Passions:policy

a. To establish a policy for citizens to appear before the Greene County Board of Commissioners at t

heir regulameetings during the month.Coverage
Tagged Passions:policy and boards and commissions

a. This policy, upon adoption by the Greene County Board of Commissioners, shall remain in effect un

til suchtime that it is altered, modified, or rescinded by the Greene County Board of Commissioners.policy
Tagged Passions:policy and boards and commissions

a. Anyone desiring to address the Board of Commissioners must sign up with the Deputy County Clerk b

etween6:45 pm and 7:00 pm on the night Of the Greene County Board of Commissioners meeting. The request shouldbe in writing and on a form provided by the Deputy County Clerk. The form shall, as a minimum, provide therequestors name and address.
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

b. The Public Comment portion of the agenda will be placed at the beginning of the agenda but after

all PublicHearings.
Tagged Passions:restaurants, hotel, union, hearing, and alcohol

c. Each speaker must be recognized by the Chairman as having the exclusive right to be heard.

Tagged Passions:recognition

d. Comments are limited to three minutes per speaker. A speaker cannot give their allotted time/minu

tes toanother speaker to increase that persons allotted time.

e. Speakers must address the entire Greene County Board of Commissioners, not an individual member.D

iscussions between speakers and the audience will not be allowed.
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

f. Speakers will be Civil in their language and presentation.

229 Kingold Evd„ suite D • snow Hill, NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 • FAX (252) 747-3884me rnissic»•' M

Greene and"-pove an ogrn, professiaeti*Aænnie Heath - CilümanJames T. Shackleford — Vr_e ChafnBnJeny JonesSusan &izzardArtcnio 8bw
Tagged Passions:snow and arts


A Place To Grow. Thc Way Live.County Matager

J. DeHaven

J. pnce

g. There shall be a maximum Of three (3) participants on the same subject. It is recommended that if

there areseveral people who wish to speak on the same subject that they choose one speaker to speak for all.
Tagged Passions:Capital Spending, arts, and recognition

h. The time allotted for Public Comment will be 15 minutes. The Board of Commissioners can choose to

extendthe Public Comment Period, by a majority vote, an additional 15 minutes for a total of 30 minutes for publiccomments.
Tagged Passions:restaurants and boards and commissions

i. Individuals who sign up but cannot speak due to time constraints will be carried to the next regu

lar meetingthe Greene County Board of Commissioners and placed first on the Public Comment Agenda.
Tagged Passions:restaurants and boards and commissions

j. For clarification, any Greene County Board of Commissioners may ask the speaker questions. The ti

me used E
Tagged Passions:pets and boards and commissions

a Greene County Board of Commissioners to ask a question, or the response to his/her question, will

not becounted against the citizens three minute time allotment.
Tagged Passions:boards and commissions

k. Public comment is not intended to require the Greene County Board Of Commissioners to answer anyi

mpromptu questions. Action on items brought up during the Public Comment Period will be at the discretion cthe Greene County Board Of Commissioners.
Tagged Passions:restaurants, EMS, and boards and commissions

l. The public can address the Greene County Board of Commissioners on any issue other than public he

aringsitems and those items that would be covered in closed session, which would include, but not be limited toattorney/client privilege, personnel, land acquisition and contract negotiations.
Tagged Passions:restaurants, contract, hearing, EMS, personnel, boards and commissions, and legal

m. Anyone desiring to address the Greenc County Board of Commissioners on a specific concern requiri

ng moreffective and informed action by the Greene County Board of Commissioners should contact the CountyManager at least one week prior to the meeting for the topic to be reviewed for consideration to be placed onthe agenda. Whenever possible, staff will address the concern directly, but if staff cannot address the issue, itwill be placed on the agenda as early as practicable. The person making the request should provide sufficientinformation pertaining to their concerns to allow the Greene County Board of Commissioners to review thecitizen concerns and/or request.
Tagged Passions:manager and boards and commissions

229 Kingotd üd., sute D • snow H", NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 • FAX (252) 747-3884

Tagged Passions:snow

7776 miss.W Greene tfæ c*izeas ,V'-qAy, in an przfesgosBennie Heath - ChairmanJames T. Shacklerord —

Vice ChairrNnJerry J onesSusan Blizzard


A PlaceTo Gtow.TheWay"1ö Live.From: Kyle J. DeHaven, County ManagerRe: Michael RhodesDate: September

17, 2018County ManagaKyle J. DeHavenFinance OfficerDavid J. PriceMr. Michael Rhodes would like to speak to the Commissioners about personnel in the Health Department. He will ghan update to his timeline and a successor. He will be available to answer any questions related to this issue at thistime.Action Recommended:InformationalNo Board action needed.
Tagged Passions:manager, finance, health, administrator, personnel, boards and commissions, arts, and recognition

229 Kingold Nvd„ suRe D • snow NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 • FAX (252) 747-3884wwwge-enecomtync.govThe

rnißt'n Of Greene Camty the an pmfessiO'ett*ACommissionersænnie Heath - ChairmmJames T. ShacHeford — Ch*rrnanJerry JonesSusan a\izzardAntonioCot"ltyKyle J. DeHaVß1David J. Price
Tagged Passions:snow and boards and commissions


A Place To Grow-The Why To Live.From: Kyle J. DeHaven, County ManagerRe: Mike Barnette; Housing Upda

teDate: September 17, 2018Mr. Mike Barnette will provide a housing update from the grants being participated in by Greene County. He will beavailable for any questions at this time.Action Recommended:InformationalNo Board action needed.
Tagged Passions:housing, manager, Capital Spending, administrator, grant, arts, and recognition

229 Kingold Blvd., Suite D • Snow NC 28580 (252) 747-3446 FAX (252) 747-3884me mision Of G-eene Coun

ty to the tgh-qu*y, cost-effective an profes/oyetf*-dænnie Heath - ChairmanJames T. Shacklerord — Vice Ch*rrnanJerry JonesSusan BizzardAntonio Blow
Tagged Passions:snow


A Place-ro Grow.Thc WayTo Live.From: Kyle J. DeHaven, County ManagerRe: Mike Barnette; Fair housing

AssessmentDate: September 17, 2018Carty ManagerKyle I DeHavenFinance OfficgDavid J.Mr. Mike Barnette will go over the Fair housing assessment handed out at the August 20th, 2018 Board ofCommissioners meeting. He will answer any and all questions at this time.Action Recommended:Motion to accept the Fair housing Assessment as part of the program plans and policies.Board action needed.
Tagged Passions:housing, manager, finance, program, administrator, boards and commissions, arts, and recognition

229 Klngold suite D • snow NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 FAX (252) 747-3884me mission Of Greene Camty G

to byn-O'."V cost-eff«ffve services an professio'Bennie Heath • ChairmanJames T. Shackleford — Vice ChairmalJerrySusan BizzardAntonio Blow
Tagged Passions:services, natural gas, and snow


A Place •ro Grow.The Way-ro Live.From: Kyle J. DeHaven, County ManagerRe: Mike Barnette; 2018 CDBG-N

R Applicant Solicitation PolicyDate: September 17, 2018County ManagerKyle J. DeHavenDavid J. PriceMr. Mike Barnette will go Over a policy that addresses the procedure for soliciting applicants for the 2018 CDBG-NR.He will discuss in as much or as little detail as desired by the Board of Commissioners the recommended policy to besaddress the citizens and utilize the purpose of the grant.Action Recommended:Motion to accept the Solicitation Policy as provided by Mr. Mike Barnette for the 2018 CDBG-NRNo Board action needed.
Tagged Passions:manager, solicitation, policy, administrator, procedure, grant, boards and commissions, recognition, and cdbg

229 Klngcld Suite D Snow NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 • FAX (252) 747-3884The misim Of Greeræ County Co

ven-ment & and hes anBennie Heath - ChairmanJarnes T. ShackEéMd — Vice ChairmanJerry JonesAntonio Blow
Tagged Passions:natural gas and snow


A Place % Grow. The TO Live.From: Kyle J. DeHaven, County ManagerRe: Change Order #2; Farrior and So

nsDate: September 17, 2018CountyKyle J. DeHavenFinance OfficeDavid J. price
Tagged Passions:manager, finance, and administrator

A Change Order is being presented for the Wellness Center Project. Mr. Bobby Evans of Farrior and So

ns andproposed adding the basketball floor, goals, bleachers. etc..„ to his AJA contract. This will reduce cost as well as giveone point of responsibility/accountability for these important pieces of the Wellness Center Project. He has agreed tdo so at the contract price.Action Recommended:Motion to approve the Change order as requested by Farrior and Sons.Board action needed.
Tagged Passions:accountability, contract, and recognition

229 Kingold ævd., s._xe D • snow HI', NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 • FAX (252) 747-3884The misshn Of Gr

eene CounOs@vernnentGto ttE in an pmfessiaeff*-a'
Tagged Passions:snow




Tagged Passions:construction

COMMERCIAL BUILDINGSGreene County Wellness- ' New Facility- Farrior & Sons, Inc.David Patrick MosesS

cott FussellMa eRoger SuttonDescri Mon Of Chan e Order Re uest:Change Order RequestCOR Number: 01Date: 8/22/2018I-Furnishand install six 6 Diaper Model TF20 suspended electrically operatedforward folding basketball bakcboards and goals. Volleyball noor sleeves, IN)StSand net.2-Three 3 banks of bleachers. 468 net seats. Man3-Two 2 scoreboards4-Furnish and install Tarkett Omni rtsmulti-7.1 mm floor.Includes me lines for main basketball court, auxiliary basketball courtsand one volle ball court. Includes IS material warranMaterial:Equipment:Subcontractor:otal Add Credit& sonsPerformance/ Payment BondBuilders Risk insuranceTotal ChangeCustomer Authorization:
Tagged Passions:equipment, insurance, court, contract, performance, facility, commercial, bond, electric, legal, and risk







9571 Hwy 264 Alternate WestPOBox127 Farmville NC27828 (252) 753-2005CornmissionersBennie Heath - Cha

irmanJames T. Shackleford — Chairm*lJerry JanesSus*' BlizzardAntonio BOWCounty ManagerKyk J. DeHavenDavid l. Priæ
Tagged Passions:manager, administrator, and agriculture


A PlaceTo Grown-he Waym, Live.From: Kyle J. DeHaven, County ManagerRe: Proclamation: Sr. Center Mont

hDate: September 17, 2018Attached is a proclamation recognizing September as Senior center Month.Action Recommended:Motion to accept the proclamation as provided.Board action be needed.
Tagged Passions:manager, administrator, and recognition

229 Kingoki Btvd, suite D • snow H", NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 • FAX (252) 747-3884me mission Of Gre

ene County & to he services an pofessi0iCommissionersænnie death - alarman]anB T, Suckkford — ViceJerry JonesSusan Blizzard
Tagged Passions:services, snow, drugs, and boards and commissions


A PlaceTo Grow.The Live.



SENIOR CENTER MONTHCmnty ManagerKyle J. DeHavenDavid PriceWHEREAS, older Americans are significant m

ember of our society, investing their wisdomand experience to help enrich and better the lives of younger generations; andWHEREAS, the Greene County Senior Center has acted as a catalyst for mobilizing thecreativity, energy, vitality and commitment of older residents Of Greene County, andWHEREAS, through a wide array Of services, programs and activities, senior centersempower older citizens of Greene County, North Carolina to contribute to their own health andwellbeing and the health and wellbeing of their fellow citizens of all ages; andWHEREAS, the Greene County Senior Center affrms the dignity, self-worth andindependence Of Older persons by facilitating their decision and actions; tapping their experiences,skills and knowledge and enabling their continued contributions to the community.NOW, THEREFORE, BE rr RESOLVED the Greene County Board of Commissionersdoes hereby proclaim the month of September 2018 as
Tagged Passions:energy, services, manager, pets, health, program, and boards and commissions

SENIOR CENI'ER MONTHand calls upon all citizens to recogniæ the special contributions Of the Greene

County Senior Centerparticipants and the special efforts of the staff and volunteers who work every day to enhance thewellbeing Of the older citizens of our community.Adopted this the 17th of September, 2018.Bennie Heath, ChairmanGreene County Board of CommissionersAttest:Kyle J. DeHavenClerk to the Board
Tagged Passions:Capital Spending, volunteer, college prep, boards and commissions, and arts

229 Kingotd suite D • snow Hi", NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 • FAX (252) 747-3884me OfGæene andBennie H

eath - ChairmanJames T. Shackle'ord — iice ChairmanJerry JonesSusan Blizzard
Tagged Passions:snow


A Place To Grow.The Way To Live.From: Kyle J. DeHåven, County ManagerRe: Proclamation; Opioid use Aw

areness weekDate: September 17, 2018CotmtyFinance OfficerDavid 2. PriceAttached is a proclamation declaring the third week of September as Opioid use awareness week.Action Recommended:Motion to approve the proclamation declaring September pediatric cancer awareness monthBoard action be needed
Tagged Passions:opioid abuse, manager, finance, administrator, and recognition

229 Kingold Blvd„ suite D • Snow F", NC 28580 (252) 747-3446 FAX (252) 747-3884me nv«on M Greene Cam

ty Govermnent& cÆjæns cost-effective senäces in anethea••æmie Heath atairnanJarræs T. Stackleford — ViceJerry JmesBUzzardAntonb Blow
Tagged Passions:snow


A Place TO Grow. The "hy TO Live.


GREENE COUNTYComty ManawKyie J. DeHavenDavid J. prlce

OPIOD USE DISORDER AWARENESS WEEK PROCLAMATIONIn any effort to promote awareness and change within t

he County of Greene regarding theongoing opioid crisis and to recogni7Æ the unnecessary lives lost, the griefof those who have lost, andthe commitment of a community that cares for the all of those who resides within against the burdenof opioid use and accessibility let it be known;WHEREAS, the opioid epidemic is a destructive force that does not differentiate betweenrace or status, education or health, young or old. It tears families apart, darkens communities andsteals away the joy of those we love; andWHEREAS, opioid-related overdoses are now the leading cause of accidental death in theUnited States; andWHEREAS, the overdose death rate in Greene County has increased at an alanning rate; andWHEREAS, the health and wellness of the First Responders Of Greene County within ourEmergency Medical Services, Fire Departments and Law Enforcement Offcers as it relates to thedangers of responding due to the Opioid Epidemic; andWHEREAS, the economic future of a community depends on the overall health and wellnessof its citizens; andWHEREAS, the current trend of opioid use disorder is a complex and challenging issue thatmust be openly addressed; andWIIEREAS, increasing access to and support for substance use treatment and recovery is aworthy investment for our future; andWHEREAS, providing open dialogue to increase public awareness and alter the long standingcloud of stigma that blemishes hope for those suffering with opioid use disorder will bring value andprogress to this issue; and
Tagged Passions:gun control, opioid abuse, services, restaurants, pets, education, health, emergency, drugs, alcohol, investment, arts, fire departments and districts, recognition, and public safety

229 Kingold Blvd., suite D • snow I-RI, NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 • FM (252) 747-3884me Of Cano.' Go

vem•nent & serveseå*a'Corn misslonersænnle Heath - ChatmanJanß T. Slackleford — VkeJeny JonesSusan BuzzardAntonio Blow
Tagged Passions:snow


A Place Grow.The Why Live.Cajnty ManagerKyle j. DeHavenDavid J. PriceWHEREAS, everyone within our co

mmunity cares deeply about the influence this epidemichas on the prosperity and vitality; andWHEREAS, the Coalition for Addiction and Life Management, also known as C.A.L.M., hascommitted to working within all layers of the community to promote understanding, enhanceknowledge, and seeks opportunity for change in the face of this community scourge; andNOW, THEREFORE BE rr RESOLVED the Greene county Board of Commissionersdo hereby proclaim the third week of September as
Tagged Passions:Natural Resources - Coal, manager, boards and commissions, and electric

OPIOID USE DISORDER AWARENESS WEEKin the County of Greene and call upon our community to observe thi

s week to gain insight, to fostercommitment, and to pmmote the call for "Remembrance, HOIE, and Action."Adopted this the 17th of September, 2018Bennie Heath, ChairmanGreene County Board Of CommissionersAttest:Kyle J. DeHavenClerk to the Board
Tagged Passions:opioid abuse, college prep, and boards and commissions

229 Kingold Blvd„ suite D • snow NC 28580 (252) 747-3446 • FAX (252) 747-3884me or@æneCommissionersH

eath • ChairmanJames T. ShackJeford — Vice Chairma'Jerry JonesSusan BlizzardAntonio Bow
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A Place-ro Grow.The WayTo Live.From: Kyle J. DeHaven, County ManaäerRe: Resolution; EMS FacilityDate

: September 17, 2018Coumy ManagerKyle J. DeHavenDavid J. PriceAttached is a Resolution detailing the facility costs of the satellite EMS buildings. Mr. DeHaven will be available toanswer any questions about the facility at this time.Action Recommended:Motion to accept Resolution as provided.Board action be needed.
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229 Kingdd m, suite D • snow Hill, NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 • FAX (252) 747-3884me or &æne County ø

ærnnænt G cost-gfect,ive services an profesüett*ÆCornmissioners&nnie Heath • ChairmanJames T. Shac*Jeford Vice ChairmanJerry hnessusmAntonio uow
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A Place To Grow. The Wfiy• Live.From: Kyle J. DeHaven, County ManagerRe: Update; Changes to personne

l policyDate: September 17, 2018Kyle J. DeHavenFinanceDavid J. prfeAttached are some changes to the current personnel policy deemed needed by administration they can be addressecin as much or as little detail as requested.Action Recommended:Motion to accept the changes to the personnel policy and have them added immediately.Board action be needed.
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229 Kingold Suite D • Snow HI', NC 28580 • (252) 747-3446 FAX (252) 747-3884wwr•.'.greenecamtync.gcv

The missiU1 MGteene County Government É to inetYalChanges recommended for the Personnel Policy at this time:
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1.) P.17Section 11. Overtime Pay ProvisionsEmployees Of the County can be requested and may be requi

red to work overtime hours as necessitatedby the needs of the County and determined the supeNisor. All overtime work must be authorized inadvance.Supervisors shall attempt to arrange employee work and schedules so as to accomplish the requiredwork within the standard workweek and without incurring overtime.The County will comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (ELSA). The County Manager shall determinewhich jobs are "Non Exempt" and are therefore subject to the Act in areas such as hours of work andwork periods, rates of overtime compensation, and other provisions.Non-Exempt Employees: Non-exempt employees will be paid at a straight time rate for hours up to theFLSA established limit for their position (usually 40 hours in a 7 day period or alternative FLSA approvedfull time schedule). Employees in law enforcement job classes may earn overtime based on a 28 daytime period. Hours worked beyond the FLSA established limit will be compensated in time or pay at theappropriate overtime rate. In determining eligibility for overtime in a work period, only hours actuallyworked shall be considered; in no event will vacation, sick leave, or holidays be included in thecomputation of hours worked for FLSA purposes.Whenever practicable, departments will schedule time off on an hour-for-hour basis within theapplicable work period for non-exempt employees, instead of paying overtime. When time Off withinthe work period cannot be granted, overtime worked will be given in the form of compensatory time offor paid in accordance with the FLSA.Ea rned compensatory time may be granted whenever feasible and determined by the County Manager,based on recommendations from the Department Head. Accumulation of more than eighty hours ofcompensatory time is discouraged and must have the approval of the County Manager. However, underFLSA provisions, non-exempt employees may accumulate up to 240 hours of compensatory time (swornlaw enforcement officers may accumulate up to 480 hours). Nonexempt employees separating fromemployment shall be paid for their compensatory time balances.In a federally declared disaster or emergency situations such as a FEMA declared emergency whereemployees are required to work long and continuous hours, the County Manager may approvecompensation at a rate up to double time for those hours worked and/or grant time off with pay for rest
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a nd recuperation to ensure safe working conditions,Exempt employees: Employees in positions determi

ned to be "exempt" from the ELSA (as Executive,Administrative, or Professional staff) will not receive pay for hours worked in excess of their normalwork periods. These employees may be granted administrative leave by their supervisor where theconvenience of the department allows and in accordance with procedures established by the CountyManager. Such administrative time is not guaranteed to be taken and ends without compensation uponseparation from the organization.The County intends to make deductions from the pay of exempt empbyees for authorized reasons andprohibits improper pay deductions. Exempt employees who wish to question deductions they believe tobe improper may use the County's Grievance procedure, as explained in this policy. If the deduction isfound to be improper the County will reimburse the employee for lost pay.In declared disaster or emergency situations long and continuous hours of work. exemptemployees may be compensated at a rate of up to double time for the duration of the emergencyperiod, at the approval of the County Manager.use of compensatory time: The use of accrued compensatory time by non-exempt or exempt employeescannot count as part of the 12 weeks Of eligible Family and Medical Leave (FMLA).
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2.) P.30Section 1. EligibilityAll part-time and full-time employees of the County who are in permane

nt positions are eligible foremployee benefits as provided for in this Article which are subject to change at the County's discretion.Temporary employees are eligible only for workers' and social security.éliÉible employee benefits asprovidedahd {unlessSection 2. Group Health and Hospitalization InsuranceThe County provides group health and hospitalizatk)n insurance programs for full-time and part-timeemployees.Information concerning cost and benefits shall be available to all employees from the County Managersoffice.Information concerning cost and benefits shall be available to an employees from the County Managersoffice.
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3.) P.35Section 7. Vacation Leave: Accrual RateAll employees who qualify for retirement earn persona

l leave on a monthly basis. Personal leave will beaccrued in accordance with the following schedule of Greene County service:Years of Service
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4.) P.38Section 18. Leave Without payHour per Month







-19Days Accrued Per Year







A full or part-time employee may be granted a leave of absence without pay for a period of up to six

months by the County Manager. The leave shall be used for reasons of personal disability after both sickleave and annual leave have been exhausted, sickness or disability of immediate family members,continuation of education, special work that will permit the County to benefit by the experience gainedor the work performed, or for other reasons deemed justified by the County Manager.The employee shall apply in writing to the Department Head for 'eave.premiums (Of'I jf payment."heck to COunfSi The employee isobligated to return to duty within or at the end of the time determined appropriate by the CountyManager. upon returning to duty after being on leave without pay, the empioyee shall be entitled toreturn to the same position held at the time leave was granted or to one of like classification, seniority,and pay. If the employee decides not to return to work, the Department Head shall be notifiedimmediately. Failure to report at the expiration of a leave of absence, unless an extension has beenrequested and granted, shall be considered a resignation.
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